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New weapons, environments, video sharing features and more added to Madfinger's shooter

Madfinger Games' fine shooter, Dead Trigger 2, is today having its previously teased .4.0 update pushed out that gives us video sharing, new weapons, and some new environments to shoot up set in Europe. Here's the full list of what's new:

  • Video Sharing: A brand new way to show and share your adventures! Record your daring missions and wow other zombie hunters from all around the world!
  • New Weapons: Get your hands on 3 new weapons - FN2000, Spagin and the mighty Minigun!
  • Friends: Make a list of friends in Dead Trigger 2! Compare your stats, hype your friends up, or have a chat in between zombie destruction!
  • New Warfare: Infection is an equal opportunity employer... So let's get to work! Death knows no boundaries. It's high time to fight for humanity in Europe!
  • Environments: Resistance intel has revealed 9 new environments! Fight your way through the city streets, countryside, warehouses, factories and many more!
  • Auto-heal: Bored of classic Bandages? The new Auto-heal gadget will keep you in shape all the time.
  • Permanent Money Booster: Get this booster and double your mission income. For how long? FOREVER!
  • New Production: Resistance now allows you to upgrade your Hideout up to level 9.
  • Warfare Tweaks: From now on, rewards are awarded in relation to score, not kills. So go set your sights for some new and difficult tasks! 

You'll find the latest version live in the Google Play Store at the link above. So get to clicking, then lock and load!


Reader comments

Dead Trigger 2 starts shooting up zombies in Europe with latest update


"Special Christmas Update"

Wasn't this the changelog for the last update that was released in December. Before Christmas?

And the number one reason my friends and I refuse to play such a great game is that it requires you to use wifi in order to use it, regardless that it is NOT an online game.

When is this company going to wake up?
People play games on their phones (and tablets) when they have free time, such as on a bus or train when going to work. I live in one of the largest city's in the US, if wifi access is beyond ultra limited where I live, I can only imagine what it must be like in much smaller citys and rural areas.

Can someone please explain to me why this game requires wifi when it is not an online game?
Why can I play countless offline games without wifi, but not this one? WTF!

Posted via Android Central App

Depends where you are. At home I barely get enough of a connection for it to work (sometimes I'll do a mission and it'll go alright and other times it will lose connection and thus lose my mission reward AFTER the mission..) but in town, I can play reliably off my mobile data because of the good reception

Posted via Android Central App

This game will remain uninstalled until it gives me an option to shut off the notifications. I got one at 3 am that said something like 'zombies don't sleep, where are you we need your help in china". Are you freaking kidding me?

You can disable notifications for any app. Just go to the App Info and uncheck the Show Notifications box.

except it doesnt work. the app turns it right back on. It is a documented issue and their support people are aware of it. They told me to do the same thing and then never responded when I emailed them back