Cubes vs. Spheres

Great gameplay and superb graphics make Cubes vs. Spheres a must-buy game

Are you looking for a great new game that isn't hard to learn, is a ton of fun, and will make you smile while you burn through your battery? I think we've found one with Cubes vs. Spheres. The premise is super simple -- you are inside a circle in a uncomfortably white room, and cubes are rolling (as well as a 6-sided cube can roll, anyway) toward you. Your job is to keep them away by flicking balls at them. When the balls hit them, they explode in a satisfying shower of particles. If more than three cubes cross inside your circle, the game is over and you've lost.

Just because it's simple doesn't mean it's not fun as hell, though. The gameplay gets pretty frantic. There are assorted blocks that vary in how easy or hard they are to destroy (the invisible ones are rough), and you use points earned by playing to buy power-ups (exploding spheres, anyone?) to handle them all. The game physics are great. The faster you flick the balls the faster and further they fly, and the bouncing balls and blocks interact with the scenery just like you think they should. 

Most importantly, to me anyway, are the game controls. I hate games that have too many buttons and thing-a-ma-bobs to press and swipe just to play. Cubes vs. Spheres has none of that. It's simply swiping and tapping, you play it with one finger. This makes it perfect for a wide variety of devices, from a small 4-inch screen up to a full sized 10-inch tablet. Cubes vs. Spheres is just as fun on my Nexus 4 as it is on my Nexus 7, and that's something not every game can pull off. 

If you've been looking for a new time waster, check Cubes vs. Spheres out. It costs a buck, but once you pay you're done -- no in-app purchasing required. It runs on Froyo or higher, and you can grab it using the Google Play link above. There's a short video to explain it all after the break.


Reader comments

Cubes vs. Spheres makes physics fun again


I agree that it's a fun game, but I disagree about working well on any screen size. On my S3 the screen is too small to differentiate between tilting the view and launching a sphere. I would love to see the tilt feature taken completely out as it doesn't seem to have any purpose anyway.

Just wanted to express my appreciation and continued support for reviews of games without intrusive permissions and in-app purchases. Bought!

As do I. I love it when it says "this app requires no permissions to run".

I clicked the Accept and buy button without hesitation.

I dont have an android market but I do have Google playstore ,ha :p
Probably will get it a shot later on.

My question is who will have this as their app of the week since the thing to do lately is to pick out an app that was just featured and make it the app of the week.

Wait, so if they can't come from behind wouldn't that mean when you were really struggling you could just turn your back on the squares and focus on one area where there is less pressure?