CyangenmodFor all you folks running the CyaongenMod brand of custom ROM -- and if you're not, you really should give them a shot -- know that CM6.1 has just be released. Released as in stable Android 2.2.1, ready to go, flash at your convenience.

And the list of supported phones is large -- and growing: Nexus One, Droid, Dream/Sapphire, Hero, Desire, Incredible, Espresso (myTouch 3G Slide), Supersonic (Evo 4G), Legend, Vision (G2/DesireZ), Geeksphones ONE, Z71, Wildfire, NVidia Harmony, Ace (Desire HD) and Glacier (myTouch 4G).

For those of you new to the game, CM ROMs are more than custom ROMs, actually. They're built off the publicly available Android code -- that's the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) -- and include a ton of cool tweaks from developers throughout the community. You'll want to check out the CM6.1 changelog for all the goodies, and get to downloading. [CyanogenMod, CM6.1 changelog]

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miniZ says:

Can I just flash this over 6.0 or do I have to wipe?

MowDownJoe says:

For small releases like this, the FAQ says that just a simple flash over is fine. When it comes to CM7, though... well, prepare for wipe.

ergarcia1 says:

where is the link once u go into the site itself???

E_man says:

Thought the Galaxy S phones were supposed to be supported in this release. I know there is an alpha, but still.

ScubaNitrox says:

Yeah, guys! Where's the love for us Galaxy S users!

SolWgn says:

I cant wait to see it for my DINC.

mjneid says:

If you look at the WikiPages for Cyanogen there isn't a Download link supplied for the HTC Glacier, and Clockwork ROM manager isn't able to find a link for it. #FAIL in my book.

hearture36 says:

I was also interested in this but a quick look through the change log indicates that 4g and HDMI haven't been fixed yet.

briankurtz79 says:

Can someone tell me if I can flash this and keep HDMI and 4g? Had the hero with cm6 and it was awesome but don't wanna lose these features with my evo. Thanx

weehooherod says:

4G and HDMI haven't been ironed out yet. If you're looking for a CM-like experience with 4G/HDMI working though you should install Frost Rom.

timbo1083 says:

There definitely is no download link for HTC Glacier (mt4g) on the site. #Fail

redc143 says:

looks like there is still no 4g support for i think ill pass.

ilongbored says:

The power toggle widgets in the notification window and swipe to remove a single notification is worth more to me than 4G.

briankurtz79 says:

Until you wanna video chat or watch an HD YouTube video. No thanx

Mrdaviso says:


Menno says:

Each build is handled by a different dev. The ROM is stable, it still needs to be built for each device. If you read the release you'd see that.

Mrdaviso says:

"The MT4G ROM is no where near stable" from Cyanogen themselves not more than 30 minutes ago ;) SHOW ME THE DL FOR THE MT4G AND I WILL BOW BEFORE YOU.

gicuenitro says:

CyaongenMod huh? Sucks when those words are not in the index. ;] Just felt like pointing that out in the most non-jerk type way if possible! lol. Maybe because I am left out with my sgs...;[

igotsanevo4g says:

All hail cyanogen, this is the best rom out there.

For you fellow evo owners, know that building the 4G from SCRATCH is no easy task-people are working on it though. As for the HDMI, it has already been coded and needs some polish before it will make it into a nightly. FYI-When the HDMI is fixed it will be full hdmi mirroring too :D

mr.wizard says:

I cannot wait for that! Then I can get some good use out of my tv other than the xbox

SkinsFan1987 says:

I have a CyanogenMod backup from where I flashed my HTC Desire before. I liked it, but it gave me some scrolling issues. I may switch back to that ROM and then try this update.

Only time will tell.

ShaneOryan says:

my droid is booting it up as i type

slycen says:

I wish the X wasn't locked down. Oh well. Congrats everyone who can actually enjoy this

Thablackguy says:

Yeah, i dream of the day where our Droid Xs can be free from the chains of Motorola !!! lol

timd23 says:

I really hope the phantom voicemail issue has been addressed with this release... that's the only flaw I found with this rom

starvingmind says:

Someone tell me why I should root my Droid 1 and install this. What will I gain? Examples please.

gcantrell says:

I finally did a permaroot on my G2 last night for this. Loaded up smooth and looks really cool. I'm still going through it to see everything that is availiable for it. So far i really dig it.

gcantrell says:

I finally did a permaroot on my G2 last night for this. Loaded up smooth and looks really cool. I'm still going through it to see everything that is availiable for it. So far i really dig it.

Clow says:

I know its the wrong thread but should I trade my x for dinc? Need advice fast!

slayerpsp says:

no 4g no point as i have good 4g were i live i doubt that will ever get fixed.

parmijo11 says:

And the Vibrant is left out again...

Still no 4G...pass. I understand its a PITA to build support from the ground up. Doesn't change the fact that no 4G = No Go.

If I'm spending an extra $10 a month I damn well am going to get that bandwidth.

tada1096 says:

am i just missing it or is it not available for the dinc yet? i looked in rom manager and on the website and cant find it.

dustinfrank says:

don't see it up for the DINC yet...not on the site or in ROM manager. I'm running Virtuous, my first ROM ... thinking about trying Cyanogen. It's built off of stock Android, right? So i'll be able to see what it's like without Sense on top of it, right?