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The CyanogenMod team sends word that they've released the second "M" -- milestone or monthly -- build of the Jelly Bean-based CyanogenMod 10 ROM. "M" builds of the popular custom firmware are described as "essentially stable" and "ready to use as your daily driver", compared to the more common but less stable nightly builds. Fittingly, M2's release comes around a month after M1 landed.

M2 builds are still rolling off CM's servers, but right now the ROM is available for all three Galaxy Nexus variants, as well as numerous Galaxy S2 and U.S. Galaxy S3 phones, among others. The newest builds of CyanogenMod 10 are available via the CM updater, as well as via ROM Manager.and the download site.

For the full list of supported devices in this latest version of CyanogenMod, check the source link below. And when you're up and running, be sure to hit the comments and let us know how you're getting on.

Source: CyanogenMod

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putertech says:


serpa4 says:

Excuse my ignorance, but if you install this rom, then you loose all the manufactures apps on your SIII like notes, stay awake, and other functions Samsung baked in? Or, those are apps and still available after rom update and you only loose touch wiz?

littleemp says:

Everything but your personal data is gone.

munnarg says:

This ROM is based on AOSP, so yes you will lose all those features. It's a custom ROM, but it also has some nice functions of it's own, at about 1/4 the size of the stock Samsung ROM. You'll have to decide what features/ functions you can't live without in Touchwiz to see if CM10 is for you.

Mobius360 says:

While you lose those built in apps and features the market is full of wonderful apps that could be great replacements for those stock apps built into touchwiz. I would be the first to tell you though some of the stuff Samsung and other manufacturers add to android is pretty good. I'm sure there's plenty of custom Roms for the GS3 that are touchwiz based though and most of those features are in place.

cjbrigol says:

Wow, this is great.

I saw this post at the gym this morning, and started downloading M2 for my Hercules right away. I figured I'd install it right over the latest version of CM9 because I hate having to replace/arrange all my apps. I installed it, and it said install aborted, so I figured I'd try later, but then my phone booted into JB! I forgot to install the JB gapps, and when I did they were kind of wonky, but after some fiddling (uninstalling reinstalling etc) everything works great and I haven't had any force closes since then.

These guys are wizards. I can't believe how fast this thing runs and google now is great.

hoosiercub says:

Is M2 based on the new 4.1.2? Is it ok to still be using the 7/29 JB Gapps?

hunleyd says:

Yes, to both.

etnpnys says:

You mean 7/26?

(See? This is why I hate searching for them.)

etnpnys says:

Does one NEED to install GApps? Is there any functionality or framework that is inherently missing if you don't?

It's always such a PITA to find, and I'm fine just installing GMail and stuff from the Play store anyway...

cjbrigol says:

The play store was one of the apps that was force closing for me before installing the jb gapps. I would try to uninstall something, and it would fc. Then it would fc just when I tried to open it. All you do is google search "cm10 gapps" and it's the second and/or first link.

piizzadude says:

Yes you do or you will not even be able to sign into the play store

etnpnys says:

Thanx for the quick reply - both of you.

xd1936 says:

It's never hard to find.

dphorgan2#AC says:

I just upgraded my Nexus to it. It is 4.1.2. This is COOL!! But I have no idea why, but it is!!

John-Smith says:

Just curious for the M2 update, will the name show up and say M2 or will it show up as the latest nightly? Because I see a 10-11 nightly for my Epic 4g and am wondering if thats it?

Also, is there a changelog?

mitchstehlin says:

anyone elses download crraawwllinnnggg? any mirror links?

BruhMan says:

Which ROM can I use for the HTC EVO LTE?

TomW093 says:

Would someone please walk me through installing this onto an AT&T Note?

richardsoper says:

I've been running the m2 for a few days, very solid ROM. Definitely a daily driver.