CyanogenMod 9 on the Galaxy Nexus

Just a quick heads up that CyanogenMod 9 has hit stable build status for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. (That's the GSM Maguro version of the GNex.) That means you'll be running Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and not the newer Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. But if you've got a hankering for some stable CM9 on the GNex, you're ready to go.

If you do choose to download and are comfortable with torrents, be sure to seed. You'll be doing the world a favor.

Download: CyanogenMod 9 (stable) for the Galaxy Nexus; thanks, @zacharystern


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CyanogenMod 9 gets stable for the Galaxy Nexus


Since when? Cyanogenmod is the most popular ROM out there, and something many people base their phone buying decisions on.

I don't think people have lost interest in CM at all, especially those on non-Nexus phones. What they provide for so many phones out there that would never see the newer OS versions is amazing.

CM on the Galaxy Nexus I think may be a bit different though as the dev community as a whole has been quick to jump on building some amazing ROM's.

He must mean people don't care about CM9/ICS right now. It's great that it's stable, but CM10 needs to become stable before KLP gets released.

I just flashed cm to my sprint gnex because my aokp ROM was having trouble with calls and text. Its a nightly jb ROM but has the same cm9 splash screen as in the picture. Thought it was strange. Either way,going back to aokp soon and hopefully calls are fixed. Aokp just seems to have the most options and coolest mods these days.

AOKP may have many more options, but in my experience with the SGS2, CM9 is more stable.
Both are good third party Android builds, also don't forget AOKP is build on CM source code so without CM their is no AOKP, which makes CM pretty important.

That's right. I am already running 4.1.1 Jelly Bean direct from Google on my Nexus, but also can not wait to give CM 10 a try if they ever get it out and stable for the Nexus. CM 9 is old news for Nexus owners.

I think what he means is not many people care about "CM9" anymore. At this point if you have a Nexus and are running a custom ROM you're on JellyBean not ICS. personally I am on Bugless Beast and it is 99.9% stock and runs amazingly well and really is as close to the official OTA (VWZ) you can get at this point.

If you mean people who use Galaxy Nexus doesn't care of CM9 in case of they have Jellybean. I can agree.

But otherwise I totally not agree. CM is the most popular custom Rom that have the most stable build (if they ranked it stable) for daily use even for normal people. In CM you can find 2 things that others don't have: Room for developers and Advanced users to customize, code, try new things. And room for not-that-good-at-tech people that want the better, stable, daily useable ROM for their devices.

For me this is good news, as I run CM9 RC2 on my SGS2, and a stable build should now be around the corner. This device is my daily driver so I haven't made the jump to CM10 yet.

I get all the CM love, they do a great job. But, I would hate to think that people are only looking at CM when they're deciding what ROM to run.

Bugless beast. Pete's been putting roms out since the original droid, and they're always rock solid, essentially stockish roms with some goodies thrown in. Worth a look, especially in this case because I've been running his jellybean rom (stable) for weeks now.

I'm running CM9 RC2. CWM doesn't show any new updates for the ROM and I can't find anything on CM's website :(

This isn't for Toro :|

people still use torrent??? They have a rom repo of every build ever released for every android device they've ever supported....and they use torrent to release a stable rom on a flagship device??? lol...I'll never understand the decisions some people make.

great news, though!! CM7 took FAR longer to become stable than ICS did, so that means they are really getting a hang of this (not like they weren't good before, but better is...well...better lol) and maybe we'll start seeing stable builds a lot sooner than we used to!!

Why wouldn't they. Its still the most efficient way of distributing software to a large audience. Blizzard uses torrent for all of their updates as do many other large companies.

Something tells me I'm not the only whom would rather stick with stock 4.1.1 JB rather than go back to ICS. Project Butter spoils you into complete submission. Once CM 10 hits stable, I'll give it a shot again.

I have rooted every phone I've had up until I got the GSM GNex. The only reason I ever rooted was to get the latest Google goodies. My unrooted Nexus runs stock 4.1, has all the Google Now awesomeness, and I just used it to buy myself some smokes on Google's dime. I haven't really seen or heard a practical reason for rooting this device. If I was on Verizon or Sprint, yes. But a GSM Nexus on a prepaid plan is about the best thing you can have at this point.

I disagree. JB on the Nexus 7 doesn't feel much different than ICS felt to me. The notifications are nicer and Google Now is cool but the overall experience is about the same. You need those slow motion videos to really see the difference butter makes.

Now, I wouldn't go back to ICS either. It doesn't make sense to go back if you have the choice but it isn't like people who don't have JB and are running ICS are missing out on much. Until JB was announced everyone thought ICS was the best, most smooth Android experience ever. Now that JB is out suddenly ICS is like running eclair vs gingerbread. People overreact and overstate how much of a difference these OS updates make so much.

Apologies if this is a dumb question, but why go Cyanogenmod if you have a stock phone like the GNexus? Are there really that many additional features/utilities that CM adds to Android? Plus you're now tied to CM's release schedule, which means you're taking a back seat to Google's release schedule which is one of the great advantages of a Nexus device.

As long as it's the same version of Android (see comments above about stock JB vs. CM9), I'm sure many Nexus owners love the things CM adds to stock Android. Others may just flash it because they can.

Third party roms offer additions that pure AOSP doesn't have, I wouldn't revert to ICS on my GSM nexus, but I'd give a stable CM10 or AOKP a try. Plus it's not like once you flash CM you can't get updates from Google, when the next android version or build comes out you can always flash back to stock.

This really isn't the case as AOSP gets first dibs on Android releases. When source is released, that's when ROM developers go all out on developing their versions. Technically, we see ROM devs coming out with releases faster than Google.

And also keep this in mind, It's the carrier's decision to release the update if they see fit. Verizon and Sprint's GNexus haven't received the JB update that the GSM one got.

I have a sprint gnex and have been running jelly bean ROMs since July 4th. This includes unofficial cm10 builds. Jelly bean won't be out for CDMA gnex for a while. I'm not waiting.

And yes there are typically a lot of extras you get with a cyanogen ROM.

Cm9? I'm running MoDaCo LTE 2.1.1 Jelly Bean. Cm9 ICS is a step in the wrong direction for me. But they did have to get cm9 stable so they can move on to cm10.

I still don't get why would someone ruin his/her nice pure-Android ROM of a Nexus phone replacing it with CyanogenMod.

How is it ruining it? It's based off stock and looks the same, it's not like CM adds a skin like Touchwiz or something. All it does it add more features like power control widget to the notification pull down or the option to have a battery % show in the status bar or whatever.

I am running CM10 build from euroSkank. Works great including 3G, 4G, wifi. I get all the cool CM features I like for toggles, overclocking, and quiet hours.

I like CM ROM's but they have fallen behind other ROM's recently. The reason they are so good is they go for stability and not hacking code together to be the first out with something. They are pretty much the benchmark in a lot of custom ROM's.

I am running euroskank jb and its very stable but I will switch when CM10 is flowing and stable for daily driving.

The reasons I run CM or any ROM over stock is mainly for
Quiet Hours
Pull down widgets
Battery Life
Overall Speed

I can get most of those things from the Play Store but they are not built into the OS and never run as smooth or efficiently as they could.