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6 years ago

Palmary Weather for Android receives an update, stability fixes and more



Keeping up with the weather can be very important for many of us, no one wants to get caught in the torrential downpour while dressed in their finest clothes, do they? There are several weather applications available, many of them offer the same basic features but Palmary Weather offers users all the basic features, and many extras as well. Some of these features include:

  • AppWidgets
  • 68000 locations all over the world
  • Current conditions
  • 12-hour Hour-by-Hour forecast / 48-hour Hour-by-Hour forecast
  • 48-hours detailed forecast
  • 7-day Expanded Forecast / 15-days forecast
  • Forecast Charts: temperature, probability of precipitation, precipitation, wind, humidity
  • Airport delays
  • Weather alerts
  • Multiple Map choices
  • Min / max temperature map
  • Temperature and weather alerts as notification on status bar
  • Automatically tracking current location using GPS

If the weather is something that intrigues you, this feature loaded application is definitely worth checking out. Download information after the break.

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6 years ago

Verizon Fascinate review


Verizon Fascinate

This Verizon Fascinate review should have been an easy one. (And, yes, it should have been done some time ago.) It's the fourth version of the Samsung Galaxy S Android smartphone to be released in the United States. And for all intents and purposes, it's largely like the others (save for the keyboard on the Sprint Epic 4G, of course).

That is, until Bing came along. Look, we're not going to make this whole review about Verizon's deal with Microsoft to make Bing the default search engine on the Fascinate. That's a business decision. It's not one we agree with, and we're going to (mostly) look past it for the purposes of this review.

So join us after the break as we take a look at the Verizon Fascinate.

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6 years ago

How-To: Sync music and videos from your computer (aka iTunes)


iTunes to Android


Lets face it: syncing your music and videos in Android is nowhere near as simple as with certain "i"-named devices. However, many of you (myself included) may use iTunes to manage and purchase your music and podcasts. There are a couple great solutions to get your media from your computer to your phone with playlists intact. Keep in mind that any DRMed music will not work on your Android phone. Apple switched over to DRM-free music awhile back, so it is likely only much older songs will have that issue. There are some ways to remove DRM from song files, but I will not go into it here (feel free to Google search for a way to do it, though). Join me past the break for all the hot syncin' action.

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6 years ago

How far would you go to get your Android device back?



If your Android device got stolen from your hands walking down the street, what lengths would you go to in order to recover your device. While some of us may take the loss and go through insurance for another one, one man did not want to let someone get away with his prized possession. In Palto Alto, Calif, one man thought he could swipe another's Android device on the street and get away with a free phone, but little did he know the owner would go to extreme measures to get this device back.

The local police got involved, along with a helicopter in an all out search and rescue mission for this device, which some may think is a bit extreme, but hey would you want to willingly hand all your personal information over to some stranger? Shortly after the search began the person was tracked down and the device returned to its rightful owner. Safe to say that Android devices mean more to some people then their wallet or car. Thanks Ben! [San Jose Mercury News]

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6 years ago

Best of Smartphone Experts, 10 Oct 2010

6 years ago

Sprint Sanyo Zio, Samsung Transform now available


 Sprint Samsung Transform and Sanyo Zio

Two of the three phones that Sprint announced last week at CTIA -- the Samsung Transform and Sanyo Zio -- are available for purchase as of today. They'll run you $149.99 and $99.99 respectively after contract and $100 rebate. The third phone announced last week -- the LG Optimus S -- will be available Oct. 31. [Sprint]

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6 years ago

Modders cry shenanigans, say T-Mobile G2 'backup' is a sham


buggy features

The big guns in the Android development/mod community (these guys are more than mere hackers) have had a week to look at the T-Mobile G2, and study the is-it-a-rootkit-or-not mess -- and one of Android's most respected and beloved developers has spoken.  The problem with getting (and keeping) the G2 rooted correctly is because of a bug.  According to Cyanogen (aka Steve Kondik), there is no fail-safe to reload the system, there never was such a fail-safe, and in his own colorful way claims we were lied to all along.  He lays it all out in technical terms right here, but I'll try to break it down a bit. 

The controller that writes files to the "disk" really isn't writing anything to the disk, but reports that is has done so.  The NAND (that's what I'm calling a disk here) is locked the same way as every other HTC phone is, and no new system to protect the end user is in place.  This is the exact opposite of what T-Mobile has told us.  Whom to believe?  Well I think you all know my answer to that one.  [via @Cyanogen]

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6 years ago

HTC Bee ROM leak shows up, with Alltel branding



We talked about the HTC Bee a few times since last June, but finally proof of its existence has appeared via the Chinese blog 911HTC.  They got their hands on a leaked RUU for the unit, and Alltel branding is showing up in the files.  The Bee looks very entry-level, much like the Aria, with a 528 MHz Qualcomm CPU, 348 MB of RAM, and a smallish quarter-VGA display.  

What may be the most interesting thing is the Alltel branding.  Alltel and Verizon merged a while back, but Alltel remains a separate entity, and still operates in a handfull of U.S. states, and even carries an Android device -- the HTC Hero and Motorola Milestone.  Could this one be headed there as well, or will it join the pool of Android phones on Verizon? [911HTC via Pocketnow

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6 years ago

Silent update brings Froyo features to Eclair Android Market


Silent market update

We've got reports coming in that users with some Milestones, Vibrants and Fascinates running Android version 2.1-update 1 are seeing a silent update to the Android Market (version 2007 -- an update from version 1714), and it brings some of the features (including the widget) from Froyo along with.  On the other hand, we've got a  Fascinate in our hands that doesn't have any of those changes in its Market.  After some digging around we're pretty sure that something's going on, so we're enlisting you guys to help get to the bottom of it.  Head into the forums and let's compare, shall we? [Android Central Forums] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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6 years ago

Find Adobe AIR Android apps with AppBrain


Filter AIR apps through appbrain

Now that Adobe AIR is available for Android (Android 2.2 or higher), we're all on the lookout for the apps!  It's not difficult for developers to publish their AIR applications to the Android Market, so it was only a matter of time before enough went live that a method to make them easy to find was needed, and the folks at AppBrain are all over it.  Simply hit up the AppBrain website, and enter "adobe-air" into the search box (or just click here), and you'll be presented with the list of current AIR applications available, which you can install just like any app via AppBrain.  I recommend starting with SkyTunes just to see what AIR can really do. [via @TheAppBrain]

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6 years ago

T-Mobile Galaxy Tab pricing revealed, $399 with a contract, $649 without


T-Mobile Galaxy Tab

Pricing for T-Mobile's version of the Galaxy Tab (check out our hands-on) has been revealed through a leaked slide deck, allowing us to see one of the only things still not known about the device.  According to the shot, the Galaxy Tab will be $399 with a 2-year contract after a $50 rebate. For those who don't want to be tied down for two years, the off-contract price is $649.

Still no word on availability yet, but expect to see it soon.  And we don't know how the data situation will work. Will we be paying more? Pulling from an existing data plan? Inquiring minds want to know, folks. (TmoNews)

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6 years ago

Leaked e-mail points to successful Froyo testing on the Samsung Galaxy S


Samsung Galaxy S Froyo

We've got little doubt that Froyo is just around the corner for the Samsung Galaxy S phones. It's been promised by Samsung since Day 1, and we recently saw a leaked Froyo ROM for the AT&T Captivate. Now comes this letter posted in the Android Central Forums, which purportedly comes from within Samsung. Our Korean's a little rusty, but we're told it basically says that testing has been completed, and the Korean binaries will be released this week (no idea if that's this week, last week or whenever).

The letter was posted in our Verizon Fascinate forums, but we're not reading too much into that. The individual carriers will release their udpates if and when they're ready. But this sure points to things moving forward. If any Korean-literate folks want to clear things up, definitely do so at the source link. [Android Central Forums]


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6 years ago

Use your computer keyboard to type on your Android device


Real KeyboardReal Keyboard

We have previously seen Bluetooth keyboards paired with rooted devices, and all of that fun hackery, but this time we have a very simple, straightforward solution that can be used on a stock Android device. Share Keyboard is an application that will allow users to use their computer keyboard to type notes, emails, or any other messages for their Android device right from their computer.

The way this works is after a user sets Share Keyboard as their input method, they are then given a URL at the bottom of the screen, which they visit from a computer. After visiting this from a computer they are then able to type, and watch it all appear on their Android screen after they have finished typing and clicked the send to phone. Additionally, if you found yourself in the middle of an e-mail that got longer then expected, you can pull the text from the phone, sync it to the website, finish the message and sync back to the phone for easy sending. For those who want an easy solution, without the need for root and flashing custom ROM's on your device, this application is definitely a great way to achieve easy typing on your Android device. [Android Zoom via Android Central Forums]

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6 years ago

Softbank Mobile (Japan) to sell Desire HD in Nov; Froyo update for Desire changes


Desire HD on Softbank

Two pieces of news for any readers in the land of the rising sun -- Softbank Mobile announced that they will be selling the Desire HD in mid November, with reservations being taken starting Oct 15; and the Froyo rollout for the original Desire has been halted for devices with OLED screens. 

Last week we reported that users running the HTC Desire on Softbank would soon be seeing some Froyo lovin', and that still stands -- as long as they're sporting a version of the Desire with the TFT LCD display.  While there's no details about exactly why the OLED version was halted, the LCD version is scheduled to roll out as planned starting today.

It's hard to find anything more exciting than a Froyo update, but the news that the Desire HD will be launching just might do it.  We've seen it for Europe, and on Vodaphone specifically, but so far all we've heard or seen for those of us in the states is T-Mobile's MyTouch HD version.  Wouldn't this be a beast on AT&T?  [Softbank Mobile (Japanese)]  Thanks Christopher!

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