CrackBerry's celebrating its 7th birthday with a giveaway… and it's not a BlackBerry!

Our friends at CrackBerry are celebrating their 7th birthday this week (as if they needed a reason to celebrate this week), and they're doing it by giving away a batch of cool stuff. Oh, and it's cool not-BlackBerry stuff.

"What kind of cool not-BlackBerry stuff?" you ask? How about this:

Entering this contest is as easy as you might think: just leave a comment on this post on saying which one of those seven prizes you'd like to win. Entries are open until Sunday at midnight Pacific Time. Commenting is easy — as a member of Android Central, your Mobile Nations Passport account already logs you in to CrackBerry. Just click on over and enter away!


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CrackBerry's celebrating its 7th birthday with a giveaway… and it's not a BlackBerry!


I forgot to mention the prize I wanted.

Is that okay?

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

Your efforts of diverting the traffic is appreciated by Kevin & Co but not me. So thanks but no thanks.

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Are you implying that the Pebble, nest thermostat, and other things on this list are not selling and so they must be given away?

Or are you just being ignorant and assuming the giveaway is for BlackBerry devices even though it clearly says in the article that that's not the case?

You don't have to believe me on this, but reading before commenting is a pretty good way not to look like an idiot.

And it's not a blackberry. Added cuz otherwise no one would click lol

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The Sonos would be MY pick but I'd rather win the Fitbit for my lovely lady. She deserves it more than I do. Please & thanks?

And what do all of those prizes have in common?...

They are all connected gadgets that do not work with a BlackBerry!! Ha! LOL!

My Pebble and fitbit force connect to my BlackBerry just fine thanks.

But I guess its just easier to hate than actually know what's up isn't it?

I would any of these items but my number one choice might be the Sonos play 1 with bridge. I wouldn't mind a pebble steel watch or a nest thermometer either!