We know that the iPod Touch has become wildly popular in part because it's seen as an iPhone without the phone. An iPod Touch gives you most of the functionality of an iPhone without being bogged down by an expensive data contract. Is there a similar device on Android? There is now.

Meet the Creative Zii Egg Plaszma (yeah, that's a mouthful). This iPod touch competitor has some pretty amazing specs: 3.5" 320 x 480 10-point multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, rear HD Video camera, front facing live chat VGA camera, 32 GB storage with SDHC card expansion, Flash Lite support, GPS, Wi-Fi and the ability to output 1080p video. And the knockout punch? It runs Android.

Investing in a Creative Zii Egg Plaszma will reportedly only run you about $199, a pretty good deal considering the oozing tech that you get. What's even more important is that you;re going to be using a desktop class OS to power it all, not some janky proprietary hogwash. Meet our future.


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kyle says:

mmmm, ready for breakfast. That looks very legit. I guess we just have to wait for the reviews now.

I do like them using Android a lot, for obvious reasons. But the fact the company has to configure the software even less, just makes it easier for them. They can focus more on the player as oppose to developing new software to run every device.

jdschrock says:

I'm severely impressed. I've always been a big fan of Creative ever since I first decided to shun Apple products and buy a Zen Touch. To be honest I haven't found myself desiring an "MP3 player" for a few years now, but a product like this may sway my decision. Kudos to Creative for making yet another great product and making the jump to Android. I can only imagine how great the Zii will be.

Zane McFate says:

Still above my own price point, but for a high class Android device, I just may crumble for that one!

mgabo says:

i'm honestly impressed. i do not want iPod touch, simply because i thing that it is not worth it with that OS. This is a very similar device, but ,at least i thing, it will be more user friendly just because of that OS. And is also quite nice to have linux / android powered device in hand all the time. Looking forward for that. BIG question will be battery life, i'm not sure about that since it is so well equipped. Other way to look at this is what is focus of this device? Is it mp3 player, GPS navigation, web camera, camera, portable pc? if it could do everything as good as it sounds than ok, but i hope those parts dont end up like useless battery eaters. Well just have to wait, but i'm really looking forward for this

Anonymous says:

Dayum!!! Thats looks really nice.
On top of Android making better devices than microsoft?
Brilliant... I luv it haha

Tallbruva says:

The Android train rolled out the station slowly. But it's turning into a runaway freight train now!

iDavey says:

To be informed...

The UI shown is not what the Android version will look like. That is their own Linux-based UI. The Android version will have the plain jane Android UI.

treiz says:

Still have my 32gb Creative Zen, LOVE IT! Have used it every day for years.

This looks like my next step up, though I'm hoping for a version with a larger capacity. I've had a 32gb player for years and want something bigger.

Love my G1 too. A match made in heaven I think.

Jayziac says:

With a slight additional cost of a GSM radio, I'd snatch this thing up in a second and use a prepaid SIM card for calling, and free wifi for data. Without the GSM radio, I still have to carry a separate cell phone with this device.

Janus says:

This is clearly a prelude to a Creative ZiiPhone.

PHug says:

Complete waste of a potentially great device.
No phone = no sale

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Anonymous says:

32 GB internal and SD HC 32 GB lots of space and makes its easier to add lots of music with out hooking to computer or running wi fi.