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6 years ago

Swift Twitter app acquired by HootSuite



Hootsuite, one of the most recent Twitter clients to come to Android, just announced it acquired the Swift Twitter app. Many users noticed the interface of Hootsuite to be quite similar to Swift App, for those that have used both clients, so the acquisition doesn't come as an extreme surprise to most. With the developer on board fully now, hopefully we will continue to see updates to the application, and see what other features they are able to incorporate.

While Hootsuite is slightly more geared towards a business type feel with scheduled tweets and a few of there other features, Swifts simple yet feature-loaded interface is one that many are sure to prefer. [HootSuite via Android Guys]

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6 years ago

Nexus One confirmed to only be sold online, (and to feature HTC Sense?)


Nexus One Verizon

Far be it from us to say we told you so, but, well, we told you so. Here's confirmation, plain and simple, that the Google Nexus One on Verizon will not be sold in stores and instead will only be available at google.com/phone -- never mind that Verizon has the wrong link here. No great surprise, as that's been Google's plan for the device all along, same as with the T-Mobile version.

We're still trying to track down an actual date that Big Red's version will be available, so stay tuned.

Update: Curse our tired eyes, but sure enough this screen says it'll have the Sense user interface (read our review of the new version). Interesting ...

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6 years ago

Your favorite Android Twitter clients


Android Twitter apps

We asked for your favorite Android Twitter client, and you answered. Boy, did you ever answer. So, after wading through more than 300 responses, here are your five favorite apps that keep you tweeting all day long.

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6 years ago

HTC Incredible caught looking pretty final


We have to say, that Verizon HTC Incredible pictured up there looks pretty final to us. The carrier branding is there, there's less of a prototype feel, and with the Droid Eris expected to reach end-of-life on April 1st, the HTC Incredible should seamlessly slide in to replace it and be all sorts of awesome. Unlike previous pictures, the Incredible has eschewed its former glossy backing with a matte-like finish, a change that we can get behind. The odd design on its back cover is still there though and it gets even more interesting when the back cover is removed, it's all scorching red. We kind of like it.

The specs are shaping up and from what can be gathered the Incredible will sport an underclocked Snapdragon processor (768MHz), 512MB RAM, 8 megapixel camera and run Android 2.1 with Sense UI. The dimensions are supposed to be similar to a Nexus One and that friends, is a good thing.

one more picture after the jump!

[Android Forums via engadget]

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6 years ago

Hands-on with the Opera Mini 5 beta browser for Android


Opera Mini Beta 5

Opera Mini 5 beta hit the Android Market this morning, and we've been putting it through its paces. It's important to remember that this is Opera Mini, not the Opera Mobile we saw at Mobile World Congress, and the two behave differently.

Opera Mini features data compression on the server side, which means it's fast. Very fast. It will load almost anything faster than a standard mobile browser, so there's almost no point in comparing the two (we don't bother in this hands-on). Also remember that this is beta software, so bugs are likely. And, no, there's no Flash support, and no multitouch. But everything ran pretty smoothly in our brief testing. Check it out after the break.

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6 years ago

NBA star Chris Bosh gives his app ideas for the Nexus One


Chris Bosh is a wonderful basketball player for the Toronto Raptors. He's also really into gadgets and rather tech savvy so in this pseudo commercial, he gives some of his amazing app ideas for the Nexus One. We think if Google can tap into half of these crazy ideas that Chris has, they could be on to something ridiculously awesome. In the mean time, we can just enjoy the fact that a personable NBA superstar decided to make a goofy video about a phone many of you guys use.

It sure seems like Android and NBA superstars are like peanut butter and jelly, doesn't it? Hit the jump for the full video!

Thanks, Alex!

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6 years ago

Motorola putting Bing on some Chinese Android phones in lieu of Google



This is another one of those deals that's likely to raise a few eyebrows, or at least produce some unwarranted exclamation points. The long and short of it is that Microsoft and Motorola have come to a deal that will make Bing the default search engine on Android devices released in China in the first quarter.

Here's another way to write that headline: "Manufacturer does what it wants with its own phones."

While it's the first time we can think of Bing being put onto an Android device by default, it's still in the same ballpark as AT&T going with Yahoo on the Backflip. And far be it from Microsoft to put its product on every platform imaginable, right? Besides, this may just be payback for all those Windows Phones that are seeing Android ported onto them. [PR Newswire]

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6 years ago

T-Mobile G1 users seeing OTA update, but it's not Android 2.x


T-Mobile G1

We're getting word that T-Mobile G1 users have been getting OTA updates over the past couple of days, but alas it's not "THE BIG ONE" to Android 2.0 or 2.1. Instead, it looks like it's a radio update, aka the infamous "call quality improvement."

Be sure to post your findings in the forums and check out what others are seeing. [T-Mobile forums]

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6 years ago

Opera Mini 5 Beta Available for Android


Most of us are waiting for Opera Mobile for Android to somehow make it on Android phones but the next best thing has landed on the newswire: Opera Mini 5 Beta is now available for Android. And little brother browser ain't so shabby. Opera Mini 5 Beta comes with tabbed browsing, speed dial bookmarks, download manager, password manager, and other features. Opera Mini is typically a speedy browser and this iteration is no exception.

It's supposed to work with all Android devices so everyone gets to play! Try it out yourself by searching Opera Mini 5 in Android Market or by heading to m.opera.com/next


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6 years ago

DoubleTwist for Windows releases major update, adds podcast support


One of the first questions we get from new Android users is "Great phone. Now how do I get my music on it?" And one of the first answers we give is "doubleTwist." The free software syncs with just about every smartphone out there, has the Amazon MP3 Store built in, and -- best of all -- frees you from the shackles of iTunes. And the Windows application just got a major update, adding:

  • doubleTwist Podcasts - the world's largest podcast search engine! Search, subscribe and sync podcasts to any device.
  • Improved the speed of the sync planning phase and transfer of media items to device.
  • Support for network drives that are mounted as a drive letter.

 You can download doubleTwist here, and read more about the update here.

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6 years ago

Inventor of the cell phone gave up his iPhone for a Motorola Droid [update]

Martin Cooper on C-SPAN

As if Android needed yet another endorsement, it turns out that Martin Cooper -- the inventor of the cellular telephone who pretty much is responsible for all of us being here at this fine Web site today -- is the proud owner of ... wait for it ... a Motorola Droid.

Cooper did a piece on C-SPAN last week where he talked (a lot!) about spectrum and the politics thereof (it's clunky, but well done), as well as the argument that cell phones might cause cancer (show him some proof). The talk about his weapon of choice comes a little after the 30-minute mark. When asked about his daily driver he replied:

"Depends when you ask me. I always have the latest cell phone, and I try every cell phone out, only because people like you keep asking me. Right now I'm using the Droid, because I want to get some experience with the Android operating system, and I, so far, have some favorable results."

Turns out he used to have an iPhone, which he gave to his grandson. He uses a feature phone for his day-to-day calls, he said, but turns to the Droid when it's time to do some real work -- like tweeting. Yes, the 81-year-old inventor of the cell phone is on Twitter. He's @MartyMobile, so be sure to follow him. And be sure to tell him AndroidCentral sent you. [C-SPAN] Thanks, @ikagirl, for the tip!

Update: YouTube video added after the break.

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6 years ago

Android sees huge growth through Jan. (what phone could have caused that?)



Take a look at the latest smartphone usage numbers from Comscore, and you're likely to do a double-take -- Android increased by 4.3 percentage points from November '09 through January 2010 over the three previous months, giving it a 7.1 percent share. There's no doubt that Android's popularity continues to grow. But those numbers likely can (and should) be attributed to the introduction of just one phone: The Motorola Droid, which launched in October 2009.

That's not to say we should discount the growth. But the simple fact is there are two ways to look at Android at the moment: Before Droid/After Droid. If we see the growth curve continue this stratospheric climb, we've got a friggin' movement on our hands. But we need a few more quarters under our belts first. [Comscore]

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6 years ago

Sony Ericsson does our job for us, unboxes the Xperia X10 itself


    Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 unboxing 

Well it seems like the guys over at Sony Ericsson have taken all the fun with the unboxing of the Xperia X10 for us -- even though we had our hands on it a couple months ago at CES, and again at Mobile World Congress. So if they want to show off the box themselves, that's cool ...

We still aren't sure when or if the X10 will ever make its way to the United States, which is par for the course at this point for the Xperia line. Check out the video after the break. [sony ericsson]

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6 years ago

Memory card, not Vodafone Magic itself, responsible for Android botnet strike


Vodafone Magic

Stories have been going around that a botnet was being spread by the HTC Magic on Vodafone. Specifically, it was Panda Security that sounded the alarm after they plugged in said Android phone and had all kinds of alarms go off. However, it turns out it was an infected memory card that was the culprit, and not a bad batch of phones, as original post author Pedro Bustamante later points out in the comments.

It’s the memory card for sure, not the actual Android filesystem. It could be a malicious employee, a bad batch, provided by the manufacturer, lack of QA or a returned and refurbished unit. But as you said, either way Vodafone needs to better QA these before shipping out to customers.

Pedro's right, there should be better Q&A to keep this from happening. But there also should be a little more discretion used before we see headlines such as "Vodafone distributes Mariposa botnet." (And the post itself hasn't been updated?) An infected memory card is bad, but one bad apple does not an outbreak make. The sky's not falling, folks.

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6 years ago

Dell Mini 5 'Streak' shown in promo flyer, including Kindle support



We already knew that the Dell Mini 5 'Streak' was gorgeous when we saw it in pictures, it's good to know that it's looking just as amazing in leaked low-res promotional flyers too. The promo flyers are the first advertisements we're seeing for the Dell Mini 5 'Streak', the Android-powered 5-inch device that pulls double duty as a phone. It also confirms some specs: 5 megapixel camera, 5-inch 800x480 screen, and a front facing VGA camera for video chatting. For the creative among us, the Dell Mini 5 will be available in all the colors you'd ever want and can even rock personal designs.

And even more exciting is the slide that shows a Kindle book reader application appears to be in the works. Will it be Streak-specific, or is Kindle finally coming to Android? Either way, we can't wait to use the Dell Mini 5 'Streak'. Or at least, get a price on this puppy.


[via engadget]

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