Galaxy Nexus at Costco

Looks like Costco's gearing up to sell the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, according to this inventory screen we just received. Price is slated at $289.99. But like anything else of this nature, it ain't official until it's official. But we would note that only a Verizon version is listed here -- we're still unsure if there's going to be an HSPA version available in the U.S. anytime soon. But importing will always be an option.

Thanks, anon!
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Costco planning to sell the Galaxy Nexus for $289


YES! This makes me so happy! Accessories and an awesome return policy?!?! What more could one ask for?

I love Costco.

All over my face.

So I'm the only one that thinks 289.99 for a 2-yr contract-bound phone is too much???

Leave that one, to Verizon.

Verizon is not the only company with phones at that price, other carriers are offering their highest end phones for $199 - $399.

Hope its the same price at Best Buy on day one. I have a $160 gift card there I can use toward the phones price!

I know, I am so sick of the BS that these companies put us through. I don't want the Nexus, but the Galaxy Note, and they can't even get there act together and announce it coming to the US. They love to spit on their customers and yet we always come back for more. I guess they must be doing something right then...

It looks like a good price, even considering that it's a Samsung product.

It's amusing to see that Costco is using IBM dumb terminal emulation to talk to their large iron.

We are all such suckers for allowing Big Phone companies to charge us these prices for a phone. 300 for a phone that will be replaced in 6 months. Just nuts!!

Same thing we do for computers and now phones are more like computers than ever. It also depends on how you use/treat your phone. I've had my DInc for a year and a half, rooted, custom ROMs, and it feels like a new phone every time I do something to it's really more in people's minds than anything else. Just think about what will happen when 5G comes out.

IMO i disagree. $300 for what these phones can do is a bargain. they are tiny little pocket supercomputer communicator multi-purpose devices that can change your life and pay for themselves with one transaction or event. they are worth every penny and then some! we live in amazing times and it's only going to get better! the best is yet to come!

Except that they're not $300. They're more like $2,000. You know, it's the part that allows the phone to BE a phone in the first place and allows you to carry the thing everywhere?

In my honest opinion, 300 is actually a steal when you really sit down and think about it.

Your phone is with you from the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep. I use it as my alarm clock to wake me up, then load up google music for some tunes while getting ready for classes/work. I may use it for turn by turn directions if I'm going somewhere new. I can take pictures with it, so I don't need to bring a camera. Need to surf the web? No problem, leave that laptop at home because your phone can do it(and the G-nex will have faster speeds then my home network =/.) Oh yeah.. I guess it makes phone calls to? And it fits in your pocket.

$300 for a piece of hardware that I use everyday and it fits in my pocket? Yes please.

I agree that $300 is too much. I don't like this new automatic price of 300 if it is an LTE device. People need to remember that these companies are making money off of the carriers too. I'm a big Android fan but I'm not buying a phone that's priced almost as much as a tablet with no contract.

I swear this one post made my day ...Costco is the best place to buy phones from for so many reasons ...but most importantly reason lil bro works for the wireless dept in Costco and he will hold me one until I get off of work and make sure I get one of thoose bags of accessories like the one that came with the bionic ...which was actually the best bag yet I mean the extra battery and docs have been a life saver trust!!!!

Edit ...I just showed my brother the screen shot and he said 2 screen shot DOES NOT LOOK like the kind he runs from the kiosk or store office.... secondly the vzw rep was just at his store stating that more likely then not Costco wont sell it.....oh and sorry one more peace of advice they will carry the Razr but possibly wont sell it till all the bionics on stock are sold out most likely ...but fyi they aren't keeping many now in stock so hopefully this dosent ruin someones day ...sorry for the long post

It looks exactly like the terminal that the managers use at the front of the store. I've seen it countless times when I go ask if they have some particular item in stock.

EDIT: went to Costco yesterday. The phone kiosk doesn't have a computer that would provide a display like that, and they said, as you did, that they'll find out 2 days before the phone is released.

Second, I went to the front of the store, where they do have a computer that has a display like the one in the picture (well, not exactly, but similar). I asked the person to search on "nexus" and when she found out it was a phone, she said it wouldn't be in this part of the system. She humored me and did the search, which turned up nothing.

I think it's likely this is a hoax, but we'll see...

Just to clarify the issue the base price is 289.99, and can be much less. It probably won't come with the accessories like the bionic, that's a rarity. The screen shot shows the Costco system not the wireless kiosk's system, they're totally separate. That said I'm hoping for like 200-250 for a price, if it's more I would expect an accessory package like the bionic.


I can confirm that this is the screen used at our local/Chicago area Costco, an IBM AS4000 Terminal for inventory. I saw it used when I bought my wife's Bionic in September. This is legit. Your bro must be a different system or something.

$300.00 to much for a cell phone!? How much are those new iphones? Just hoping that Sprint gets the Galaxy Nexus!

For you guys and gals who purchase from places like Costco and Best Buy, I have a few questions:
1. I was due for my new every year, the first of October. However, my plan with Verizon runs through to January. So, could I purchase one of these phones in December at the discounted price, if I sign on for another two year contract?
2. My current and all future plans with Verizon have a 22 percent discount due to employer (or to be exact, employer I retired from). Do I keep this discount, or this only if I re-up via Verizon?
3. And if yes to 1 and 2, does the contract with Costco or Best buy also have the clause that if you move out of the Verizon network (hard to do, but it can be done), can you cancel without a penalty?

Don't get the hype. The Galaxy Nexus is besides the screen size not better than the Galaxy S 2 Epic Touch 4G or the other Galaxy S2 phones? Specs tell the story. So why do hyped about it when the Galaxy S2 phones are better?

The main reason being that GN will be the first phone with Android 4.0 ICS and will get updates faster than any other phone. That and it will have a 720p display.

But those are only 2 things out of all the other things where the Galaxy Nexus has it better. Everything else is not better. That isn't a reason to hype this so much. I understand if the whole thing would beat the Galaxy S2 series but it doesn't. All around the Galaxy S2 are the better phones. Period.

It isn't even out yet.. how can you say that a device that's currently out now is already better then a product that has yet to launch?

The specs that got released on the Galaxy Nexus aren't better? Weaker camera for once. Processor seems slower a notch. Doesn't seem to hdmi dnla the only thing it has better is a bigger screen and faster updates but that is it. Wow not impressive or reason to be so excited. Lol

What makes you think the S2 has a better camera? Megapixels mean very little. The Nexus test shots look stellar and has several features the S2 does not have as far as I know (time lapse, panorama, nonexistent shutter lag). The processor is natively 1.5Ghz but underclocked to 1.2(assumed to be for optimum power management), but rest assured the processor's clock speed will be cake to increase. It has a bigger screen with much higher resolution (1280x720 vs. 800x480). It will be the first to have ICS, but what's more is that every part of the Nexus was handpicked to work and is optimized for ICS. This point cannot be stated enough. VERY important. It also has access to LTE as opposed to the slower 4g that Spring and Tmobile offer. And as you agreed with, the first phone to get updates directly from Google is a HUGE factor as well. Ask anyone with a Thunderbolt, Fascinate, etc how they feel about this point. The Nexus isn't absolute cutting edge, but it is a better phone than the S2(which is sill a VERY solid offering) for a wide variety of reasons. :-D

Weaker camera? Just because it's got a lower megapixel camera does not mean it's weaker. Google decided to put a better sensor in with their phone allowing much better pictures then the run of the mill 8MP phone out there today still using a shitty sensor.

With the Nexus you will get the fastest updates. As a Droid Charge owner that is the one thing I am looking forward to the most. Those other galaxy phones won't get ics till about next summer if you are lucky.

That's why you root to get ics and Samsung announced that ICS coming soon. But if you are rooted who cares if the original update comes. They always have some sort of issues anyway.

I do not understand these guys claiming that the Galaxy SII is better then the Nexus? Are you kidding me? Was the galaxy sI better than the nexus s ? NOOOOOO!!! I dont care what phone has better specs google hand picks certain hardware that performs and is catered to the OS for ICECREAM 4.0. Phone will continue to come out with better specs but that does not mean it will perform better than the Nexus...When google decides to update the OS they dont take a galaxy s2 with touch wiz and carrier bloatware and modify it to work well...they take the same NEXUS phone and make sure any update is catered to the specs on the existing nexus. When will you guys understand this? So keep you galaxy s2's and keep touchwiz and carrier bloatware...and wait til sammy and verizon/tmo/att/sprint decides to push your updates...LOL

Specs are not the end all be all of a phone. ICS is optimized for the Galaxy Nexus, so I'm sure it'll probably run better on it that possibly any other phones since it will always be stock. The Galaxy S II is a great phone, don't get me wrong, but ICS is specifically made for the GNexus.

The screen is not the only thing that is better. The camera is better also. Look at some comparative photos, and it is easy to see that the camera on the nexus is better the S II. We have yet to see how the phone will perform in everyday usage, so of course this is all speculation. No one has yet to see if touchwiz will play well with ICS, hopefully it will do well.

Being that Google chose samsung as the OEM, but did not choose them for the CPU, i'm sure there is a good reason for that. As far as the GPU, i think they could have beefed that up, and I'm sure it was probably considered. But for whatever reason they decided not to.

It seems like ICS is extremely integrated, more so than GB. As long as the hardware is optimized with the software, it'll be a great phone. Specs don't tell the entire story, although they are fairly decent indication of what to expect, but not the deciding factor.

The iphone series usually does not have the best hardware, but iOS is optimized for it, and it tends to historically perform better with less bugs than non-stock versions of android.

people fall for specs too much these days without considering the actual OS. If that's the case the droid razr has a bullet proof backing and gorilla glass...just some extra bs to add to the spec sheet.....who cares. I want the smoother OS with no alterations...My nexus S has a single core processor and isn't even 4g and it runs in beast mode. Example, the iphone never ever has the best specs.....but the OS is always silky smooth....

I have had several Android phones from the evo,nexus, and evo 3D and by far my epic touch 4G sII is superior to All phones that are currently on the market and all phones that are set to release within the next 6 months specs play an important role on how a device functions and the specs on the nexus prove it will function below standards of a Galaxy s II. The only advantage of the nexus is quicker updates from Google but other than that the sgII is faster, takes better pictures, and connects to TVs

Wrong. The S2 is a very solid device and will be for some time, but look at some of the responses above for some great arguments as to why the Nexus is better in many respects.

Not to mention nexus phones get more attention from developers. Im not saying anythings wrong with any other android device thats not a nexus. Im sure they run great, but if your an avg user who does not root and flash roms the experience is way different bc of lack of updates buggy altered software and bloatware.....Im sure google could put the very best specs that are available inside of the device but will it perform best with the software? I have never had anything other than a NEXUS besides the G1, and the crap i see on these other phones is terrible....i just hate moto blur, touchwiz, i can tolerate htc sense but barely!!!!

Psh. The key word is 'optimization', you know, that magic word that makes the iPhone buttery smooth with weaker specs?

>Better pictures
Bigger pictures maybe, but your sensor isn't nearly as good and your shutter speed is crap compared to the G-Nex. Enjoy missing the blurry poster shots you're trying to take.

>Connects to TVs
Only thing I'll give you for now. Of course, the usefulness of this feature is arguable.

Well let's all just agree. That either the nexus or sgs2 phones and many others kick the iphone 4s butt lol