Dell Streak

That rumored July 19 date for the Dell Streak has come and gone, but that doesn't mean the 5-inch tablet-MID mashup isn't imminent. On the contrary, Dell says it's due in "late July," and it's opening a 24-hour presale launch window with free second-day shipping and a Bluetooth headset for 99 cents to sweeten the deal. You'll need to sign up to be notified. [Dell]

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mcd1911 says:

Great news!

spielnicht says:

Locked or unlocked??

msgnyc says:

Thru Dell most likely unlocked at full unsubed priceing. Locked thru AT&T subed.

cmunic8r99 says:

i'd seriously consider buying it - even locked to AT&T - if it only had a normal USB connection.

and a version of Android that starts with a 2.

ARob7125 says:

My question is will this thing see 3.0? Loving the size of the screen, on an N1 now and I'd really refer something just a little bigger. T-Mobile 3G Model anywhere insight?