Contract-free Moto X sale extended through August 7th

Motorola has announced that its $125 promotion for a contract-free Moto X will be extended through August 7th. If you haven't acted on getting the Moto X, you still have a few more days to do so.

The sale will end at exactly 11:59 PM ET on Thursday and is good for any model Moto X that's acquired without a contract. Users will save $125 off of the full retail price of the phone.

Will you be getting the Moto X? Or will you be waiting to see what other phones get launched later this year?

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Contract-free Moto X sale extended through August 7th


Got 'ya both beat, as I'd buy a 2013 for a dollar and my '99 as a trade-in ;) Not sure I care for the new ones... they're a little gaudy.

Bought a Navy Blue 32GB backup Moto X from Moto Maker. Current X is perfect size & has all the necessary features. Now I can skip a few generations, utilize same TPU cases, docks, etc & save money. This phone is perfect for me.

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I ordered me one and I love this phone. I haven't had a high end phone since 2011. I was going to buy the Moto G and then I saw this sale the first week it started and purchased the 32gb T-Mobile version for $344.29. You get a free Moto Skip and Dots, along with 50gb free cloud for 2yrs.

I was going to buy a Moto X last year but they were on back order, so I ended up getting the LG G2. However when it came time for my wife to update her aging iPhone 4s I convinced her to try the Moto X (see what I did there IE guinea pig ). After receiving it she was just ok with it, but I loved it! So I ordered the DE with Verizon ( although I have not felt the need to root this phone, it's just that good ). With the possibility of Motorola ruining the form factor of the next Moto X, I am so very tempted to do a Moto Maker version of the current one.. It's ok to have more than one....right? ; P

Yeah, I have three -- original black 16GB, current walnut-back 32GB from Moto Maker & $125 off 32GB navy blue backup X also from MM website. I love this phone & I too fear the X+1 (X2) might be too stylized and too large. I'll stick with current gen for a few years. I already have $100s worth of accessories for it.

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they need to bring it 200 and i will get an other one, i already paid them 499 when it first came out and i knew i over paid but i am a technology junkie.

Hopefully they will continue to make the original X, maybe lower the cost and improve the camera. Its a great phone, no need to have bleeding edge specs.

i wanted a moto x with wooden back so bad, back when it was announced, that i wouldn't had cared about the specks, but now...
i hope they┬┤ll continue their path and maybe bring the wooden backs a little faster this time.
and hopefully faster to Europe as well, than it would be even easier to get.

I would but one if they would do a fire sale for $100!!
With the supposedly X+1 coming, Nexus 6, Note 4, Galaxy Alpha, their is no way I would pay more than $100 for this.

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One of the things I love about the comments on AC is all the comedy.. Keeps me entertained to say the least..You guys rock! far as the Moto X goes, it's still far too much dinero! I really want an unlocked phone to eventually replace my GS3 but the Moto is a bit small and doesn't merit the investment..My 2 cent!