Hit iPad game now available from Google Play and the Amazon Appstore

​If puzzle games are your bag, then you need to check out The Room 2 which has just hit Android today. Having debuted on the iPad in late 2013 and being nominated for a BAFTA Games Award here in the UK, we're finally offered the chance to play for ourselves. 

The Room 2 is Fireproof Games' follow up to the first The Room title, and offers more of the same style of creepy puzzle solving action. The developers describe it as a "physical puzzler, wrapped in a mystery game, inside a beautifully tactile 3D world." It's pretty intense graphically, too, and as such requires a fair amount of hardware to play, so it might not be compatible with some of your devices. 

The Room 2 is available now in the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore for $2.99. 


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Creepy puzzler The Room 2 now available on Android


Looks interesting. I've never played this type of game before. I think I will check out the first one. They both have really high review scores.

Just purchased this... Not compatible with the HTC One?! WTF?! Play store said was compatible... Game says otherwise.

LOOOOOVED the first one! I'm so happy it's finally out for Android, I was this close to stealing a friend's iPhone just to play this one :) hehe

YOU'RE TEARING ME APART!!! Oh, hi Android.

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Play store says it will work...I loved the first one on my Moto X so I see no reason the second one won't work...I'm gonna wait a little bit and see if the price drops a buck...but odds are I'll end up paying the full price and still be more than happy with it in a few days when I can't wait no longer lol

Haven't seen this game before so I just watched the trailer.... The first thing that came to mind was Myst (and Riven), a graphical adventure type game from the early 90's. Looks interesting!

Amazon app store? Why are you supporting their app store? They are always behind in updating apps! Also, if you download an app from their store, you have to have the Amazon app installed in order to use the app you downloaded. So you have to have their 21.38 MB app installed always! An app which can't even be moved to the external SD card!

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wow niceeeee! The original Room was good, i havent yet played the extended episode (the update) but Im going to d/l this one for holidays :p Hopefully this is atleast as good as the last one!

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Downloaded this to my HTC one. but when i click it, it loads up for a few seconds then sends me back to my home screen. anyone know why this is?

How important is it that you play this game on a tablet versus a phone?

Seems like screen size could be a big deal on a puzzle game like this.

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