Dark Incursion

If you're looking for yet another game to add to your tally, Big Blue Bubba has brought over Dark Incursion to Android. Their self-described "MetroidVania" styled title follows follows Anya as she looks to uncover a conspiracy in 1800s America during a world war.

Boasting pixel-based art and stereoscopic 3D (using the ol' red/blue glasses), steampunk art style, and the ability to tug at everyone's love of retro gaming, Dark Incursion looks like something worth checking out.

Video and download links are after the break.

YouTube link for mobile viewing

There are 4 comments

kreinartz83 says:

Not compatible with Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch... Super gay... Too bad i cant just download it on my transformer prime that I'm still waiting patiently for

lrn2swim says:

'super gay'? i didn't know people still wrote those kind of idiot sayings. didn't they teach you in junior high last week that it's not nice to say such things?

Eleazar6 says:

Same here... T-Mobile galaxy S2. Pretty lame that it won't install on such a popular device. Fortunately for us, it doesn't look worth playing. If you want to see real Retro games, get the latest Humble Indie Bundle.

LordGenki says:

Did I hear the Wilhelm scream in there when the enemies die? Listen at 0:44