Should be more stable than the latest nightlies

The third batch of 'M snapshot' builds for CyanogenMod 10.1 are starting to roll off the servers today. The 'M' builds of the Android 4.2-based custom firmware are designed to be more stable than the regular nightly builds, while still allowing users to keep on top of the latest features and improvements.

Right now CM 10.1 M3 builds are available for devices including the U.S. Galaxy S3, international HTC One X, various Galaxy Notes and Galaxy S2s and the current crop of Nexus devices. More are sure to follow in the hours and days ahead, so even if your phone or tablet isn't listed above, it's worth checking the CM download page for more info (or heading to the CM updater if you're using an earlier build).

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CyanogenMod 10.1 'M3' builds now available for some devices


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FYI - all of the US S3 M3 versions have been pulled off of the server. Looks like they got a few error reports....

Sounds like the M in M3 stands for "Muhahahahaha" Thanks for the comments, will avoid this build.

Can I just use the updater from the CM 10.1 Nightlies to get to the M3 build on the VZW Galaxy Nexus or do I need to manually flash a zip with the M3 build from recovery after a full wipe? I really hope I can just use the updater and if not, dirty flash. Only want to have to do full wipe when the stable release finally hits.

Everyone is complaining that the Build will not work on their GS3 and I do not even see the US GS3 in the list of devices. All I see is the international veersion and it does not have this build it only has the nightly builds and the CM9 stable builds. So....

Does CM have an option to disable the CRT off animation yet on jelly bean? It is really the only thing keeping me from using it on my GS3. It really bugs me for some reason as a fluff item that doesn't really perform as well as it did in the gingerbread/ics days. I prefer the slow fade to black AOSP uses(at least on my Nexus 7).

M3 boots on HTC Desire HD/Inspire 4g (HTC Ace) - so instead of listing issues here, it's best - IMHO - to post to your specific ROM/device developer. If you're building from source (git) and are having issues, check your kernel source for compatibility issues.

All you GS3 users: can you confirm if bluetooth A2DP is back in operation? CM 10 worked, but for some reason Gapps will not work with CM10 on my GS3. I flashed CM 10.1 but it lost A2DP in the process. Does this snapshot bring it back?

My GS3 informed me of an update for CM 10. I downloaded update, installed it, phone did a reboot and it works flawlessly !!!

My GS3 informed me of an update for CM 10. I downloaded update, installed it, phone did a reboot and it works flawlessly !!!

Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with all of your S3's but i installed it on first try and it worked perfectly. (Galaxy S3 T-Mobile)