Dead Trigger now free and updated with new content

Yesterday we heard that Dead Trigger would be offering a bunch of new weapons for dealing with the zombie apocalypse, but what we didn't know is that the game would be going free to play. This is great news, considering how much the game leans on in-app purchases. Here's a recap of the new features. 

  • New weapons: Chain Saw, Lewis Machine Gun, Marine Engine with blades and American West Rifle
  • New gadget: Head-Flator X100 to inflate the heads of zombies to XXXL size!
  • New zombies: mutated mobsters or armoured SWAT members
  • New environments: underground car park or secret research base
  • Survival arena, that is tailor-made for massacre of hordes of zombies
  • Daily rewards
  • Casino: try your luck with a slot machine
  • Save game data with cloud backup
  • Support Adreno 205, including Sony Xperia Play

Madfinger Games warns that folks with a Samsung Galaxy Nexus or a Nexus 7 running 4.1.1 shouldn't install due to an issue on Google's side that causes the game to force close after opening. As for other devices, the developer promises that they're gradually adding more and more support as fast as they can. iPhone and iPad owners can expect this updating landing on the iOS side sometime next week. 

You can get downloading at the link below, or check out my review of the game over at iMore. It's an awesome, action-packed game with stellar graphics and more than a little bit of goofiness. Anyone else eager to try out the Head-Flator X100?

Download: Dead Trigger


Reader comments

Dead Trigger now free and updated with new content


Same here. I know it's only $1, but still. It would be nice to get unlocked content or something. I bought it on release day for $.99 but couldn't play it for a couple weeks due to the Adreno 205 bug.

So the update messes up dead trigger on the nexus 7 or the game doesnt work at all on the nexus 7? I bought the game in anticipation of playing it on there.

Free?.. Granted, it's only a buck, but how about some freebies for the dedicated fans that paid for the initial version.. just sayin'

Perfect timing, I was about to buy this game, but everyone yelling about in-app purchases was making me reconsider. Now I'm glad they did.

no problem had the same issue, game works fine on Nexus, just remove the app and reinstall it then it works again

The only problem I have with paying for a dollar is that Madfinger said the $1 was a limited time sale. It was a only a dollar, and being on Jelly Bean I feel a bit better, but still I feel used.

They forgot to use the word on. It was a limited time on sale, now they give it away. I got burned too, just trying to make myself feel better with a joke haha.

I literally bought this 5 hours ago. Granted I bought it with the Nexus 7 credit, and it was only $1, but I can't help but feel slightly annoyed by this abrupt turn of events.

You all sound like a bunch of whiny little girls. Are you men or children? You made a situational decision at that moment in time to make the purchase, deal with it. The fact that you are complaining that others now get for free or that you spent a whole dollar (!!!) makes me f*ckn sick.

They claim the problem with force closing on 4.1.1 is on Google's side? How does that work?
We just wait until they come out with 4.1.2, a special fix for Dead Trigger?

I think they meant a change in 4.1.1 broke the game, but they're working with Google to fix things on the game's side.

Except that the first version of Dead Trigger works on 4.1.1 so they did something to break the game, not Google. They are just full of excuses now.

I bought it yesterday for my n7. Immediately asked for a refund today and the confirmation email came in about thirty seconds.

I was literally about to buy it, good thing I waited this must blow for all of you that got burned. MadFinger Games are great developers though I'm sure they'll offer some content to those who bought prior

I thought it would go up in price after the sale, not free. I would have just waited. I could have used that buck for an in-app purchase. I feel played. :-(

How much in-app purchase stuff is there? I try to avoid those games, especially if they try to shift it so you have to buy it to complete it. I'd rather pay up front.

So enough about feeling ripped off of your 1 dollar, how is the actual game?

Is there a real story or is it just mindless zombie shooting?


Mostly just mindless zombie killing. You're alone, then attacked by zombies, and some random group of survivors rescues you, and you team up with them. I guess it's kind of like Walking Dead in that regard, but not really. The game is fun when the bugs aren't causing your death, but there are a lot of bugs, especially with the camera and controls. Also, in case you haven't heard, the graphics are awesome. That seems to be the main appeal to this game, I think. Maybe if they fixed the controls, it would be a lot better. I also think money is a little too hard to earn in proportion to the prices of the weapons you're expected to have in each level, so when you don't have the skill to compensate for the bad weapons, you have to do the level over and over again until you can buy the appropriate weapon.

Mine updated today, & it still works. I am on RootzBoat 4.1.1.
Hate that I bought it last week & now it's free, but it was only a buck.
Weak story, total mindless zombie killing fun. Looks amazing on a phone.

It works fine on GNex, but you have to uninstall and reinstall..if you're rooted, back up the data with TB.