Update brings most requested feature to lock screen replacement


Cover, the popular Android lock screen replacement, has just released an update to version 0.1.8 which brings along music controls. For devices running Android 4.4, KitKat, the all-new feature will allow you to take control of your Pandora, Spotify, Rdio or Sonos audio without the need to unlock your device. Working with nearly every music app available, Cover will recognize when audio is playing and will pin the icon for the application to the bottom of the screen. Next to the icon are controls for skipping songs, both backwards and forwards, as well as a pause button, and on the right side you will find the album art.

Coming in as one of the most requested features, Cover is very excited to make these available to everyone. To make use of the new feature you will first need to update the app and then activate the feature. Activation is quite simple and from the settings you will look for the Music Controls addition and then grant permission to Notification access.

Unfortunately, Cover has yet to be able to implement support for Android 4.1 - 4.3 devices as there is no standard way to access the music that is being played in those versions, so to keep the experience the best possible they are keeping it KitKat-exclusive for now. If you are using Cover, be sure to update today and activate the music controls.

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Cover lock screen replacement adds music controls for KitKat devices


Very simple way to show music. I like that. And it attaches the player to the app so you always have easy access to it from the lock screen. Looks good.

would have been hilarious if beiber totaled that rented lambo.

Cover lock is decent but the lack of having the back home and multitask button not hidden bugs me. At least hide them if its supposed to be a lock replacement plus well thy ever include a lock option??

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Cool. That is something I miss coming from Windows Phone, being able to play/pause and skip tracks from the lock screen. Now if only there was a way to do it via the volume rocker.

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You can do that from the stock lock screen.. No need for as 3rd party app at all if that's the only functionality you're after.

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PowerAmp lets you switch songs using Long presses of the Volume rocker, plus it also has an option to replace the default lock screen with its own, only when Music is Playing

Number 1 and 2 reasons I deleted cover is because it took away not only music controls but my full screen album art on my moto x. Plus it doesn't work with active notifications. If I slide to unlock from active notifications cover still opens and I have to slide again. No thank you

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It's also too bad this lock screen is country-limited... doesn't seem very smart for a beta.

I installed a few weeks ago and I hated. Many bugs, on kit kat is annoying sometimes. So I deleted it.

Posted from my new Nexus 5

I use an app called Smart App Protector. You can lock individual apps with it. With it, I have no need for a screen lock. As a result, my music playing controls are always functional when I turn my screen on. I do still slide to unlock the screen, but I do not have it set where I need a password. Lock screens requiring a password every time one turns their screen on always seemed like an unnecessary pain in the neck.

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I don't know about you chaps, but every lockscreen replacement app I've ever tried (including Cover), on any of my phones over the years, can sometimes have a slight delay before appearing (so you can see the stock lockscreen underneath for a few milliseconds). Feels awkward and looks shoddy so I just uninstall them after a while...

Nice app but what that video shows cant stock android kit kat do it :) my note 3 does it. Also cover is a great app for the non security conscious why the heck to i need a lock screen if from the lock screen i can peek into apps :)

Unfortunately, my lock pattern was no longer reliable when using Cover. I'll likely give it another try after the beta stage, though.

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I'm not a big fan of gimmicky lock screen thingys in favor for standard AOSP Android. But I'll have to give this a test drive!

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I really have been loving cover. Sometimes it simply doesn't appear though. Considering I do not have a pattern lock, I am not that concerned, but it can be a bit weird to just be looking for the time and the lockscreen doesn't come up.

Downloaded this yesterday on my HTC One. This goes perfect with the Google Experience launcher. Absolutely no issues.

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Same here! Have had no issues the quick app switcher also is a nice touch.

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I haven't tried since the new update (wouldn't change much on my S3 anyway) but the issue I had with it is that I have small children that are constantly using my phone. So when they open up all the games that I have over and over, it learns those habits and not the ones that I want it to (so I constantly had to look at all the games on the Cover screen and not the apps that I wanted on there or used most). Seems like a great idea in general but I wish there was a way to turn off the dynamic and allow for a static replacement for some situations.

To drmaf: you could just add the apps you wanna use..and cover to remember...just go to the app settings. .

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Tried it on my Nexus 5 but like the comments above having the home, back and multitasking buttons still showing down the bottom of the screen annoys me, majorly. I could imagine that it would work really well for phones with physical buttons though. If they could possibly fix this issue then I would use it.

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