Cox Wireless

Cox Wireless started off like many that in the wireless business that have come before and now long since passed. With big dreams and little bit of the 700Mhz spectrum they wanted to offer the best services possible to their customers and they even managed to release the HTC Hero and the HTC Desire but now they're calling it a wrap after having ultimately become nothing more then a Sprint MVNO that was on its way out to begin with. They've now expedited their exit and as such will be shutting down sales of wireless devices and services come November 16th with a complete departure and shut down now happening come March 30th, 2012. One more image can be found past the break -- you know, nail in the coffin so to speak.

Source: Cox; More: Engadget

Cox Wireless

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uranidiot says:

What do you expect witha name like COX. Really would you want it...nooo. Huh huh huh hey beavis, I have wireless cox huh huh huh.

cheburashka says:

Wireless Cox. LoL

p08757 says:

And this affects all 13 or so of their subscribers?

Mattykinsx says:

Actually fool it affects everyone.
It is one less option for wireless service.

And that is significant.

crxssi says:

Not really, they were just reselling Sprint. And the pricing was pretty much the same.

MattS1984 says:

I guess they didn't technically "forward" the email... as for share?

Cox its pulling out early.

JayWill says:

I swear I just saw a Cox commercial within the past month announcing their wireless service. I thought "wow, Cox is getting into the wireless business?". I guess my shock and surprise had some merit. Probably better for Cox to stick to something their relatively good at ... provide services that require tubes filed with copper wires.

area223 says:

Cox is a lil dry.

engineer2001 says:

I pray for their employees. Some of the employees who were let go the last time my company was bought out ended up at Cox in the new wireless division. Those folks are going to have to go through the same thing again now.

Please try to find a place in wireline service for your wireless employees! Losing a job sucks, Cox.