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Zombie fans, Hallowe'en is your time of the year and the folks at Madfinger Games know it. Their first-person shooter title for Android, Dead Trigger, has been updated with a whole bunch of new content for the season. Here's the caps-ridden changelog. 
  • Visit new arena: HAUNTED GRAVEYARD. It’s the scariest place in the City!
  • Enjoy a new weapon! The CROSSBOW is equipped with blazing ballistics!
  • You’ll now be able to slaughter crowds of HALLOWEEN “PUMPKIN-HEAD” ZOMBIES
  • Don’t forget to get the favorite MINIGUN – provided at a reduced price!
  • BLAST the pumpkin heads and watch them roll around based on realistic physics!
  • Check the new cool games in Bank: MORE APPS
  • AlienGun EFFECT optimization for slower devices
  • Many bug FIXES

How many of y'all are dressing up as zombies this year? Any hardcore Dead Trigger players in the house?

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r3ddawn says:

got the update this morning, it's awesome, truly fun game to play, runs great on my S3 with the Tegra3 hack enabled...

still1 says:

whats the size of the game?

r3ddawn says:

about 160mb..

Troy Chapman says:

I like it just wished for more game story content. Getting bored now that there is no story line.

marsdta says:

Totally agree! I barely play it now that I've reached the end of the current story line. While the new arena is pretty nice I would love an update that adds tot he story

crowrb29 says:

renewed my interest in the game but I almost think it's time for dead Trigger two.

casperi says:

I have long past the story line at level 45. I have everything and way more money and gold to spare. But your right in that is boring as hell now.
But for some weird reason I keep coming back to play the daily mission.I have been asking when a update if any was going via email, which all gone unanswered. So seeing this pop up is pretty cool.


Simon Sage says:

Those of you that are bored with Dead Trigger might want to check out the Shadowgun multiplayer beta

Troy Chapman says:

Thanks for the link, I will try it out this weekend. It says limited to Tegra 3 but we will see how it works on my Xoom tab.