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Famous game designer Peter Molyneux has kicked off his first of 22 mobile experiments today called Curiosity. It presents players with a large cube composed of an inordinate number of smaller cubes. That big cube is the same one shared by all of the other players around the world, and they have to work together to chip away at it to find what's at the middle. The catch? Only one person finds what's in the middle, and it's apparently a "life-changing secret buried inside." On the way, players earn coins which can be spent on more powerful cube-destroying tools. Sure beats tapping them away one at a time. The whole thing has a surreal, artsy vibe with wispy music.  I'm just surprised that in-app purchases weren't employed to sell more coins. 

I've played a little bit of it, and Curiosity seems like little more than a worldwide collective scab-picking game. Players just mindlessly scrape away at a layer just  because they know that there's something else underneath, though I guess showing that this is how people act is kind of the point. There's already plenty of progress being made on the cube, revealing parts of an image on at least one side. In fact, it's so busy that their servers are having trouble keeping up with the activity. It's definitely neat to see thousands of users collectively weather away a shared object, and what kind of patterns emerge when they do it. 

What do you guys think? Is there anything practical to be gleaned from an "experiment" like this? How long do you figure it will take to get to the middle? Or is there even an end to it? The app is free, so there's really nothing to lose from trying it out.  

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Curiosity experiment tempts Android users to dig into a mysterious cube


que: "outside the box" thinking rationale...

I'm guessing thats going to be the deal somehow. Although i can't see outside teh box

Now, the question for the hour is, "Who's got the Pandorica?" Answer: I do. Next question: "Who's coming to take it from me?"

Come on, look at me! No plan, no backup, no weapons worth a damn, oh, and something else I don't have: anything to lose! So, if you're sitting up there in your silly little space ships with all your silly little guns, and you've got any plans on taking the Pandorica tonight, just remember who's standing in your way! Remember every black day I ever stopped you, and then, *and then*, do the smart thing!

Let somebody else try first.

I bet the "life-changing secret buried inside" is something like: "You just wasted a lot of time in your life on this pointless game. Go outside or something."

With that said, excuse me while I go download the game ;)

Interesting concept. There appears to be some sort of pathing algorithm which increases the point multiplier. However I can't seem to increase the multiplier past 3x. There are also bonuses for clearing a screen which says some strategy is involved(get the multiplier really high then clear a screen for max points).

The multiplier goes up with consecutive blocks removed. If you tap an empty space or if you take too long, you lose your multiplier.

Mr Turtle, How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll of a tootsie pop?
-oh I aint't never made it without biting. Ask Mr. Owl
Mr Owl, How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll of a tootsie pop?
-Lets find out *grab* one, atwooo, three *crunch*

My record is around 5000 in a row... The multiplier goes by how long you can build a combo without touching the green area. Also multitouch works, on a nexus 7 I can get a 20x multiplier in about a minute.

I don't see the store option to buy stuff though, the icon isn't selectable.

edit: now it works, but good god this stuff is expensive, 3 billion for a chisel??

Anyone else realize this yet? That all people have been playing on this all day just the FIRST LAYER of an undetermined number of layers?????