For those of you waiting on the Dell Streak 7, it looks like you won't be waiting much longer. It's incredibly hard to see, but TmoNews got a hold of this picture listing the release date of the Streak 7 as Feb. 2. That's only a couple short weeks away, and it's a great successor to it's little brother the original Dell Streak. Will any of you be picking this up? Sound off in the forums! [TmoNews]

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Stephman says:

Dell gets NO MORE MONEY from me since them and AT&T can't even upgrade their locked Dell Streak 5 to Froyo in a timely fashion!

jhotmann says:

Yes Dell is kinda slow to put out updates, but at&t is who you should be most upset with

benthe1 says:

I would never buy a Dell phone or tablet. Slow at updates and slow software.

rexdeaz says:

Is "every" Android device "great" guys? All the feigned positivity gets old, quick.

curney says:

I have a feeling the galaxy tab will be better than Dells offering.

Dhamp2g says:

No I already have an galaxy tab,Archos 70, and ipad

lwesker says:

So Dhamp2g, which do you like best? I have been considering the Archos 70 with 250gb hard drive.