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Update: Stable builds for many more devices are now showing up on the CM download site. Hit the source link to view the growing list. Additionally, an update by the CM team on Google+ confirms that CM10 stable builds are rolling out, and namedrops the next major version of the ROM, based on Android 4.2, as CyanogenMod 10.1.

Original: We've yet to see any official announcement, but the CyanogenMod download site is currently populating with stable builds of CyanogenMod 10. The Jelly Bean-based custom ROM reaches the milestone as the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 get their Android 4.2 updates, and Nexus 4 and 10 go up for sale around the world.

At the time of writing, stable CM10 is available for the Sprint and Verizon Galaxy S3, LG Optimus Black and Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. More are likely to follow in the coming hours and days, so we'll be keeping an eye out for the official announcement.

If you've tried one of the stable CM10 builds, hit the comments and let us know how you're getting on!



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CyanogenMod 10 stable builds starting to show up for various devices


Does it work for Galaxy S2 i9100? does it have builtin MusicPlayer,Video Player,Movie maker,FM Radio player,Task Manager,Picture Editor,

I had cm10 nightly all up till last night on my s3 and love it, I flashed AOKP milestone 1 last night just to see how it is and to see which one I like better.

and what are you thoughts on AOKP? Always used them on my Nexus S. Now I have the S3 and would love to go back to them.

Beta maybe, and I love Cyanogenmod. System UI crashes a lot. Bluetooth connectivity is unreliable. SGS3 Tmo

BT connectivity is the only major hiccup I've encountered. It's fine when doing a BT audio connection, but making calls from my car's BT system is practically unusable.

I've been running nightlies on my VZ Galaxy Nexus and have really loved it. I feel compelled everytime there's an update to install it, so I thought once the monthly hit, I'd move to that and give the upgrade train a rest for a bit. Just tried to see if it was available for me yet and it just spun quite a bit and then nothing....

I know you want to encourage people to stay within the site, but it would be handy if you could put one or more links to CyanogenMOD's site (aside from the tiny Source: and the actual builds in the posting, rather than links to other androidcentral tags and postings.

Takes a while for their servers to output all of the builds, so keep checking back for the Nexus S build. I presume if the Galaxy S has a build, the Nexus S wont be far off.

I used CM 10 nightly on my One X; and now I love it again.

It's amazing how garbage Sense is. It's unbelievably crappy. The camera app is better but that's it, everything else is so inferior it's amazing that HTC still insists on putting that crap on the phone. My phone runs so much faster that it's like I got a different phone entirely.

I just dirty flashed over M2 and it seems fine. I have dug through the commits to see what is new since M2 but so far so good.

Nevermind... Found the problem. Google Now Voice Search will not work when you have a Bluetooth headset connected, which I did.

I was getting angry!

I see galaxy s2 builds but i don't see one specific for the sprint epic 4g touch galaxy s2. Does anybody know if this exists or if i can use one of the other versions in place of it?

Why not review paranoid Android? I hear good things about it and it's based on CM10. There is a version for the Epic4G touch.

Why not review paranoid Android? I hear good things about it and it's based on CM10. There is a version for the Epic4G touch.