CyanogenMod for OnePlus One spotted

If there's one thing that the OnePlus gang has been good at over the past few months, it's been pushing the hype for their One smartphone (the other one, not the HTC One) with mere words. They can state the specs all they want, but in the end what we really want is something we can grasp. And a pair of leaked screenshots that show how the Android-based CyanogenMod OS that will power the phone is a good start. As reported by Engadget:

This Android KitKat-based OS is dubbed "CyanogenMod 11S," and given how the lock screen on the left looks nothing like the one in the original CyanogenMod, we assume the "S" indicates that this flavor carries OnePlus' customizations. This cleaner lock screen lacks the usual unlock slider, but it still shows the clock, date, weather, battery level and text messages over a solid-color background.

Apart from that there's also a look at the About Phone page which gives us the standard three Android on-screen buttons and a build on top of Android 4.4.2. Apart from that, everything else about the supposedly thin, powerful, and affordable OnePlus One is still in the ether. OnePlus's proclamations of specs are nice, but we'll wait to see the actual device and less of the hype.

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OnePlus CyanogenMod OS screenshots leak, finally something more than hype


These screenshots only make me more pensive. If they are changing the lock screen that much, what are they doing to the rest of the OS? Did they have the self-restraint to only touch a few areas, or did they go whole-hog on the customizations ala Samsung? Will lockscreen controls work properly, did they break them, or is there something else entirely?

Too many questions, and not enough answers.

IIRC, there's an option to go to stock CM if the customizations bother you that much. That's probably what I would do if I got this device (which seems likely).

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If you know what stock CM look like, then you should know how to flash a rom. This device will have unlocked bootloader and official cyanogenmod support (ie. source code), problem solved. It's not Apple or Verizon branded phone.
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Love the lockscreen, hate the Engadget advertising all over the phone. Might as well get a Verizon phone and call it a day :P

lol, you think you're funny because you make sarcastic comment about another person thinking they're funny.
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OEM customizations to CyanogenMod. Interesting. I hope the amount of OEM input isn't excessive, but I do think that's a pretty attractive lock screen, at least.

Microsoft will be suing them. It's very like Windows Phone 8.

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Not bad just really hope they didn't go overboard. But from all I've heard their visual mods will be a theme along with some useful mods like voice wake functions. I just hope this phone loves up to it's hype.

I wonder if the CM11S is goig to be closed sources, If all the new stuff will be share. I haven't heard if the don't think if the phone will have LTE or if will include Tmobile band. Too much hype and very little facts.

Official released phone information:
5.5" JDI 1080p display
Snapdragon 801 (Unknown clock and model)
3100+mAh battery (non-removable)
Sony Exmor IMX214 6-Lens 13MP camera
5MP Front-Facing camera
16GB & 64GB Variants
Stereo Speakers
StyleSwap Covers - Multiple materials/textures
Single-SIM card
Global LTE
GSM Only
Something better than pre-orders
No front branding
FM Radio
2 year CyanogenMod support