Amazon has announced it will have a new feature in its Amazon Appstore, at least for its Kindle Fire HD and HDX tablets, called Deal Center, where all of the discounted apps that are available from the storefront are located in one place.

According to Amazon:

It is designed to help developers acquire new customers. Deal Center is implemented as a collection of widgets, each of which displays a different type of deal or product. Customers can see several offers at a glance and follow links to browse all discounts that are available.

The Deal Center will also include the famous Amazon Free App of the Day from now on. Users will be able to download the free and discounted apps directly from Deal Center without having to go to the detail page for each app.

At the time of this writing, the Deal Center has not yet gone live on Kindle Fire HD or HDX and there's no word on if it will be extended to the Android Appstore or the version for BlackBerry devices.

What do you think about this new way to find better app deals on the Amazon Appstore?

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Deal Center to offer one place to see Amazon Appstore discounts


If Amazon was open android and part of the handset alliance with Google services and all, I would have probably bought their tablets instead of a Nexus 7. Other than losing a small amount of profit for it, instead of forking they could of just skinned their devices offered the same experience with google services, and probably would of been the #1 android tablet or at least giving Samsung a run for their money by now if they weren't a closed ecosystem

Why is Android Central continuing to promote anti-Android Amazon's products, especially when it's limited to their closed ecosystem. It's not as if vanilla Android users are getting this Deal Center along with not getting an Instant Video app.

It doesn't matter if Android is under the skin when the product is locked down like an Apple iWhatever.

Posted by sheer force of will from my Nexus 5!

Actually, you are totally wrong. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Tab 4... and use Amazon's App Store more than Google's Play Store... and love the Free App of the Day.

Same here, first, I like it more, better payment options, more offers and more

Posted from my new Nexus 5

I use amazon to buy items all the time cheaper than most box stores. The only problem is finding the blatant use of Chinese knockoff's using Copyrighted names misleading you to think you are buying an official product. 1/2 the Samsung stuff I bought on Amazon were fake, like buying from eBay.

I have a Note 2, Nexus 7, and a Kindle Fire HDX 8.9. They all are great for different reasons. And I like reading about issues effecting each on Android Central. I'm probably not alone!

Question answered! Enjoy!

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