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If you've got an Android phone or tablet that's got Android 4.2.x and you're not using DashClock Widget, you are, quite frankly, doing it wrong. And the app that turns the Jelly Bean lock screen widgets into more than just wishful thinking -- by the way, it's already in the 50,000 to 100,000 download range, and we'd be willing to bet it's on the high end of that -- got an update to version 1.2 today, bringing with it a number of improvements.

First up are some new visual tweaks, allowing for custom opacity, as well as the ability to center the clock. You also can assign application shortcuts to the weather and clock widgets. Nice. Then there's the addition of extensions for missed calls and new text messages. Or perhaps you'd be interested in support for French, German, Spanish and Russian. Use Microsoft Exchange for your calendar? It's now supported. Some of this is tucked into a new "advanced" menu, so dive into the settings to see the new features.

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Darth Spock says:

This app started out interesting, it's rapidly getting awesome.

Kvoth says:

Agree! And the fact that he stuck to UI guidelines (when so many don't) is brilliant.

I guess I have to wait a bit longer since my SGNII is still sitting at 4.1.1. :-(

qdigga says:

Root it and throw cm 10.2 on it :)

return_0 says:

Lol… CM 10.2 doesn't exist. :)

dave04045 says:

It was obviously a typo, don't be a dick

capt4chris says:

That's not being a dick,that's pointing out incorrect information. If someone is not familiar with CM versions then that's good to know.

qdigga says:

Sorry for the typo all, was trying to get used to the keyboard on my newly installed CM10 . O N E on my SPH-L710 that day, lol...

kfilipov13 says:

Damn hahahaah I love samsung :D And how bad they are... their two TOP END OF THE LINE BEST phones are with a 6month old OS... and guess what you'll probably won't get 5.0 if you don't root.

smotrs says:

Can't help with the SGII or SGIII users, but if your using the LTEVO, turn on the Productivity Lockscreen for similar functionality until 4.2 becomes available.

Garrett92C says:

DashClock has completely changed how I have the homescreens on my Nexus4 set up. It's a very well-executed widget idea.

HeCareth says:

For those interested you can get a list of DashClock extensions here http://www.theverge.com/2013/2/14/3990288/dash-clock-extensions-which-on...

Or you could save a step and just use Google Play.


thubalek says:

Roman Nurik uses https://play.google.com/store/search?q=dashclock+extension for searching extensions.

BTW: Battery Widget Reborn is DashClock Extension too. Since version 1.7.0.

qdigga says:

Love this. Made myJB4.2 lock screen useful...

abtxpress says:

I'll give it a try.

btgrave says:

I agree. Although my biggest reason for not using this app to begin with was the fact that the clock wasn't centered. Now that it is an option, I might test it out and see how the non-expanded widget looks with my security lock.

Garrett92C says:

I don't use lock screen widgets either, but DashClock is great on the homescreen. It's already replaced the widgets I used to have on the main screen.

Qbancelli says:

Yeah DashClock is awesome, but where can I get that purple wallpaper?

as4life says:

How do you get the moon in the background of the time?

svinyard says:

Can you swipe away notifications on it like in iOS? I'd like to this

return_0 says:

There's a major difference between indicators and notifications.

why this app is not downloadable in Galaxy Note 2 :(

madgibbon says:

Because the Note 2 is currently on Android 4.1.2, you need 4.2 for lock screen widgets. Samsung might release 4.2 if you wait long enough, or you could try CyanogenMod 10.1.

kiwiruss says:

My Verizon Note 2 is only on 4.1.1 :-(

My company policy prohibits me unlocking is and flashing custom roms on it too :-(....... Buggar.

al3x88 says:

What's the weather live wallpaper the usually use for videos?

simplex123 says:

Where is the advanced setting to adjust opacity?

Gekko says:

i must be in the minority - i don't have any use for this widget. my G-Nex stock lockscreen/status bar already shows most of this info - time, date, alarm, world time, battery, gmails, emails, texts, and even Owner Info - which i'm not sure this one even does. weather isn't included but that's only a quick swipe away if i really need it.

Orion78 says:

Exactly! But according to Phil, we're doing it "wrong". Go figure.

XavierMatt says:

That's just him being excited for some new app. Or a slow news day. Starting to come to this site less and less because of post like this. Also I do agree with the upper comment, that Status bar works just as good if not better considering that you can reply to text from it. OH, and the fact it shows ALL notifications some which are expandable for extra information. all in all this is just another lock screen widget app. Nothing special that makes it better than the native experiance.

kfilipov13 says:

How do yo get the Battery status?

I decided to give it a try ever since 4.2 & 4.2.1, my phone started to lag and the lockscreen widgets weren't useful but since 4.2.2 <3 my phone is back to normal, the stability is back<3 and this widget is awesome with the Google now widget for lockscreen.

tr-1 says:

I also can't figure out how to add more extensions. The Add button is grayed out

iManny says:

How do you get the moon behind the clock mate?

eahinrichsen says:

The moon is just part of the wallpaper; it doesn't have anything to do with the widget.

mrjetpacks says:

Does anyone know how to get the DashClock Widget to display the following:

Battery information
Currency (or maybe it's Google Now) information

I cannot seem to locate those two extensions. Or are those two available after the Android 4.2.2 update? Help is welcomed.


yubeie says:

As mentioned previously in another comment post..you can find all the extensions here : http://www.theverge.com/2013/2/14/3990288/dash-clock-extensions-which-on...

too bad my galaxy note II wont run it.
running jellybean, on America's biggest red rocket network...

For everyone wanting the live wallpaper Phil uses, you can grab the free version here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=fishnoodle.clouds_free&fea.....

The moon will only show in the evening hours by the way.

pitchersduel says:

does the free version change to the moon in evening hours, or do you need the full version for that effect?

yubeie says:

This widget is simply awesome! The only gripe I have (which is rather the OS itself) is that the lock icon takes up the entire space :-( ...I wish someone could come up with a design change for it. I don't need a lock icon consume 60% of the screen space! They could have just added a simple horizontal swipe at the bottom...This way we don't have to keep swiping the widget down to view the full content.

pitchersduel says:

is there a way for you to keep dashclock extended when you turn on the phone? meaning, rather than me having to swipe down every time i want to extend the notifications?

yubeie says:

I just posted the same question right above your comment..after some searching ..I found out that it is currently not possible on stock ROM. Here are guidelines from android developers webiste, you can go through "sizing guidelines" section.


If understand correctly, I think they would have to customize the actual lockscreen app itself and CANNOT be controlled by a widget.

Dyin says:

Franky, maybe you are doing something wrong.

If I see someone having a lock screen setup on a phone with touch screen I just happen to laugh.

Why would anyone use the screen lock? You got your phone in your pocket, but if accidentally you activate it with a button pushed it can't get any command from objects contacting it. You just slow yourself down and got thrown back with one step from your task.

Locking was designed for phones with keyboards, which can't make difference between your fingers and a foreign object from outside your pocket.

And don't tell me neither that you use it for protection. :-D

MrSherms says:

I use it for protection. XD

Jet300 says:

I guess no one has ever butt dialed you. Your ass can absolutely dial the phone accidentally.

smotrs says:

Some of the original touch screens were notorious for pocket dialing or launching apps. They've gotten better but it still exists.