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The CyanogenMod team has just given Verizon and Sprint Galaxy Note 2 users something to be happy about -- official 10.1 nighly builds for download. Users of these devices have been patiently waiting as development went along on the latest CyanogenMod builds, and now they have their chance. Of course these nightly builds are far less stable than general releases and may have many bugs, but some users are completely willing to put up with it.

If you're willing to deal with some quirks you can see what CyanogenMod 10.1 has to offer at the source links below. If you're not so sure how or why you should get into these nightly builds, head to our forums and get a few things figured out first. And remember, backing up before flashing is a great idea!

Source: Verizon Note 2 Download; Sprint Note 2 Download

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CyanogenMod 10.1 nightlies for the Verizon and Sprint Galaxy Note 2 now available


no on the s-pen didnt try cam flashed another rom this worked great but to stock for me lose too much of the extra stuff the note can do

I agree 100% & I've ran CyanogenMod exclusively on nearly every other phone I've owned. There is no chance I will ever run an AOSP ROM on this phone because I would lose too many of the unique features that I bought this phone for.

FWIW, there are a lot of great Touchwiz ROMs available already that keep all the stock functions + add elements of AOSP.

With all due respect to CM team, but IMO there is no need for CM in Note series unless Samsung stops support. We need 'hover' function, S-Note like app, and the 'legendary' multi-window and all other TW enhancements. Without these, CM or anything sounds useless to me.

That's true! TW on S3 and N2 is far ahead of stock android in functionality and user experience is just superb. I really don't understand the reason to first prefer a non-nexus device over a nexus device and then strip off its all great features just to run buggy CM/AOKP ROMs which always have some features "not working" (i'm not degrading great CM developers in any way!!!). I mean why don't we get a nexus device in first place especially when they are at par with other Android top dogs hardware wise.

P.S. I know Android is all about choices and I am not objecting anyone's choice. Just that at times the logic behind running AOKP/CM on non-nexus device baffles me.

CM/AOKP is buggy on Nexus devices as well. The stables are usually worse than nightlies from my experience with the GNex, Nexus S and N7.

I give it up to them for doing this but if it takes away the functions in the beginning that's one thing but if its not going to be implemented at all then ill pass.

unless I miss something, right now with root I can't use the All share Cast Hub on my note unless I unroot. I wish there was a way to import some of Sammys Apps and functions to my Nexus 10 lol .

Good job on the hard work they did to create this but for now I'll pass.

I actually like Samsung's stock software enough these days that I probably won't be using CM right now on my Sprint Note, but it's nice to see it being supported so hopefully when Samsung does pull the plug on new updates(though they've actually been doing well on their recent flagship phones) I'll have options.

Ha ha. I saw this last night and was thinking exactly what everyone else said. I just didn't want to be Mr. Negative Nellie.

OTOH, there are some Note 2 users that got it for the big screen. That's who this is really for. As much as I hate to admot it, for the Note 2 touchwiz makes complete sense. Samsung really lnew what they where doing when they made the Note 2.

Using Nova Prime on my stock rooted ROM is enough for me. I need to have a good, working camera and I love using the S Pen. I'm content for now.

2nd that, I'm also using nova prime. I love how it allows me to customize my note 2 exactly the way I want it. No need for AOSP roms on the note 2.

I've loved CyanogenMod on every phone I have owned, but I couldn't imagine losing the Touchwiz features off of the Note 2 (S-pen, Multiwindow, etc). There are a lot of great Touchwiz ROMs for the Note 2 though.

My favorite is Jelly 'Beans' which can be found here:

I don't know if they have ported it over to the Sprint Note 2 yet. I know there was talk a week or so ago, but don't know if they went ahead

Can't wait to try it.

AOSP is so much smoother and just less ugly looking than TW. I can't stand oh long it takes the TW lock screen to unlock (I know it's a micro fraction of a second longer, but after using AOSP for awhile and going back to TW, it's painful). Yes I lose multiwindow, which sucks, but really, I only use it like once every couple of weeks. As long as CM had NFC working, then I'm good to go. There's plenty of apps that let you create your own gestures for features and don't have to use Samsungs original apps.

All of you guys so far may think that this TW is better than CM, and in terms of features it is, but aesthetically and speed wise, I personally don't think they compare. Although the screen off lag on CM is annoying

To each their own. That's what is great about Android.

For me, I don't like the look of Touchwiz either, that is why I use Nova Launcher Prime. I still get all the functionality of Touchwiz with the look of AOSP. I don't use the stock unlock screen either, I use Widgetlocker. With it I can put widgets for ANY app on my lockscreen instead of only apps that have been updated to work with the 4.2 lockscreen. I saw no noticeable delay on unlocking the stock lockscreen when I did use it though, certainly not enough to warrant losing multiwindow support, even if I were someone who didn't use it frequently (which I do.)

On my last phone (OG Droid Incredible) running CyanogenMod was a MUST because I kept getting low memory warnings on the stock Sense ROM. But with the Note 2 having 16GB of storage without a limit of how much of that can be apps, & 2GB RAM, I have plenty of resources for whatever I run at it.

I agree that TW on the Note 2 is better than any previous version of TW or Sense... but to me, it still doesn't stack up. Fixes like Widgetlock, again, to me, are really ugly and don't do "pure" Android justice

I think stock TW still sucks but there are a bunch of great TW mod'ed roms out there that give you enhanced performance and retain all of the quality features. AOSP rom is still better performance imho but still the modded TW roms get a lot of love and the look of it is EASILY enhanced via themes via a custom ROM.

OK, so for everyone out there who is worries about the S Pen working/not working:

The S Pen works. Hover commands do not. The S Pen button does not.

As far as an awesome portable stylus it works fantastically. I never used any of the other functions of the S Pen, or even the S Pen related apps. I already had a suite of other preferred apps to use.

No multi window, but I never used that either because, again, most of the apps I actually used were not supported anyway. I love the speed and beauty of AOSP on this phone. Since the GNex was my last device this is a hell of a step up. I am a very happy camper right now.

Everyone should be rooted on this phone anyway so I recommend you do a backup and then load this rom and try it out. It rules!

I've had my phone rooted for a while now and the older nightly versions for CM had too many bugs and my microSD slot wouldn't work.

I AM STOKED NOW because after installing this new Version CM 10.2, I am Super Happy and Very happy that they are working on it almost every single day with new updates.

SPRINT USERS: Find Updates to this rom by googling Sprint galaxy note 2 Cyanogenmod Nightly downloads

The only CONS I have are that I lose all Samsung functionality as you all well know, like Dual Screen Mode - Pop Up Browser, Some S-Pen functions, but overall owning CM10.2 is well worth giving up these few features because of Cyanogenmod's Speed and reliability.

You all know that the Nightly's are of course Beta Versions with some qwerks or bugs, but after setting up my phone from about 8 hours ago I haven't had any major issues at all. My phone did reboot once on its own but I couldn't duplicate this issue again so I'll just take it as a fluke.

So overall, If you are thinking about upgrading your Note 2 to a new Rom.. I would certinaly consider you trying out Cyanogenmod's new 10.2 Which also in return gives you Android Version 4.3 :)