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6 years ago

MIUI ROM for the Nexus One and Desire


MIUI ROM for the Nexus One

Here's a neat twist for folks using the Nexus One or Desire, MIUI -- a "from-source" ROM from a Chinese group that takes the best things from vanilla Froyo (Android 2.2), TouchWiz, and of all things, Apple's iOS and bastardizes them into something tha really shows some promise.  It's full of features you wouldn't expect, like dedicated SMS and dialer buttons on the lock screen that unlock the phone and takes you right to the app, working FM radio, a built in screenshot function, and a launcher with an adjustable bottom bar, notification shade controls, and home screen changes much like we see on the new TouchWiz.

It's also full of bugs, and a good portion of the ROM is in Chinese.  The developer is quick to point out that this is not ready for prime time by any means, and they never intended for it to be localized in other areas.  But (and it's a big but) if you like to tinker you should give it a look, because someone else has shown interest in the ROM ... a fellow who goes by the handle Cyanogen.  Hit the break to see a video demo of the ROM and some screenshots from my own Nexus.  For more info, and downloads, hit the source link. [MIUI via XDA-Developers] Thanks teleknEsis!

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6 years ago

Verizon prepping an update for the Samsung Fascinate


Verizon Samsung Fascinate update

Looks like the Droid X isn't the only Verizon phone about to be updated. There are some fixes coming down the pike for the Samsung Fascinate. No Froyo yet in version i500.DI01 (and no mention of that pesky Bing thing, either). Instead, here's what you'll get:

  • Instant notification of Visual Voice Mail in the messaging bar.
  • Improved sync between phone and e-mail accounts.
  • Prompt notification when switching to airplane mode.
  • Faster switching from 3G to 1x RTT.
  • Search phone while on a call.
  • Improved Exchange password alerts.
  • No Service audio alert removed.

So, it takes care of some of the bugs that were on that leaked launch list, but we wait for Android 2.2, among other things. When will the update be released? We've had no official word yet, but we've been told Thursday is a strong possibility. Stay tuned. [Verizon - PDF]


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6 years ago

Twidroyd 4 update brings live preview to mobile


Twidroyd's Live Preview in action

Alright ladies and gents, this one's something you have to check out -- the newest iteration of Twidroyd (formerly Twidroid) brings Live Preview to Android.  It looks and acts very much like the new Twitter website that's slowly rolling out to everyone, but in my humble opinion it goes a step further and better.  Rather than direct you to profiles, and users tweets like the web client does (screen shot after the break in case you're not familiar with it) it gives a live preview of a website link, or a picture.  In short, it's AWESOME, and the caps lock is on purpose!  Add in the other features, like native support, widgets, multiple accounts, Twitlonger, and more and you have what I think is now the premiere Twitter application for Android -- or any other OS.  You do have to be running Android 2.x or higher for the Live Preview, but by now that's the majority of us.

After the break we have some more shots, the official press release, and the download links. [Businesswire, @RalieghRETalk (Bob Fortner)]

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6 years ago

Droid X Froyo coming on Wednesday, Verizon announces


Motorola Droid X

The Motorola Droid X officially will get its Android 2.2 update starting Wednesday, according to a note Verizon just dropped in our inbox. Here's the word:

Verizon Wireless will begin pushing Android 2.2, Froyo, to the DROID X by Motorola tomorrow. Customers do not have to wait for the over the air push, they can obtain the official update via the device itself by following these steps: "Menu" > "Settings" > "About Phone" > "System Updates". For more information and step-by-step instructions please visit

And you read that right: You won't actually have to wait for the update, you should be able to go and get it. (And there shouldn't be any shenanigans like with AT&T.) More in the Droid X forums!

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6 years ago

Gmail update in the Android Market, brings priority inbox to mobile



Gmail just got an update to add some of those cool UI improvements -- and it's been moved into the Android Market. This means that from now on, you won’t have to wait for system updates to get Google’s latest and greatest e-mail client. You will find some pretty cool improvements in this particular update including a much better implementation of how "quoted text" works within e-mail threads as well as limited (for now) support for Google’s new Priority Inbox feature – just be sure to enable it on your desktop version of Gmail first.

You need Froyo to take advantage, and we've got the download links after the break. [Google

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6 years ago

Hey Logitech, enough creepy ads, please?



It sure seems as though Logitech is taking a rather out of the box approach to market the Revue -- its Google TV set-top box. A rather creepy ad was released late last month, and nearly instantly burned into our minds, and it seems as though they have gone ahead and done the same for us this month. Not too sure where Logitech is going with these ads, but they sure do stand out and make you remember them, whether for the good, or bad. If you are brave enough, hit the jump for this months video.

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6 years ago

Update coming this week for the Samsung Captivate


AT&T Samsung Captivate Update

AT&T is pushing out an update for the Samsung Captivate -- its version of the Galaxy S -- as noted by SlappyMcgee in the Android Central Forums. The 12MB update takes the phone to version I897UCJH7 (from I897UCJF6) and includes the following:

  • Preinstalled software - QuickOffice for Android will allow users to edit various Microsoft Office documents.
  • Messaging - Exchange 2003 support, MMS and other messaging enhancements.
  • Voice - Improved calling experience.
  • Media - media scanning time improvements.

So, no Froyo yet, and no GPS improvements. It's also interesting that AT&T notes the update "is not intended to resolve all device reset or freezing issues."

The update is being pushed out in batches of 15,000 through Friday (which gives you an upward ceiling of how many Captivate may be out there). Oh, by the way, regarding the picture above -- if you manually check for the udpate and it's not ready for you yet, you'll have to wait 24 hours. Classy, AT&T. [AT&T via Android Central Forums]

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6 years ago

G2 teased in Best Buy buyer's guide


T-Mobile G2

We're still waiting on T-Mobile to give us a firm date on available of the G2. But in the meantime, we tease you with this shot of the Best Buy Buyer's guide. (It's tucked in there with the quorum of phones under the "Coming soon" label.") T-Mobile originally said preorders would begin later this month, and Best Buy is taking them now, so hopefully we'll get the bad boy real soon. In the meantime, check out the G2 chatter going on in the forums.

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6 years ago

Free up with fringOut (coming soon to Android)


What do you get when you take an application we’ve all fallen back in love with (since the Skype gaffe) and add worldwide calling for mere pennies? You get Fring’s brand-new, fringOut service! FringOut hopes to turn your Android phone into a mobile, worldwide calling powerhouse boasting the ability to call more than 200 countries from one cent a minute, landline or mobile! At the moment, fringOut is only available supported on Nokia devices but fring promises that support for Android devices isn’t far behind and will be integrated seamlessly into the fring app. You can view the trailer for their new service after the break. [fring]

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6 years ago

Droid X Froyo update nigh?


 Android Central

Might the wait for the Droid X to officially get Android 2.2 finally be over? Verizon has updated its update pdf (which you see here), so we may finally (finally!) be close, folks.

There's nothing too terribly surprising in the documentation -- Adobe Flash Player 10.1, screen rotation, automatic app updates -- the usual stuff for Froyo. But there also are improvements to the data connection and 3G mobile hotspot, as well as Verizon's visual voice mail.

So hang in there, folks. Can't be long now (yeah, we actually just said that out loud). In the meantime, swing by the Droid X Froyo update waiting room to see who gets it first. [Verizon via cron912 in the Android Central Forums]

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6 years ago

Cellular South teases Galaxy S, still no date, though


Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung is bringing the Galaxy S to Cellular South, this much we've known for a while. The regional carrier now has a teaser page, but we're still eagerly awaiting a launch date. This version of Samsung's ubiquitous device looks resemble the Vibrant the most, T-Mobile's take on the phone. One of the exclusive features of this version that differentiates it from the other carriers is Discover Apps.

According to Cellular South's website:

Discover Apps (pre-loaded on the Galaxy S) is your guide to the apps that you want the most, all reviewed and recommended by our Discover Center team. This CS Original App will help you find and use the very best apps for your Galaxy S smartphone, chosen from among the thousands available in Android Market.

The latest announcement does say that the phone will be available "by the holidays." If you're on Cellular South and are interested in getting this device, sign up for email alerts at the source link. [Cellular South] Thanks Jeff!

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6 years ago

UMA technology for Android 2.2 coming from Kineto [video]


Kineto's Smart-WiFi

UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) for Android looks to be right around the corner (never mind what T-Mobile said), thanks to Kineto's Smart WiFi.  You folks using T-Mobile, Rogers, British Telecom and O2 know exactly what I'm talking about, but for those who don't -- UMA lets you use your existing WiFi access point as a standalone femtocell, providing voice and SMS capabilities independent of your carrier's network.  It's great for travelers and people who may not have a strong signal indoors, and something that many Android users have been missing.  Just like you can now connect to WiFi for a data connection, Smart WiFi connects and gives voice and texts.  It is as cool as it sounds.

It's not all wine and roses though.  Kineto is quick to point out that they haven't designed an application you can download from the Market, but are working with OEMs to build the software into the phone.  It's very much like Swype and Skype are now doing.  You're also going to need Froyo to run it, as we've all come to expect by now.  Lastly, there's no word on when exactly to expect this, but it sounds like Kineto has their end figured out and the rest is up to carriers and manufacturers.  Hit the break to read Kineto's press release, and see their demonstration video.  [Kineto Wireless]

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6 years ago

LG Optimus One may be headed to Verizon as the Vortex


LG VortexIt was just a week ago that LG announced the Optimus One and the Optimus Chic, and it looks like the former might be headed to Verizon as the Vortex.

That's according to this image handed to the Droid Guy. The picture doesn't give much away, but the rumored specs are a 3.2-inch touchscreen and a 600 MHz processor (and the usual sundries you'd expect on any phone these days). So that'd make it mid-level phone, along the lines of the Optimus One.

So that's that. It's good to see at least one more player in the U.S. market, but we'd still much rather see one of its high-end phones, like the Optimus Chic, or the Optimus Z, which we reviewed previously.

But we'll take what we can get, we reckon, and just keep our fingers crossed that something untoward doesn't happen to what may be an otherwise decent mid-level Android phone. [The Droid Guy] Thanks, Paul.

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6 years ago

Motorola Flipout may be delayed -- or dead -- on AT&T


 Motorola Flipout

It's not often that a smartphone gets all the way into testers' hands and in-store marketing materials are printed up, only to see the device killed off before ever making a sale. But that may be what happened in the case of the Motorola Flipout on AT&T. Engadget got a tip on Saturday that it would hit stores a day later. But here we are a couple days later, and there's no Flipout to be flipped. 

We know it was in the midst of hands-on testing. But is it dead? Is it resting? Is it pining for the fjords? Was it all just a bad rumor? We'll poke at this one for a little while to see if it starts moving again, but only just a little while. [Engadget]

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6 years ago

Adobe Air for Android to go live Oct 8?


Email from Adobe to Air beta testers

Adobe AIR for Android should go live on the Android Market on Oct. 8, according to a tip posted in the Android Central Forums by aquakevem, and developers will be able to upload their apps as soon as the runtimes are live.  In simple terms, AIR is a framework that allows Adobe Flash style applications (check out these from the Adobe Flash Summit) to run as installed apps on your Android phone.  A huge plus to developers is that the same code can run, using Adobe Air, on multiple platforms, which means there are a ton of apps already built that can be ported to Android with little or no changes to the code.

You can learn a bit more about AIR, and Adobe's relationship with Android from our interview with Adobe platform evangelist Ryan Stewart.  Then it's a matter of waiting for Adobe and the inevitable flood of games and apps!  [Android Central Forums]

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