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Razer Serval Gaming Controller makes its way to the Google Store for $79


Google has added the Razer Serval Gaming Controller to its lineup in the Google Store for $79. While there are already a few gaming controllers available, like the Gamepad for Nexus Player, the Razer Serval has a dedicated holder for your phone built in. The controller is the same one that comes included in the Razer Forge TV Gaming Bundle, except now you can grab just the controller for half the price.

If you are a big mobile gamer, this controller is for you. The minimum requirements to use it is Android 4.2 or above. You can purchase the Razer Serval controller from the Google Store for $79 now, with free shipping.

Purchase the Razer Serval Gaming Controller for $79

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Interview: OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei

Carl Pei

OnePlus' co-founder reflects on the journey of the OnePlus One, and its successor's path to release.

Whether you think the OnePlus 2 is the next big thing or it's not even on your radar, there's no arguing how impactful OnePlus as a company has been over the last year and a half. As a new company, the way we talk about OnePlus and the kind of buzz they have created for themselves is significant. A lot of that is the result of decisions made by co-founder Carl Pei.

He's not exactly what you'd expect from someone running a company like OnePlus, but then again OnePlus isn't exactly a normal smartphone manufacturer. Throughout the OnePlus 2 launch event you could see him float from table to table, engaging everyone hovering over his phones and cautiously asking about initial impressions, so we took a few minutes to ask him some questions about the progress OnePlus has made over the past year.

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Boost Mobile announces two new Android phones from Alcatel OneTouch


The rugged Alcatel OneTouch Conquest available today for $129.99, budget-friendly Alcatel OneTouch Elevate arrives in August for $99.99.

Boost Mobile sees their phone lineup grow a bit today with the announcement of two Android phones from Alcatel OneTouch.

The Alcatel Conquest (pictured above) comes in with a 5-inch 720p display, a quad-core processor and IP67 waterproofing and dustproofing for those who need a bit of extra protection. The Conquest is available now at Boost Mobile's online store for just $129.99, and can be used on any of Boost Mobile's Data Boost plans.

The Alcatel OneTouch Elevate will be available in August, and at just $99.99 it comes in at a price-point that many will find attractive. It's quad-core processor powers Android 5.1 Lollipop, and it's 4.5-inch FWVGA display should prove to be easy on the battery for those who don't want or need a big phone.

The full press release follows.

Two new ALCATEL ONETOUCH smartphones arrive at Boost Mobile

Celebrate summer stress-free with the weather-ready ALCATEL ONETOUCH Conquest; Or harness the excitement of 4G LTE data speeds without spending a fortune with ALCATEL ONETOUCH Elevate

When you're planning to enjoy some fun in the sun, a new smartphone shouldn't hold you back.

Planning to be outdoors? Not to worry, ALCATEL ONETOUCH Conquest™1 eliminates the stress about whether your phone can handle the outdoors. For the budget-minded, ALCATEL ONETOUCH Elevate™ is a smartphone that keeps you connected on-the-go without breaking the bank.

Get Conquest at www.boostmobile.com/conquest/ now for $129.99 (plus tax), and Elevate will be available in August at www.boostmobile.com for $99.99 (plus tax).

Conquer the elements this summer

Summer is in full swing, and it's time to get outside for some fun in the sun. Grab your sunscreen for protection against sunburn, and put your hands on Conquest from Boost Mobile for a smartphone ready to take on the elements.

Key features:

  • IP67 waterproof and dustproof: Don't fear a little water or dirt. With IP67 your Conquest will keep going strong through the elements2.

  • Android™ 5.0, Lollipop: Android Lollipop provides enhanced multitasking, and material design offers Conquest users a better experience, complete with the Google Now Launcher, which brings "OK Google" voice commands and content like local weather, directions and upcoming calendar alerts right to your home screen.

  • 5-inch 720p HD touchscreen display with Dragontrail Glass: Be ready for anything with a 5-inch high-definition display that's sturdy enough for outdoor adventures while offering a beautiful viewing experience.
  • 5-megapixel auto focus camera with LED flash and 2-megapixel front camera: Capture gorgeous memories on the beach or at the pool with the Conquest's 5MP camera, which includes built-in filters, allowing you to capture all your moments perfectly. The 2MP front camera is perfect for video chatting or just taking a great selfie.
  • Quad-core 1.2GHz processor: Power your mobile life with the best balance of performance and low power consumption delivered by Conquest's quad-core processor.
  • 3G/4G LTE/Enhanced LTE3: Browse the Web, download a game or upload a photo with faster 4G LTE speeds.

    Just because you're on a budget doesn't mean you can't have great gear. Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon™ quad-core processor and featuring a 2,000mAh battery, Elevate has all the power you need to take your daily mobile use to a whole new level.

Key features:

  • Android 5.1 Lollipop: ALCATEL ONETOUCH Elevate features the latest version of Android 5.1 Lollipop, providing users an enhanced multitasking experience, complete with the Google Now Launcher, which brings "OK Google" voice commands and content like local weather, directions and upcoming calendar alerts right to your home screen.
  • 4.5-inch FWVGA display: Perfectly portable compact form factor easily fits into purse or pocket, but still provides a large quality screen for staying connecting on-the-go.
  • 5-megapixel auto focus camera with LED flash and 2-megapixel front camera: Never miss a moment with Elevate's 5MP camera, or enjoy video chatting or capturing the perfect selfie with the phone's 2MP front camera.
  • 3G/4G LTE/Enhanced LTE3: ALCATEL ONETOUCH Elevate brings the power of LTE to the masses. Browse the Web, download a game or upload a photo with faster 4G LTE speeds.
  • Quad-core 1.1GHz processor: Powered by a quad-core processor, Elevate delivers smooth performance with low power consumption, so you can rise above whatever the day throws at you.

Data Boost Plans

Boost Mobile is one of the best values in the prepaid wireless industry with the $30 Data Boost Up plan4. After signing up for automatic payments with Auto Re-Boost, get unlimited talk, text and data with 2GB of high-speed data for $30 per month.

Price $30 with Auto Re-Boost $35 $45 $55 Talk & Text**** Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Data**** Unlimited — Includes 2GB of high-speed 3G/4G data Unlimited — Includes 1GB of high-speed 3G/4G data Unlimited — Includes 5GB of high-speed 3G/4G data Unlimited — Includes 10GB of high-speed 3G/4G data
  1. ALCATEL is a trademark of Alcatel-Lucent used under license by TCT Mobile Limited. ONETOUCH Conquest™ is a trademark of TCT Mobile Limited. ©2015 TCT Mobile Limited. All rights reserved.

  2. IP67 includes complete dust protection and water immersion protection up to 1m (or about 3 feet of water)

  3. Nationwide Sprint LTE network reaches more than 280 million people. The Enhanced LTE network is available in limited markets. Visit www.sprint.com/coverage for information.

  4. Plan increases to $40 without Auto Re-Boost enrollment.

  5. Unlimited features are on-network only; international services extra.

  6. Video streaming limited to 3G speeds. 3G/4G speeds subject to coverage/device availability. Once plan's applicable 3G/4G data allotment reached, speeds (including video) reduced to 2G speeds for remainder of plan cycle and restored when new plan cycle begins.


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A fresh look at Aviate Launcher

Aviate Launcher

Aviate Launcher has garnered hype since it first debuted on Android, and after being acquired by Yahoo has actually seen steady improvement through updates. It's been a year since we first wrote a review of the launcher, and now it's time to take a fresh look and see how it works today.

Aviate aims to analyze at how you use your phone to better surface information and apps that are relevant based on a variety of factors, taking the burden of customization away from you. But does it work? We're going to find out.

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Sprint's Family Share Pack offers 10GB of shared data on four lines for $100 per month


Sprint has announced the introduction of new family plans, aiming particularly for T-Mobile and its plans. The Sprint Family Share Pack offers four lines with unlimited talk and text, with 10GB of shared high-speed data for $100 per month.

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Google Translate for Android adds 20 more languages for video text translation


The Google Translate app for Android just got a big update, allowing it to translate the text of 20 more languages when it is used with a smartphone or tablet video camera.

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Buy a Chromecast from Amazon, get a free $10 gift card until August 9


Google's Chromecast is already priced reasonably at $29.99 at Amazon, but from now until August 9 buyers can take advantage of a new promotion that throws in a free $10 Amazon gift card with the purchase of the HDMI streaming dongle.

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Quick comparison: OnePlus 2 versus OnePlus One

OnePlus One and 2

The folks at OnePlus have put on quite a show this week, ending months of hype and teasers in a celebration of reasons they think you should purchase this new smartphone. Our initial impressions of the OnePlus 2 are quite positive, but as users all over the world furiously refresh to check their status in the invite queue there's a group of folks out there wondering if the upgrade one One to 2 is something they absolutely need to do.

While we're not ready to put down a full review of this "2016 Flagship Killer" it's important to take a moment an appreciate the way OnePlus has improved their design language over the last 460 days. Here's a quick look at the OnePlus One and the shiny new OnePlus 2.

OnePlus made a lot of people very happy with the Sandstone Black default to the One, and it's not hard to see why. It's by far the grippiest backing since HTC's soft touch coating, and didn't scratch or scuff easily through daily use. While Sandstone Black has returned in the OnePlus 2, it's one of several options that will be available for users to swap around as they choose. It also doesn't wrap around the sides of the phone on the 2, which is an important distinction to make. OnePlus is using an aluminum frame around the exterior of this phone, which gives it an entirely different feel in your hand. You still get plenty of grip on the back of the phone, but the sides are a little cooler to the touch and noticeably less grippy.

The OnePlus 2 isn't just a better phone than the OnePlus One on paper, it looks and feels like a phone of noticeably superior quality.

Like the OnePlus One, the ability to remove the back of the OnePlus 2 doesn't get you access to much. The dual-sim tray under the plate is a little different, but there's still no access to the battery. Across the sides of the phone, however, there's some significant differences. The power and volume keys are a lot less flimsy on the OnePlus 2, and there's a new notification toggle called the Alert Slider that works quite well.

The front of the phone is another matter entirely. The addition of a well-made fingerprint sensor, higher quality display, and a generally improved design with more subtle edges makes this experience much more enjoyable. Like its predecessor, the buttons on the bottom of the phone can be disabled if you're not a fan. The inclusion of a home button that doubles as a fingerprint sensor makes that decision a little pointless, though. You're going to want to use that feature once you've set it up, and having the other nav buttons there just makes sense even if it's not the "Nexus" way of doing things.

While the design language for the OnePlus 2 is undeniably similar to its predecessor, the refinement of that language in every step of the design is impressive. The OnePlus 2 isn't just a better phone than the OnePlus One on paper, it looks and feels like a phone of noticeably superior quality. Unless you absolutely need NFC to live, or you're looking at more than just OnePlus for an upgrade, deciding between these two phones is simple. Perhaps more important than choosing between the two, OnePlus has demonstrated a continued dedication to their design language and build quality, and their sophomore effort builds on that in big ways.

OnePlus 2


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OnePlus will soon sell anyone its USB-C cable for about $5


The OnePlus 2 is one of the first phones to be announced with a USB-C port, and that means OnePlus had to have a USB-C cable in the box. It didn't just take any old USB-C cable off the shelf, though — it designed its own cable from the ground up and it's pretty awesome. With so few vendors currently offering USB-C cables OnePlus thought it was a good idea to sell it directly, though, and it plans to do just that.

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LG increases presence in North America as overall shipments decline in Q2 2015


LG has announced its latest earnings figures, with the manufacturer posting a revenue of $3.3 billion from the mobile division, an increase of 1 percent from the same period last year. Operating profit was a meager $172,000. Shipments declined by 3 percent to 14.1 million units, although LG has mentioned that it saw a 36 percent year-on-year increase in North American shipments.

The vendor attributed the uptick in sales to better performance in the mid-range smartphone and tablet segments. Increased sales in North America was offset by a decline in growth in its home market, which is usually a major contributor to LG's coffers in the mobile segment.

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We're answering your Moto G 2015 questions on the Android Central forums!

As we await the arrival of the rest of Moto's 2015 lineup, we've already got our hands on the latest version of the company's most popular phone, the Moto G. The latest version of Moto's mid-range wonder is better than ever, with a bigger battery, and LTE and water resistance as standard. Some of the AC editors have the new 2015 Moto G in their hands following the recent international launch events, and we're answering questions over on the Moto G forums.

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DoubleTwist's CloudPlayer picks up full FLAC support and cellular data toggle


CloudPlayer, the recently-launched music app from doubleTwist that turns your favorite cloud storage service into a streaming music locker, has received its first big update. Coming along in the update are a few new big features, such as full FLAC file support and a cellular data toggle.

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Moto G family specs


As Motorola's successful Moto G line enters its third generation, you might be wondering exactly what has changed on the hardware side over the year. The Moto G has always been about finely-balanced hardware and software, and as smartphone technology has progressed we're seeing ever more impressive internals in affordable phones like the G.

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Save $15 when you buy two Chromecasts from the Google Store


Late last week, Google started a small back-to-school sale on the Google Store, offering up some decent deals on Chromebooks. Now, it looks like Google has thrown in another offer, giving anyone who buys two Chromecasts a savings of $15.

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Samsung announces new slimmer 16MP image sensor for thin smartphones


As smartphones get slimmer and slimmer, so too do the components inside of them. To keep up with the rapid decrease in thickness of smartphones going forward, Samsung has announced that it has started mass production on a new, incredibly small 16-megapixel image sensor with pixels measuring 1 micrometer — an industry first.

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