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Is The myTouch 3G Launching on August 5th?



It's been an odd journey for the HTC Magic to come to the US, we've had a name change (from the HTC Magic), previously unknown announcements, and vague launch dates. Well, according to some incredible research, it looks like the vague "Early August' target date has been specified to be August 5th.

It's not confirmed yet so don't go planning August 5th as your 'go to the local t-mobile store day' but it does fall in line with previous reports. The date was determined by taking a look at the source of the dev server of the official myTouch 3G website. We were hoping for an August 1st launch day but we think a couple days later would still be completely satisfactory.

Now let's hope for no delays!


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5 years ago

Pre-Order Unlocked HTC Hero at Amazon UK for $710


Amazon UK currently has the HTC Hero available for pre-order. It comes unlocked for the low, low price *sarcasm*  of £429.99 which is roughly equivalent to $710. It's hardly a deal but if you want to purchase it unlocked without a contract, this might be a half-way decent option. Amazon UK has the target release date at July 15th, 2009 which is actually not too far away. Obviously, the date isn't set in stone but it does give you something to think about...

Anyone jumping the gun and pre-ordering the HTC Hero?


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5 years ago

Smartphone Experts Roundtable 5


Join Dieter, Matthew, Rene, and Kevin as they discuss all of the insanely great new smartphones that have been announced and released in the past month. On the docket:

(Update: links and player fixed.)

Show notes after the break.

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5 years ago

Will HTC Sense UI Be Available on Other Devices ?



Undoubtedly, the biggest hit of the HTC Hero announcement had to be the new HTC Sense UI. It was all kinds of slick, sexy, and smooth--to say we were more than impressed is to sell our reaction short--we're as excited to use the Sense UI as we were for the launch of Android back in October.

So color us jubilated when HTC CEO Peter Chou dropped this nugget: 

"HTC sense will be available on some other existing devices"

There isn't any set-in-stone confirmation yet but we can't help but wonder how much the Sense UI will improve our current HTC Android offerings. And if HTC offers the Sense UI in there future upcoming Android phones, how much of a leg up do they have when compared to other Android Phone manufacturers? Could the now-vanilla 'ol Android succeed while Sense is available? Will competing Android Phone Manufacturers build their own custom software on top of Android? And what if Sense launches on HTC Windows Mobile Devices?

These are all questions that'll be answered in months, maybe years time but in the meantime let's hope that the T-Mobile G1 and myTouch 3G will get the HTC Sense UI!

[via pocketlint]

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5 years ago

Google Announces AdSense for Mobile Applications


Google just announced that they'll be releasing AdSense for mobile applications and developers are beginning to partake in the beta launch. The market for mobile applications is growing at mind-boggling speeds and developers are trying to find a way to effectively monetize it. We know that developers need to feed their family (deservedly so) and one of the best ways to do it is to place advertisements in their mobile applications. 

AdSense for Mobile Applications allow developers to earn extra revenue by running either image or text-based advertisements within their application. These AdSense ads are better targeted at the consumer, displaying more pertinent advertisements in relation to the application. 

One thing is for certain: Google is going to make big bucks off of this and hopefully developers can earn their keep as well. If having an advertisement in an application means cheaper applications while maintaining the user experience, well, we're all for it.

What do you guys think?

[official google blog]

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5 years ago

T-Mobile UK Renaming HTC Hero as the G1 Touch, Also Free !



Aw, would you look at that. One big happy, big-chinned family. T-Mobile UK has renamed the HTC Hero the G1 Touch (falling in line with previous reports) and though the name is admittedly lame and a year outdated, it's always good to strengthen the brand name of the G1.

Like Orange UK, the G1 Touch will be available starting mid-July for the low cost of FREE (new customer, 2 year commitment, £40 a month plan) and a £225 credit which were assuming is for the phone but correct us if we're wrong. Supposedly that's the Flext plan for all you folks across the pond!

And though we're nonplussed by the name G1 Touch, it sure beats the hell out of myTouch 3G which will actually launch after the G1 Touch. Hey, T-Mobile US, where's our HTC Hero love? Are we not supposed to know the Hero exists and spring for the myTouch 3G?


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5 years ago

Orange UK to Offer HTC Hero for Free !


We had known that Orange UK was going to be a carrier for the HTC Hero a month ago, now we know the cost of the HTC Hero on Orange: FREE. Of course a qualifying rate plan is necessary in order to receive the HTC Hero for free (new customer, 2 year contract, £40 a month plan should do the trick). We've always been intrigued on how carriers do business outside of the US, if their business includes free phones, boy sign us up!

What's most interesting is that Orange UK suggests more Android Phones for 2009 in the Orange pipeline. They were previously reported to release 6 Android Phones this year so getting 1 out of the way will surely help the cause. The HTC Hero should hit Orange UK in July.

full press release after the jump

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5 years ago

HTC Hero First Look, Sense UI Walkthrough


If you wanted to get a sense of how the new Sense UI on the HTC Hero works, you should definitely watch the video above. It runs through the various widgets, customizable nature, and endless features of the Hero. Though some of it may look a wee bit similar to ordinary Android, make no mistake, HTC Sense is certainly worthwhile and new enough to learn about.

Tell us what you think of the new Sense UI on the HTC Hero!

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5 years ago

HTC Hero Release Dates, Not a Google Experience Phone?



To keep you guys updated on the target release dates for the HTC Hero: The Hero is supposed to hit European shores with T-Mobile and Orange sometime in July. Asia will enjoy the Hero later in the summer. And yes, our lovely continent North America will lag behind once again with an even-later-than-Asia 2009 target date. Sigh. Why does Android always come last for us?

Also, Engadget reports that the HTC Hero won't be a 'Google Experience' phone which may or may not be a good thing. The good thing is that HTC gets to do really cool stuff with the UI and isn't forced into including Google applications, the bad thing is well, there is no bad thing anymore! (check updates) that it doesn't look like Android Market will pop up on the Hero anytime soon. You can still get your third party applications, just not OTA. That's obviously a downer and we're not sure if that's a trade off worth taking

What do you guys think?

UPDATE: one of our keen readers pointed out that Android Market seems to be available on the demo HTC Hero units. Take a look at the picture after the jump. Hopefully, Android Market stays on the Hero after the public release or Google plays nice and allows Android Market on non-Google Experience phones. Android Market is just too big a feature to miss out on!

UPDATE 2: False alarm guys, sorry. Android Market is all systems go on the HTC Hero. The only minor issue is not being able to get OTA firmware updates. Which after judging T-Mobile's handling of the Cupcake release, may actually be a good thing.

Thanks for letting us know Ricky!

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