CM Privacy Guard 2.0 UI

Granular control over permissions for each app with a simplified control interface

The latest versions of CyanogenMod 10.2 will include new improvements to the Privacy Guard app, giving you better control over apps and their permissions. CM's Privacy Guard app lets users manage which apps have access to which permissions in the system, not only surfacing exactly what apps are doing but giving you control of what information you share voluntarily.

With the move to Privacy Guard 2.0, CM is integrating something called "AppOps" which Google introduced with Android 4.3. AppOps gives the system the ability to revoke permissions and return empty data sets when permissions are denied for an app. The new Privacy Guard with AppOps will let you simply toggle off individual permissions for location, reading contacts, SMS/MMS and more.

You'll also now receive notifications when using an app that has permissions blocked, as well as several other good UI tweaks to make the accessing of permissions a little easier. The new improvements to Privacy Guard 2.0 were added to CM 10.2 last night, and will be available for those builds going forward.

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cowboys2000 says:

I loved CM on my EVO ... need to root my S3.

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mssca says:

Unlike old days, it is easy to root. It is safer too. I just did it on my S3 and I think I am in love :)

someguy01234 says:

Just use Chainfire's CF-Auto-Root, couldn't be easier.

scott_deana says:

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olues says:

Wrong site, spam or troll?

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icebike says:

Long overdue. "AppOps" is something that really needs to be pushed into every release. We just can't trust app permissions any more.

Great to see CM being proactive.

someguy01234 says:

I have been enjoying something similar to this with AOKP. It will be important to have the option to allow the privacy guard to be enabled automatically for installed apps, which I can do with SlimRoms.

This is something stock (non-rooted) Android actually lags behind iOS imo. Sure you are allowed to see the permissions, but iOS actually have a specific organized menu dedicated to 'privacy' (ie. pseudo).

tr-1 says:

Is there an app you can download for stock 4.3 devices?

Ribs85 says:


Search for '4.3 permissions' on the Play store. First result.

still1 says:

please stay away from it for now. its not complete

Troneas says:

the developers of this mod would do well to change its name... how do you even pronounce this?

codiusprime says:

Are you kidding? CM has been around almost since the beginning and is extremely well known in the community. I don't think their name is an issue.

15israellai says:

I have a feeling he refers to AppOps..

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squiddy20 says:

If that's the case, then this guy needs to go back to preschool and re-learn how to pronounce things. It's not like you should look at this and see an overly complicated word. It's "app" followed by "ops", not "oops" or "opes" (long o sound). Ops. Like black ops.

mssca says:

They don't have to... They are famous.... Cy-no-gen-mod..

However Toyoda did change their name to Toyota Motors for some reason.

squiddy20 says:

Would it kill you to do just a little bit of searching yourself? Answered in the first in the first few words of the entire article... derp

Also, this isn't a "mod", it's an entire ROM that millions of people are using right this very second.

Budius says:

As an app developer I'm not at all looking forward to users blaming the apps for crashing because of permissions they revoked.

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It sounds to me, that they don't really revoke it but just return default or empty data? For example if some app wants to have access to the adrenal address book then they just get an empty list back?

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someguy01234 says:

I have never had apps crashing from revoking permission. Of course, if a purchased app required internet permission to verify that its purchased, and the user revoke internet permission to that app, then the app wouldn't run, but that's logical.

mrjayviper says:

just updated to sept-24 nightly. app ops is looking good. thanks Google/CM.

Spoomanchu says:

Does this mean I SHOULD be updating nightlies? Just HOW safe is it?

olues says:

Almost as safe as stable release with maybe negligible bugs just as stable release.

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