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6 years ago

More Info & Video Hands On Of Saygus V1 Vphone



The mysterious V1 Vphone made by the even more mysterious Saygus just got a little less mysterious (which is a good thing, kind of). Saygus execs say that the V1 Vphone will be available to Verizon customers but won't actually be supported by Verizon--so basically you'll have to trust Saygus enough to come through with quality, support, warranty, etc in the V1 Vphone.

So why should you still be interested in the V1 Vphone? Well for starters, they're going to offer video calling on the device. The front-facing camera will allow for video conferencing on the mobile device which will surely entice enough users to take the plunge. Saygus says that you can do video calling either handset to handset or over VoIP clients that support it. Since video conferencing isn't widespread here in the States, our biggest concern is quality, but again Saygus execs say that their video compression technology is great and that it'll even work over EDGE.

From phonescoop's hands on with the Saygus V1 Vphone, the device is said to be huge. Luckily, the keyboard is great because of its expansive size and the screen is as brilliant as the DROID's screen. The V1 Vphone can even be used as a wireless access point meaning you can use Verizon's 3G network to wirelessly tether your laptop. Sweet. The V1 Vphone will launch with Android 1.6 but eventually update to 2.0 in the future. It all sounds really great now but we have to see the V1 Vphone in real-life testing to see how everything works together.

Hit the jump to see the Saygus V1 Vphone in action!


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6 years ago

Samsung Behold II Available Nov 18th for $199.99



If you're interested in the Samsung Behold II, and you should be as it's looking like a wonderful Android device, it's going to cost you either $199.99 with new 2-year contract or $449.99 off contract on Even More Plus plans. The $449.99 off-contract price can actually be split into a payment plan of $22.50 for 20 months which is essentially the $450 price spread over 20 months with no interest.

We love the idea of an interest-free payment plan but the cost of the Behold 2 seems a little too high. Since the DROID is offered for the same price on-contract, we were hoping to see the Behold 2 priced in the low $100's.

The Samsung Behold II will be available on November 18th and packs a AMOLED touchscreen, 5 megapixel camera and runs Samsung's own Touchwiz UI on top of Android.

Who's getting a Behold 2? And which option are you picking?


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6 years ago

Google Maps Navigation Ported to T-Mobile G1



It looks like the lovely folks over at xda-developers have already figured out how to port Googles Maps Navigation onto the forever-in-our-hearts T-Mobile G1. The explanation and specific hack is much too smart for us to process but it sounds like its running fine and working well. So even if Android 2.0 is ignoring all the other Android devices other than the DROID, know that the xda-developers still loves you. Will we eventually see a Custom ROM with Google Maps Navigation included? We thinks yes.

[via engadget]

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6 years ago

Qik for Android Gets Updated to Support High Resolution Recording For DROID



If you didn't already know, the DROID is capable of recording video at 720x480 resolution where most other Android phones record at 320x240 resolution. This means that your DROID can record video at the same resolution as DVDs. Whoa.

Apps will surely take advantage of the superior hardware and the first app to do so is Qik, the live video broadcasting application. The new Qik app for Android is currently in the invite-only, beta stage but judging from the video quality taken with Qik it looks amazing. Qik also gets a fresh new UI update and an improved version of the 'Speed Sharing Ribbon' which allows you to instantly share your videos with specific contacts. Contact to get details on how to be a part of the DROID-only beta release.

How happy are you with the video recording in the DROID? Will you Qik more?

Hit the jump to see the test video of Qik on the DROID!


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6 years ago

DROID Sells 100,000 Units In Its First Weekend



The Motorola DROID has all the makings of a success story. Analysts are estimating the total units moved in the first weekend to be over 100,000 since Verizon had 200,000 units in stock and most stores sold more than half of their allotment. Though these definitely aren't iPhone numbers, they're more Pre-like than anything but more importantly, it's a step in the right direction for Motorola, Verizon, and Android. Motorola is expected to sell 1 million Android handsets in Q4 of this year with 10 million devices expected for 2010. Lofty goals but definitely manageable if Moto continues to pump out stellar devices like the DROID.

What do you guys think?


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6 years ago

Hey AT&T Users: Buy Unlocked GSM Droid from Telus, Use On AT&T



BGR has just independently confirmed what we already knew, that the GSM version of the Motorola DROID, the Motorola Milestone, will be available on Telus in Canada. BGR points to the vague timeframe of "early 2010" but that day can't come soon enough. The Motorola Milestone packs multitouch out of the bag but may not have Google Maps Navigation. A tough tradeoff.

But why is this big news? Well, since AT&T is currently ignoring Android, AT&T users have to take the issue into their own hands--either switch networks or buy unlocked Android phones to use on AT&T. Unlocked T-Mobile Android phones don't make sense for AT&T users since AT&T and T-Mobile use different 3G bands which means T-Mobile Android devices won't have AT&T 3G. Unlocked Telus/Rogers Android phones do make sense considering Telus and Rogers use the same 3G bands as AT&T, which means, yes, everything works as advertised.

Though the Milestone will surely cost you a boatload (probably more than simply paying AT&T the ETF and switching to Verizon for the DROID) some users in unique situations may be able to justify the cost: benefits of a GSM network, better service with AT&T, good rate plan, etc.

Are any AT&T users thinking about doing this? We have AT&T on one of our lines here at Android Central and we're most definitely considering this option. Hurry up and get the Milestone out Telus!

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6 years ago

DROID and DROID Eris Getting OTA Update on December 11th ?


If your Verizon DROID or DROID Eris has been acting up lately, fear not, it looks like Verizon is well aware of all the DROID and DROID Eris' bugs and problems and will address them in an OTA (over-the-air) update on December 11th. Internal documents suggest that a slew of fixes are coming, both hardware and software related. Our eyes have narrowed in on the DROID's "camera auto-focus sometimes never autofocusing issue" and we're hoping the firmware fix will help improve the DROID's middling camera.

We'd like to know if any users are experiencing problems with their DROID or DROID Eris. Let us know in the comments For what it's worth, our DROID hasn't really had that many problems. 

For the full list of fixes, feel free to hit the link!


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6 years ago

New Verizon Motorola DROID Ads Pop Up


Continuing the ad onslaught of Verizon and the Motorola DROID, we have three new commercials that actually show the DROID in action, well, sort of. It still maintains the 'droid' theme so it's really a robot arm using the DROID but hey, the original iDon't spot and the 'Stealth' ad were mere teasers for the DROID, these new spots actually showcase some functionality!

To no one's surprise, the ads focus on the strengths of the DROID: Android, the browser, Google Maps Navigation, and of course 'Does'. Mix in some bravado and robots and that's the overall feel of the commercials. Verizon isn't holding back any punches, even going as far as claiming they made a 'robot-phone' instead of a smartphone. Hit the jump to see the other DROID commercials!

What do you guys think?


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6 years ago

Android App News: ADC2 Round 2 Starts, Photoshop, Zagat to Go, & Go Android



One of the things that make Android really special is the growing Android Market and the great developer community. Here's the latest on Android app news & the Android Developer Challenge 2!

Android Developer Challenge 2: Top 200 Apps Annouced, Round 2 Begins

Google has just announced the Top 200 Android Applications in ADC2 and it's looking like a competitive list. There's a ton of great applications in the Top 200 and it'll surely overwhelming to any first time Android user but fear not, eventually winners will be crowned and everything will be filtered.

If you're a courageous Android user, feel free to download the ADC2 Judging application from Android Market to let your voice be heard. According to Google:

For the final round, both users and a Google-selected panel of industry judges will provide votes to determine the final winners. Prizes will be distributed to the top 3 entrants in each of the 10 categories, and the top 3 overall entrants will receive additional prizes

Adobe Launches Photoshop Application for Android

If you want to edit the mediocre shots you've taken on your Android camera, what better way to do it than through Photoshop on your Android phone? Photoshop for Android obviously won't be as full-featured as Photoshop on your desktop, but hey it's free!

Photoshop for Android allows users to edit photos by offering very basic editing tools like crop, rotate, flip and the ability to adjust exposure and tweak color tint and saturation. You can even straighten those crooked shots against a grid! Photoshop for Android is available in Android Market and we suggest you try it out for yourself. If Google won't let us take naturally good photos, we'll have to photoshop it ourselves! [cnet]

Zagat to Go Comes to Android

Zagat to Go has come to Android and you'll find your usual slew of Restaurant ratings and reviews. Zagat to Go also uses location based services to recommend popular restaurants around your location. You'll even be able to make online reservations, browse photos, and be directed to online menus.

Though we'd much rather see community powered applications like an official Yelp app for Android, Zagat is a well-respected name in the Restaurant review business and typically offers great advice. Zagat to Go is available for $9.99 on Android Market and currently supports 45 cities. [androinica] Comes to Android

Want to see how fast your Android device can go? If you're rocking Android 1.6 or higher, you'll be able to download the app for Android that'll allow you to brag to your friends of your blazing 3G speeds. Let's see those tests in the commnets! [androidandme]

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6 years ago

Is This Verizon's Next Android Phone ?


The Saygus Vphone V1 is slated for release as the third Android phone on Verizon. We know--who, what, and where is Saygus? Honestly, we wish we could tell you, we've never heard of the company until now. Saygus will be the third Android phone on Big Red (which is quickly becoming the home for Android devices) and was created through Verizon's own Open Development Program designed to make it easy to deliver Android handsets to Big Red's CDMA Network.

The specs are actually halfway decent and if it does really launch on Verizon, it'll certainly warrant a closer look.

  • 800x480 3.5 inch capacitive touchscreen
  • 624 MHz Marvell processor (PXA 310)
  • 512 ROM / 256 RAM
  • 5 Megapixel autofocus camera with flash, front facing camera for video calling
  • GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, accelerometer, compass, FM Radio
  • 1500 mAh battery

What do you guys think of the purported third Verizon Android Phone?


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6 years ago

Huawei Android News: T-Mobile Pulse Clears FCC But Not For T-Mobile, Huawei Planning Series of Android Phones



Huawei, the phone manufacturer behind the scenes (like HTC before HTC turned HTC, get it?), has already developed an Android phone and has plans for many more:

T-Mobile Pulse Passes FCC But Doesn't Support T-Mobile 3G Bands

The T-Mobile Pulse, as it's known in the UK, has cleared the FCC which paves way for a North American release. The problem? The T-Mobile Pulse won't launch on T-Mobile because its 3G bands are 850 / 1900 MHz which pegs it towards either AT&T in the US or Rogers, Bell, Telus, or Fido in Canada. We're pretty much certain it won't launch on AT&T considering it's a middling Android phone that's no where near the high end device that AT&T would launch Android with. So that leaves the Canadian carriers to duke it out for dibs. So, for our neighbors to the north, which carrier would you like to see the Pulse on? [engadget]

Huawei Planning Series of Android Phones

In an unsurprising announcement, Huawei has said that they'll build multiple phones that'll run Android. Since they're a member of the Open Handset Alliance, this behavior is almost expected. What's interesting is that since Huawei is a behind-the-scenes type company, they'll likely have their phones rebranded under carriers a la T-Mobile G1 or myTouch 3G. Currently, they only have plans to release devices for the European, Latin American and Asia Pacific markets but if Android takes off like we all expect it to, they'll eventually pop up stateside.

We're keeping an eye on Huawei because they remind us of HTC before HTC became a household name. If they continue to build quality handsets, there may come a time where we're looking for the next Huawei device not just the next re-branded Android device. [pcworld]

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6 years ago

Samsung Behold II News: Runs Android 1.5, Touchwiz Demo



Let's get you guys caught up with the latest Samsung Behold II news! The Samsung Behold II is Samsung's first official Android handset available in the US and packs a AMOLED screen, 5 megapixel camera, and runs Samsung's own Touchwiz UI.

Samsung Behold II to Launch with Android 1.5

In a mind boggling decision, the Samsung Behold II will launch with Android 1.5 and eventually update to Android 2.0. With Android 1.6 already widely available to T-Mobile G1 and myTouch 3G users and Android 2.0 looking pretty on the Motorola DROID, it just makes no sense to have a new Android device release with an OS that's three updates behind. How can you excite customers who are keen on the benefits of Android 1.6 and 2.0?

It looks like the Behold II won't update to 2.0 until 2010 which begs the conspiracy theory that Google and Verizon cooked up a deal to leave the Motorola DROID as the only Android 2.0 device for 2009. What do you guys think? [via tmonews]

Touchwiz UI Shown Off on Video

If you're interested in what the Touchwiz UI on the Samsung Behold II is all about, check out the video after the jump. It basically consists of a  cube with application 'faces' that makes it extremely easy to jump to your most used applications. Spin and move the cube around and tap on the face to open up the application--easy enough, right? We love the novelty of Touchwiz but are unsure of how it'll work in real life usage. We'll be sure to follow up our thoughts on Touchwiz when we get our hands on the Behold II! [via tmonews]


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6 years ago

More Droid News: Wirefly Selling DROID and DROID Eris for Cheap, Is The DROID A Success?



Droid Day has come and gone but there's still a lot of DROID news to catch up on, here's the latest:

Wirefly Selling DROID for $129.99 & DROID Eris for $29.99

We don't think you can find a better deal for the DROID than Wirefly's current DROID for $129.99 and DROID Eris for $29.99. It's only been three days since launch so to find it for 40% off is a complete steal. If you haven't bought your DROID yet and were planning on it, the best deal is at Wirefly. [wirefly via androinica]

Was the DROID Launch Successful?

There hasn't been too many reported lines for the DROID Launch and some people had pointed that as proof of an unsuccessful launch of the DROID. Obviously, that logic is flawed considering online orders are ignored and different areas have different demands. Overall, it looks like the launch of the DROID has been successful. TechCrunch reports that some Verizon outlets were already onto their next shipment of DROIDs after selling out their initial shipment, accessories are in high demand too. And it looks like everyone is using their DROIDs as well, Pandora CTO Tom Conrad tweeted:

“Just saw Pandora’s Android install numbers for the day. Wow! There may not be lines, but Droids are very much among us – and running Pandora”

According to TechCrunch, Pandora's download rate has tripled since the launch of DROID--pretty successful in our opinion. Did you guys see lines for the DROID?

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6 years ago

Motorola DROID Camera Test



One of the features we were most looking forward in the DROID was the 5-megapixel autofocus camera. After having middling experiences with previous Android smartphone cameras, we were very hopeful that the DROID would buck the disappointing trend. But even using Android 2.0's updated camera interface to push out 5-megapixel pictures, the results were, well, a mixed bag.

We decided to let you guys compare a few shots we took with the Motorola DROID and Sprint HTC Hero to show you the differences in performance. Since both pack 5-megapixel cameras, it's a fairly even playing field. The results are interesting, to say the least. The camera on the DROID performs pretty well in good conditions--outside, under perfect weather and perfect lighting conditions it can actually deliver some awesome shots. However, the story is completely different when taken indoors, it seems like the DROID simply manages light poorly and focuses on the wrong image leaving indoor shots looking hazy and blurry. Funnily enough, the Sprint HTC Hero is the exact opposite. Read on for more!

Check out Android Central's Motorola DROID camera test after the jump!

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