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Welcome to Day 8 of Google's 10-day, 10-cent, 10 billion app download celebration. We're waiting on Google to update its landing page, but note that the banner's changed from "10 Days of Offers - Top Premium Apps - 10¢" to what you now see above -- 90 percent off. Google's actually upped things to 12 apps to day. Here's what's listed:

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Day 8 of Google's 10-day, 10-cent, 10 billion app download celebration


If you click on the banner of 90% off.

The applications are
Doodle jump
when I get bigger
Beautiful widgets
flick soccer
Super ko boxing 2
Blow up
Roll in the hole
Block breaker 3 unlimited hd
Sound hound
flight control

they all seem to be 10 cents to me.
Hope this helps

This apps are from yesterday. We are trying to sort out which apps will be available today before google update the banner.

Those were yesterdays I believe. I also believe that some of those that are "repeats" may just be apps that have been hanging around for a couple of days at the 10 cent price point. I saw Day 1 apps at 10 cents still on day 3.

It's probably just me, but after 7 days of this, I have yet to a single app that interests me, even at $0.10.

This promotion has been great, but all these repeats are getting annoying. I thought mabye Google would be saving the best for the last few days, apperantly they saved the repeats for the last few days.

lol why are people complaining just be happy we are getting some premium apps for 10p or 10 cents even if there are repeats that good for people who may have missed some of them...its not like the repeats are rubbish

Another useless and craptacular day in the app market place!

Yet again another list of bad apps for $.10. Google drop the ball for a 3rd day in a row. How sad they have become. Why not pick GOOD or USEFUL apps? Oh well. Maybe day 9 and 10 well be better.

I don't know about anyone else but I feel like having all these repeat apps everyday is kind of a cop out.

I mean I love these 10 cent apps, but if you are going to advertise 10 different apps for 10 days, you should probably do it.

I agree and like you I am very very disappointed. They could have done a lot better IMO.

Repeat apps are just lame. End of story. Plus the apps they have picked I haven't found do be all that great. The ones that where people had already gotten from the free app of the day with Amazon...

Amazon isnt available worldwide, its an excellent opportunity to a lot of people. But i agree with both of you, repeat apps looks a bit lame. About quality, i agree about no amazing deals, but they offered some decent apps for 0,10, imo we cant complain.

What is there to be disappointed about? We don't know who google invited to the promotion and who declined it. If you want an app and its not .10 just buy it at full price.

We never complained when this was not around, why complain now?

Because it should be a different set of apps everyday.

Plus devs that are on this list get the full price for the apps even if they are only selling for $.10. Google drop the ball on this advertizement. It is a cop out. Simple as that. You don't need to agree with me. It is what it is. I'd just rather not have it at this point to be honest. I look more forward to Amazons one free app a day. Its sad that Google it self cant beat them out in excitement. Makes me a sad panda!

The developers are only getting .10 per app. This was verified by Anderweb. If you rather this promotion not be here then just buy the apps you want at full price.

This comment wins for dumbest comment in the list. Congratulations, you get 10 Internetz points.

You would rather not have it at this point? You're like a little kid.

"Mommie, I want a cake."
"Ok suzy, Here's a slice of cake."
"NO MOMMY, I want the WHOLE cake!"
"I'm sorry suzy, you can only have one slice."


Sorry it isn't working out for you, but I have bought 13 apps so far that would have cost around $40 total if it wasn't for this sale. I admit they have had more game and live wallpapers then I would personally like but you can't always get what you want.

Since theyre doing repeats I hope to see SwiftKey again as I missed it the first day. Also they should put more newer apps like Fancy Widgets (already have Beautiful Widgets but still) and PowerAMP apps we could use to replace the stock ones if you know what I mean.

It seems a bit odd they couldn't pull 100 unique apps out of how many hundred thousand? I suppose the devs wouldn't be busting google's door down to sell their apps for 10p.

I got a few games and Endomondo pro which i am happy about, nothing the post few days though. They didn't give to give us anything!

I cannot believe the way people are complaining about this. It's such a load of garbage!


Be happy.

Yes, it's a bit lame that they are doing repeats. But seriously, all these insults being flung at Google... Some of you can never just be happy with what you get. It's always got to be MORE, BETTER. It's good! It COULD be better, yes, but nobody FORCED them to give cheap apps!

The problem is dude that when 5 of the 12 apps are repeats it doesn't make a case for Android's app market being large and robust, and just gives iTards more fuel for the FUD war. I can see 2-3 repeats. But 5? Yes the apps are cheap. No one is complaining about that. But if you are going to have a discount day after day after day. Its not much of a deal as more and more of the apps repeat.

For all you whiners out could always wait and pay full price. Google didn't have to do this. Ungrateful idjits!