CyanogenMod 7 - Gingerbread

For those of you waiting to get your hands on CyanogenMod 7 (aka Gingerbread), nightly builds have finally (we say that with a smile) started up for the phones supported by the community project. Builds are ... erm ... building as we speak, and we've already got it up and running on our Nexus One.

As is case with these nightly builds, bugs are inevitable. So no complaining about that to the folks in charge, eh? Get your download on in Rom Manager or at the Cyanogen forums, and you'll need to flash new gapps (99 percent of us will want the Universal DPI: Tiny version) with this nightly. Enjoy! [Cyanogen, gapps]


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CyanogenMod 7 Gingerbread nightlies pushing now!


Anyone with a Moto Droid or an Incredible will be highly pleased with it. I know the unofficial builds floating in the xda forums were pretty perfect for the Inc, and the official RC1 for the Moto Droid matches it!

The moto Droid version is very buggy. LED lights do not work, data connection is lost after a phone call, screen off animation works at first but then stops if you change any settings in spare parts, keyboard does not light up, I'm hoping these are fixed swiftly.

None of that happens on mine, well the back light on the keyboard does, but the rest works fine.

Woot! Ive been waiting for cm7 for my gingerbread fix on my evo...the other builds can be a lil sketch -___-

MMS has been working on builds built from CM7 source code almost since the beginning. Crackflashers builds work the best, in my experience.

That being said...

FINALLY!!! Can't wait to get my first CM7 nightly running on my EVO.

Hopefully with the Nexus S being out now, some of the Galaxy S phones will get some love unlike CM6.

I love CM but wish there was a choice for using stock launcher from the start. I was able to find gingerbread launcher on the market but this even irritated me from the pregingerbread roms. Nothing wrong with adw just don't prefer it.

hi there where did you get the rom for the evo
i dont see it under devices, thanks in advance for your helph

Sounds like it working well so I'm going to try it on my Inc now. But I'm a bit confused on the happy download. Is the "gb" the universal?

Ditto on the screen off animation.... My wife is sick of seeing that animation and I've only has cm7. for a few hours. That being said, This is off the hook and I have not found one glitch or bug and I've checked just about everything (Evo 4g). Also got to the phone settings and tap on android version 2.3.1 real fast and you get the Zombie art. Everyone prolly knew that. :)

Just installed CM7 on my EVO and it appears to be running great. I usually run Vaelpak and my Cynagen experience is very light. I am having a hard time entering my google account, so I have no contacts at this point. Can someone please explain how to enter my gmail account? Its not an option like usual under "Accounts"

Finally a reason for me to leave Enom's 2.14.4 Froyo ROM for my Nexus One. Flashed this earlier tonight and everything seems really good so far, especially with a custom kernel supplied by Wildmonks. I held off on the MicroMod version for a long time because too many things seemed to only half work, but so far everything with this is working that I've been able to test and I'm really impressed.

That being said, I really hope Enom starts cooking up a Gingerbread ROM soon. His work is amazing and always rock stable.

Just curious…

I had been a long time RIM user… having RIM devices when they were just messaging products. So I am fairly new to Android. The last Blackberry I had was the 8900 Curve. To be honest, it was a great device but not close to Android in terms of overall user experience… especially the web experience. The one thing I really liked about Blackberry is that you could, with the use of a single 3rd party program, load and/or revert back to Beta OS versions very easily and quickly…. 99.99% of the time without bricking your device. And, if you did brick it, you could get it back just as easily. I am wondering why it seems like such a hassle to upload Beta versions of Android OS on these devices. Is it the fragmentation that exists between the carriers? That said, each of the carriers have slightly different versions of Blackberry OS on their units, but I could still load Beta versions without any issues. It just seems to me that these experimental versions of the Android OS are more of a hassle then its worth… especially when you want to go back to the stock version. I used to go back and forth on my Blackberry all the time… but I will certainly not try to root my myTouch 4 G in fear of really screwing it up. Just wondering why it is such an issue with Android; not something just anyone can do like you can with Blackberry.

Oh… before anyone jumps on me and suggests that I go back to Blackberry… I absolutely love the myTouch 4G and feel it is the best smartphone I have ever had… it is one class act and top of the line device.

Android devices can do this too, you just need to root and install a custom recovery. A custom recovery does everything you described. You can backup your current ROM (down to every single piece of data - when you restore a Nandroid backup your apps, call history, text messages and everything come back) and flash a new ROM all in about 5 minutes.

Sure, rooting is kind of a pain but once it's done it opens up a lot of possibilities and makes owning an Android phone even more fun. The MyTouch 4G is a cool phone, but look on XDA at what you're missing and I'm sure you'll root within a day or two. It's almost impossible to resist the temptation.

i have the evo 4g, which rom should i install on it, i do not see my phone under devices or am i looking at the wrong info when i go to the link above?

can anyone tell me how to install a good rom and kernel on my fascinate ? i'm just rooted right now please help

ok i need some serious help i clicked the link for the google thing and click on universal dpi on the top and it saved on my andriod and then it asked to pre install : back up/ clear cache and i clicked both and now when everything was done i lost the rom manager and my market place i want to go back to my old rom that was back up some one please help!!

FYI - CM7 Build 11 on HTC Evo 4G is very buggy and I wouldn't waste time. Upon reboot of the installation, phone freezes. You'll have to pull out battery and then replace. Installation will then continue. Cool to check out but not fully-functional.

I would recommend a more stable Build, like 6.1.2, if you actually want to use your phone.