Development for Android continues, even if unofficially, and it seems as though just about every day we see something new surface. HTC G1 owners sometimes feel as though they are on the back burner, as their device was the original, and at this point it is slightly behind the times in some categories. But that doesn't stop Cyanogen from developing great custom ROMs. And 5.0.7 is the latest and greatest of all the Cyanogen builds for older phones, and it's now available for download. (And above, Cyanogen crony Kmobs shows off some of the finer points.) We're still waiting on the build to actually be released, but it should be any time now. Keep your eyes peeled here. Update: It's now live!


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CyanogenRom 5.0.7 brings Android 2.1 for the G1, myTouch 3G


Installed a new ROM last night, but not this one. I'll give a whirl when its released and see how it works.

I'm so excited for this! I hope this also fixes my random issues with the latest version of Cyanogenmod, my phone randomly hard resets in my pocket, my call/home/camera buttons don't work with the screen on, and the lock screen has disappeared! Wiping and Re-Flashing doesn't fix it either.

I have the sprint leaked version 2.1 that came out about 3weeks ago, can I change mine to this version Ron or not? please help me I would really would like try this. an is the built-in tether a wireless one or usb??? need some advice!!!!!!