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6 years ago

Motorola Milestone ready for overclocking


Before today, overclocking a Motorola Milestone was mostly just a dream, because of the way the boot partition is locked up. But no more. Thanks to some pure genius (something we're getting used to when talking Android), you can now rev up your RPMs (erm, or clock cycles) on the Milestone, and all you need is to make sure your phone is rooted. Additionally, you’ll be able to overclock the Milestone to 1.2GHz, just like the Droid, which should provide a significant speed boost. This method works by actually changing the structures in the kernel’s memory runtime via an injected kernel module, which means you could turn up your CPU before playing a game, or turn it down to save battery life; all without having to reboot the system. Be sure to check out the in-depth instructions. [Milestone Overclock code page via XDA Developers] Thanks, Tiago!

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6 years ago

Froyo Feature: Bluetooth voice dialing


Froyo bluetooth voice dialing

One of the biggest thorns in Android's side so far has been lack of Bluetooth voice dialing.  (These are phones, after all.)  For those of you on-the-go who need to safely use the phone features without touching it you now have the option in Android 2.2.

Once your device is paired and connected, a press of the action key brings up what you see above.  You're greeted by a female robotic voice who also repeats your instructions.  Seems fairly accurate (as accurate as my Blackberry or Pre), and worked well with both a Motorola MOTOROKR S305 set and a Jawbone Icon in my testing.  Shout out Froyo-ers -- does your headset work, and how's your Bluetooth experience on 2.2?

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6 years ago

Motorola i1 now available on SouthernLinc, coming to Boost Mobile



The Motorola i1, the first push to talk Android-powered phone, is now available on SouthernLinc Wireless. We had expected Sprint to be the first carrier to carry the Motorola i1 but we guess a little carrier no one's heard about beat them to the punch. And it looks like Boost Mobile is hot on its heels, with MobileCrunch scoring confirmation that the i1 is on the way to the MVNO. 

The Motorola i1 is actually a rather decent phone for those in the iDEN market -- it packs a 5-megapixel camera, gorilla glass screen, and is Military Spec 810F certified for blowing rain, dust, shock, vibration, temperature extremes, low pressure, salt fog, humidity and solar radiation. Now that's a spec list for you. The i1 also comes preloaded with Opera Mini 5 (and the native browser too) and Swype, so in all, a pretty decent option for those looking for a rugged handset. [via southernlinc and MobileCrunch]

Thanks for the tip Adam!

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6 years ago

London Evening Standard releases new app for Android


London Evening Standard Android app

All our friends across the pond, as well as any expatriates living in our neck of the woods have a new application to check out.  Heck, even us yanks could do well with a little English culture added to our lives.  The London Evening Standard and Handmark have joined together and now the popular tabloid style London daily paper can be read right from your Android device.

Hit the break for the full press release, as well as a few screenshots.  Now if you'll pardon me, it's time for tea here in Appalachia.

Thanks Dan!

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6 years ago

Hands-on with the LG Ally [#io2010]


[YouTube link]

That's right, we're not nearly done with the Google IO cover. Here we have the LG Ally, a mid-level Android phone that's going for $99 after rebate with Verizon. In and of itself, it's not a bad little phone. But when you consider that you can get another horizontal slider on Verizon -- what's it called? Oh, yeah, the Motorola Droid -- for next to nothing these days, it's kind of a tough sell.

The keyboard itself wasn't bad, but the overall experience (and we take this with a slight grain of salt given that who knows how many people used this thing before us) was a bit sluggish and, again, just not as quick as the Droid.

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6 years ago

Get a T-Mobile myTouch 3G for free



Likely in anticipation of the upcoming T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide launch, the original myTouch is now available for free from T-Mobile (with new two-year contract). Remember, the myTouch 3G started off as the second Android device ever and turned into T-Mobile's flagship Android device (it still gets tons of commercials!)--it was definitely a solid phone from Android's previous generation. But with the myTouch 3G Slide besting the myTouch 3G in every way, it was due for a huge price cut. If you really want a myTouch, we'd wait until June 2nd for the myTouch 3G Slide. It doesn't make sense to invest in the previous generation anymore, even if it is for free. [t-mobile via tmonews]

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6 years ago

Sprint Evo 4G hardware hands-on


Sprint Evo 4G with Android 2.1 and Sense

The Sprint Evo 4G isn't all that new to us, having been at its announcement at CTIA in March and its coming-out party in New York City just a few short weeks ago. But it's finally time to properly put the 4.3-inch WiMax monster through its paces. And we're going to start with the hardware. Join us after the break as we unbox the black slab.

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6 years ago

Froyo Feature: 802.11n WiFi support


Wireless N routerWhen the Nexus One first came out, there was some question about wireless N.  Mainly why didn't it work.   N1 users who were rooted and running Cyanogen Mod started seeing some 802.11n goodness last month, but now it's official.  Wireless N support is included in Froyo.  You probably won't notice much speed difference (at least I didn't) as even the Snapdragon processor can only process so much information.  But the increase in signal strength and range is awesome -- especially for spending a Sunday morning out on the deck reading the news with a pot of coffee and a cigar.  I used to have to depend on Sprint 3G and my Hero to do that, but Froyo lets me bring the N1 out for some fresh air and to join the party.

(Thanks, John (and Google)! Find a cool new feature in Froyo and want to tell the world about it? E-mail us here and we'll make you famous!)

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6 years ago

Android Quick App - Gowalla 2.0


user main

Location based services have become very popular, as we all know. Gowalla, one of the more common applications, started as an iPhone application, and since their Android development has began the application has come a long way. Gowalla 2.0 was just released, and let's take a look at it after the break.

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6 years ago

Froyo Feature: How to use the Google Chrome to Phone Extension


Google Chrome to Phone Extension

Another of the very cool features we saw during the Android 2.2. Froyo announcement at Google IO was the "Chrome to Phone" extension, available for Google's Chrome browser. In a nutshell, it sends a web page from your desktop or laptop browser to your phone, in just a matter of seconds. Here's how you do it:

  1. Download the Chrome to Phone extension for the Chrome browser.
  2. Download the Chrome to Phone app for Android 2.2. [Download directly on your phone here.]
  3. Install both, and "Register" both.
  4. To send a page, just click the "Chrome to Phone" icon on the Chrome browser.

It's stupidly simple, and we're already tweaking this some to send files and what not to Froyo in just a matter of clicks.

Oh, you want more? OK. How about a Firefox extension? Sure thing. Snag it here. Then just right-click on a page to send it to your phone. Check out the Chrome to Home project homepage if you want to know more, and check out our video of it in action after the break.

(Thanks, Jerry! Find a cool new feature in Froyo and want to tell the world about it? E-mail us here and we'll make you famous!)

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6 years ago

For what it's worth: Motorola says Droid getting Froyo 'in the near future'


Motorola Droid

OMG! The Motorola Droid's getting the Android 2.2 Froyo update "in the near future." Which makes sense, because we don't have it at the moment, and we can't get it in the past. So the future makes sense, right? As for the "near future?" Heh. We've heard that before, right? Here's the actual quote from Moto:

“We’re excited to see Google’s news of the next version of the Android operating system and look forward to integrating it on our Android-based devices as it’s made available to the open source community.”

While I can’t comment on specifics, we do expect DROID by Motorola users will receive Android 2.2 as a software upgrade in the near future.”

Thanks, everybody, for blowing up our inbox over this. And not to be a Debby Downer (though technically its in our job description), but this doesn't tell us anything we didn't already know. Yes, it's coming. No, we don't know when. [via Slashgear]

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6 years ago

HTC EVO 4G rooted before its official release



Yes you read it correctly :)  The Sprint Evo 4G appears to have been rooted, before its officially released.  Android developer Matt Mastracci at his blog has some pictures to show us, and by the looks of things the HTC EVO 4G has been rooted. This is excellent news, and the development community should  quickly grow for this beast. 

Sorry Incredible users, looks like this one won't work for you.  But have no fear, the right people are hard at work.

Follow the jump to see a few more pics and blurrycam video of the results.  You can bet we're keeping a watchful eye on this one.  Stay tuned. []

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6 years ago

Froyo Feature: New security lock options


Android 2.2 Froyo Security settings

For those of you who worry about locking down your phone -- just in case it gets lost or stolen or your wife likes to check up on your calling and browsing habits -- you now have a couple of new options in Android 2.2 Froyo.

The old pattern unlock is still there, and works as before. But new are the option for a numerical PIN unlock, or a password unlock. the PIN and password unlocks have to use at least four characters. Of course, using more than that will help keep your dirty secrets away from prying eyes for a little while longer. Check out the screen shots after the break.

(Thanks, Preston! Find a cool new feature in Froyo and want to tell the world about it? E-mail us here and we'll make you famous!)

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