CricketCricket has announced a new affordable rate plan for multi-phone households. Families who opt for the automatic bill pay  feature and have two or more phones will now be able to have unlimited talk minutes, unlimited text messaging, and unlimited (1GB at "full-speed") data for just $40 per line. That's a $10 savings over the standard $50 that a single-line plan costs. Also included is a subscription to Muve Music, which allows for unlimited music downloads and streaming as well as access to ringtones and ringback tones.

Cricket also offers $60 monthly plans with 2.5GB of full-speed data per month, and $70 plans with 5GB of full-speed data monthly. Both of these plans include Cricket's mobile hot spot capability so that customers can attach additional wireless devices to their smartphone, and also offer the same Muve Music subscription.

The new plan will be available for everyone starting today, and more information can be found at company-owned stores nationwide. Hit the break for the full press release.

Spring into Value with Cricket's New Family Plan

~ Money-Saving No-Contract Plan Includes Two Smartphone Lines for $40 per Line per Month and Muve Music

SAN DIEGO, April 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Cricket is providing added value for families this spring with an affordable family plan to go along with the coolest phones Cricket already offers. The new plan is available now to customers who purchase two or more smartphone rate plans[1] with Cricket's Automatic Bill Pay feature. The new family plan is available in Cricket company-owned stores and select dealers nationwide.

"The Cricket family plan is half the price of AT&T, and value like that makes this plan a great way for families to save money by spending a lot less on their wireless bill," said Tyler Wallis, senior vice president, product and marketing for Cricket. "Each line includes unlimited minutes, texts, data and unlimited downloads from Muve Music. Cricket is the only carrier in the US to offer Muve Music, one of the leading on-demand digital music services in the country."

The family plan is available to new and existing Cricket customers and is also available to Cricket Lifeline customers.  Customers may choose which Cricket smartphone plans best fit their needs and still get a family plan discount. Each family plan line includes all the stand-alone features of the $50 smartphone rate plan.

Cricket's all-inclusive smartphone rate plans start at $50 for unlimited talk, text and data (1GB of full-speed) per month. The $60 smartphone plan contains up to 2.5GB of full-speed data per month and the $70 smartphone plan offers up to 5GB of full-speed data per month. The $60 and $70 plans come with Mobile Hot Spot capability so that, customers can attach additional wireless devices to their smartphone. All Cricket smartphone plans include unlimited music with Muve Music featuring unlimited song downloads, ringback tones and ringtones. Each family plan must include Automatic Bill Pay. With Automatic Bill Pay a customer's monthly bill is automatically paid using a designated credit card, debit card, or bank account on file.

Muve Music

Muve is available on all Cricket smartphones and is included in the new family plan.  With Muve Music from Cricket, customers have millions of songs at their fingertips, will never pay per song and the music service is built in to Cricket's no contract rate plans.  Muve Music customers have the added benefit of discovering new music through its monthly artist programs such as Muve First and Muve Headliner, where featured artists offer exclusive commentary, music and videos every month only available to Muve Music.

Cricket Phones

Cricket offers a full range of high-quality, affordable devices, with solutions for every budget. The device portfolio continues to expand with well-known brands including Apple, HTC, LG, Samsung and BlackBerry.  In 2012 Cricket became the first pre-paid carrier in the U.S. to offer iPhone to its customers.

About Cricket

Cricket is the pioneer and leader in delivering innovative value-rich prepaid wireless services with no long-term contracts. Cricket offers nationwide wireless voice and mobile data services over high-quality, all-digital 4G LTE and 3G CDMA wireless networks. Cricket's innovative products and services, including the award-winning Muve Music® - the first music service designed for a wireless phone, are available nationwide at Cricket branded retail stores, dealers, national retailers and at For more information about Cricket, please visit


Reader comments

Cricket unveils new $40 per line 'unlimited' family plan


Or, for $5 more, there are many companies giving you that 2.5GB of full speed - Straight Talk for instance.

Most of the T-Mobile MVNOs, really.

Yes, but not with the music service built in. It isn't Spotify, but to get the same exact thing elsewhere, with more data, I'd have to pay $15 more. The music service may not matter to some, but I like it being bundled at that price.

Haven't dealt with Cricket, as I'm not in their area, but does Cricket lock your account and keep implying that you are doing BitTorrent* just because they think you're using a lot of data? Because StraightTalk does.

*They kept pointing me to a vague clause in their ToS that said I can't use it for IP infringement. Didn't do ANY BitTorrent on my phone/3G.

T-Mobile: 100 minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited data (5GB @ 4G speeds). $30/month/phone. GrooVeIP + Google Voice = I never come close to using the 100 minutes because all my calls are over data.

It sounds like they are trying to compete with T-Mobile's plans, but they appear to still fall short. I notice how they staggered their data allowances so that they aren't directly apples to apples comparisons too. Their 1GB compared to T-Mobile's 500MB at $50 is nice...except when you consider that Cricket's LTE network is small, and their CDMA network is abysmally slow compared to T_Mobile's DC-HSPA+. Muve music is nice bundled, but is really not a great solution since it uses your data plan to download songs, uses storage to keep them, won't allow you to transfer the songs to other devices, and removes access to the songs if you discontinue the service. For all of that hassle I'll either download my own music or use a streaming service.

It's when you look at higher data amounts, and multiple lines, that T-Mobile really pulls out ahead. $60 gets you 2.5GB on Cricket, but only 2GB on T-Mobile...for the first line. A second line on T-Mobile will only cost you $40 with that amount of data, and only $20 for each line after that. A family of 4 would pay $240 on Cricket with this plan...and only $140 on T-Mobile. For that matter, a family of 4 could go completely unlimited (no throttling) on T-Mobile and only pay $180! Heck, at that price they could pay for 4 Spotify subscriptions and still come out cheaper than Cricket...without even considering Cricket's $70 5GB plan.

Cricket has been offering a double the data promotion for quite some time. I know it's still be advertised on their website. I just switched from T Mobile and Virgin to Cricket. Got 5 gb LTE (in Phoenix) for 60 dollars.

I really like the Muse Music service. Yes, the inability to swap music around sucks, but I really only use my phone for music, and the data streaming issues you point out are the same if you use Pandora et al. To my surprise the Muse service has some albums and songs that I can't find torrenting, I was really excited about that! (I like a lot of blues and older rock that the kids don't seed)

The 30 dollar plan from T-Mobile is difficult to get (you have to jump through too many hoops like getting a sim card from Walmart, and while I am not sure about how T-Mobile views Google Voice, I know Virgin charged me minutes against my plan and warned me that my text would count against any cap whenever I used it -though I had unlimited so that didn't matter.)

I picked up a phone too, I got a Samsung S3 for $399( I didn't get mine online and missed out on a free flip cover and free activation which I'm kinda pissed, but that was my mistake for not asking) and considering the Sd card slot and LTE I think it matched up well against the Nexus 4, so overall I am pretty happy with the service. Yes, the 3g service is slow (hello it's Verizon)but most of the time I have a solid Lte connection. Works as good as my T-bolt when I had Verizon.

It's also my understanding that Cricket allows roaming in line with how the majors work. You just can't overboard, but even Verizon will cut you off if you abuse roaming...

Most of these smaller pre-paid-type plans are cheaper primarily because they have no roaming, which is a HUGE negative that you have to consider.

Thanks crxssi for pointing out and/or reminding everyone most prepaid plans do not have roaming; thus more dropped calls.

One dropped call could easily cost me significantly more than $10. Besides that, dropped calls are truly aggravating . Many refuse to call back and some don't want to waste time talking with a person who repeatedly loses signal.

Fortunately, T-Mobile's coverage in Southern California metro areas is vastly improved.