Crazy Taxi: City Rush

Sega has launched its latest instalment in the Crazy Taxi franchise, Crazy Taxi: City Rush, for Android today. Developed by Hardlight Studios, the arcade game features the same gameplay elements that turned it an iconic hit on the Sega Dreamcast. Crazy Taxi: City Rush game sees the player taking on the role of a taxi driver trying to pick up customers and take them to their chosen destination as quickly as possible, while performing stunts and overcoming obstacles along the way to earn points.

The Android version of the game comes with the ability to allow players to customize their cabs, which is a first. There's also an interesting set of challenges and missions along with tailored controls for touchscreen displays. Sega has even rolled out Facebook integration, through which you can challenge your friends.

Crazy Taxi: City Rush is now available for free from the Play Store, although the game does feature in-app purchases. Hit up the link at the top to download the game.

Did you play Crazy Taxi on the Sega Dreamcast? Are you looking forward to trying the game out on Android?


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Crazy Taxi: City Rush blazes onto Android


I got the original Crazy Taxi for Android when it was on sale for free, so I guess I'll stick with that after reading the reviews.

I am building an arcade cabinet with hyperspin. Crazy Taxi 2 was a must have with it. That said, the freemium IAP version is a no go. I would rather pay the $5 up front and get the whole game in the official Sega version.

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Just play the game and don't buy anything in game, I downloaded and played and OK it's in there and in your face but just ignore it and play on and then wait for fuel?

Posted via Android Central App

I like it. I just won't buy anything. All this in app purchases is very annoying. I don't buy games nor play the free online especially like I use too.

From Peaches Galaxy Note 3

Guys this game isn't working when i open the game connected the internet, the game freezes CONNECTING... so i demand a fix

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