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5 years ago

O2's version of the Samsung Galaxy S getting Froyo on Nov. 15


O2 Froyo update

Hey, you, the guy on O2, with the SE X10 and a Galaxy S, too. Some updates are headed your way. The above screen grab is a bit cryptic, but here's the deal: European carrier O2's Sony Ericsson X10 line -- that'd be the X10, X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro -- will be getting its Android 2.1 (Eclair) update starting Nov. 15. And that same day, O2's Galaxy S devices will be getting Android 2.2 -- Froyo.

That's all subject to change, of course, and it likely will roll out in stages -- you know these updates go. But some update is better than no update, right? Thanks, anon!

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5 years ago

Android quick app: Carbonite Access (Plus: Win a free year's subscription!)


Carbonite Access

Those of us using Carbonite have good reason to celebrate this morning -- we can now access our backups from our Android phones. If you're new to the service, Carbonite provides secure, automatic backup of any file you've got. You can backup as much data as you want for $54.95 a year.

And now, with Carbonite Access, you can get at all of your backed-up data right from your phone. The Android app itself is lightweight at less than 1MB. It works a lot like other file backup apps in that you have a basic file structure and can access the files therein. Music? No problem. Plays right on the phone. View photos till the cows come home -- as a list or as thumbnails. It's quick, and it's easy, and it's a worthy competitor to the likes of Dropbox and others. It's also secure, and you have the option to have it automatically log out on you rphone, from 10 minutes to 12 hours to never.

And on top of all that, Carbonite's given us a pair of one-year subscriptions to give away. That's a year's worth of free backup. To enter, hit up this thread in our forums.

We've got more pics and download links after the break. [More at]

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5 years ago

Skype 1.0.1 update imminent


Skype to receive 1.0.1 update November 9 2010

Skype -- which recently ditched its Verizon Wireless exclusivity -- is scheduled to receive a rather substantial update today.  Although the Skype Garage says Skype 1.0.1 should already be live in the market, it's not, but it probably will be very soon.  And you can bet this post will be updated once it is.

Update:  It has been pointed out by one of our commenters that Skype version actually is Skype version 1.0.1.

In addition to support for QVGA devices, Skype 1.0.1 also adds support for a hardware back key, which has been designed to make Skype a little easier on your battery.  Skype 1.0.1 also boasts improved login stability, reduced application size, and more.  Download links and a full list of 1.0.1 enhancements after the break.

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5 years ago

Angry Birds updated with 45 new levels!


Oh my, what a nice surprise for today. I just opened up the Android Market and low and behold a brand new update for Angry Birds was looking back at me. As noted in the change log this release now sits at version 1.4.2 and has plenty of fixes in it for some graphical errors. In addition to those fixes some Android optimizations have been made as well to ensure the game will run better. At launch, Rovio had promised support for QVGA-resolution devices and you'll find that in this update as well. Finally, the best part of the update is the 45 new levels that have been added. So, what are you waiting for? Be sure to grab the latest release now.

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5 years ago

Motorola Droid Pros are shipping already


Droid Pro shipping

We broke this news the other day (and Engadget's gotten confirmation this morning) -- if you pre-order a Droid Pro, like, now, it'll be shipping right ... about ... now! Snag it for $200 on contract, or $479 outright. In-store launch is still Nov. 18. [Verizon]

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5 years ago

Adobe AIR prepped for Gingerbread, too


Adobe AIR update

Here's a reminder that Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player 10.1 are getting updates today to get ready for the impending Android  2.3 -- Gingerbread -- update. What happens if you don't update your Adobe stuff first? In the case of AIR, you've going to get crashes, apparently. From the AIR Team Blog:

In cases where a user receives the Gingerbread OS update before updating to the AIR 2.5.1 runtime, they will receive a native dialog on load stating that the application has quit unexpectedly and your application will fail to load. We’d like your assistance in preventing end users from this type of experience on their device.

Adobe recommends that developers update their AIR apps to require version 2.5.1 to force users to upgrade. Gingerbread's coming, folks. It's coming. [Adobe AIR Team Blog] Thanks, Nick!

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5 years ago

T-Mobile G2 finally cracked open, permanent root for all (and the Desire Z and HD)


T-Mobile G2

It's been a long time coming, folks, but the T-Mobile G2 -- and with it, the HTC Desire HD and Desire Z -- finally has a permanent root. The work was done by Scott Walker and his merry band at XDA and is being compiled into ROMs as we type, this, we imagine. In other words, you've got a tad longer to wait if you're not familiar in the ways of the GIT -- but rest assured, you'll soon have your permanent root. Check out the source links for more, and congrats, everybody! [XDA, IRC, GIT] Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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5 years ago

Trapster set to release largest update yet; 9 million users and counting


Trapster, one of the most widely used apps across all smartphone devices, is receiving a major update soon (no exact date has been set). The app mostly known for its ability to warn drivers of known local law enforcement hide out spots, will soon be bringing more helpful features: 11 new trap types, rotating maps, and better tracking to the Android app.

"The whole idea of Trapster is to keep drivers safe on the road. The new hazards help increase your safety on the road and keep you informed of any recent changes," said Sean Farrell of Trapster. "Also, we noticed that users like reporting traps and by adding more trap types, this gives users more opportunities to contribute to Trapster." 

Trapster has been growing every day. In fact, the company is averaging as many as 15,000 new users each day. Soon -- as in any day now -- Trapster will also surpass 9 million users. We asked Sean about what particular trends Trapster was seeing in new users,"We notice that new users use the app a ton! When users use other navigation apps, they tend to only use them when they need directions. Trapster users use the app every time they drive, because they want to be informed of potential road and wallet hazards ahead."

Trapster, is a lot like the location based service, Foursquare. Both experiences become fundamentally richer and more helpful, if more users contribute regularly. Sure, 9 million users might seem like enough people to make it work, but if only a couple thousand are contributing, then the service is falling short and its potential is not being fully realized. Sean explained to us, "New users love to get into the app and try out all of the features. Users want to mark all the potential traps in their area, and also vote on existing traps."

Dunno about you, but we're looking forward to avoiding more high ticket areas and experiencing some of the new Trapster trap types (say that five times fast). Especially "Ice on Road" trap; winter is upon us. Click on after the break to view all 11 new traps that are being added to the app. Also, be sure to check back soon, as we will post a review of the latest Trapster build (read our initial review here). Thanks, Sean Farrell!

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5 years ago

Motorola Cliq 2.1 update now officially available


Moto Cliq

Cliq owners, rejoice! Your day has arrived. You can now get in on the official 2.1 Eclair goodness. That is, if you never made use of the official update and even the official update instructions that have been floating around for a while now in our forums. But for those of you who weren't willing to venture down that road and wanted to wait until Motorola made the update available, you'll be pleased to know you can now grab it from their site. Just make sure you heed all those warnings that Motorola has posted. [Motorola via AndroidPolice]

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5 years ago

Droid Pro, Droid 2 Global now available for pre-order online


the droids you're looking for

Verizon has put the pre-order pages for the Droid Pro and the Droid 2 Global online, and they both are live and ready to take your order.  We love seeing Android phones with "world phone" capability, as these two each bring something unique to the table.

The Droid Pro combines it's 3.2 inch touch screen with a front facing Qwerty, and is geared directly at the business professional.  Its specs are great, and I think the phone should make the ex-BlackBerry user feel right at home.  The Droid Pro lists for $179.99 on contract and with the rebate, or $479.99 off contract.  Check it out in action in our hands-on right here.

The Droid 2 Global adds world phone capabilities and a 1.2 GHz processor to the Droid 2, and is being labeled as "Enterprise Ready".  It's the first Android phone to break the 1 GHZ barrier out of the box, and we can't wait to see how speedy this one will be.  I'm feeling the winter white model, I have to admit.  The Droid 2 Global lists for $199.99 after rebate and on contract, or $559.99 if bought outright.

Hit the source links to get to the pre-order pages.  Thanks CJ and Ryan! [Verizon -- Droid Pro, Droid 2 Global]

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5 years ago

Opera Mobile beta in Android Market


Opera Mobile for Android

Stray links have been floating around today, but the Opera Mobile 10.1 Android browser is now available for download from the Android Market, on Nov. 9, just like Opera said it would be. It's still technically in beta, so you may find the odd bug here and there. But you get tabbed browser, Opera's "speed dial" feature, long-click menus, password support and the "Opera Turbo" data compression for faster loading times. We'll give this one a spin and check back later. Download links are after the break. Thanks, Tim!

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5 years ago

Samsung Continuum at NASDAQ


Today was a big day for the folks at Samsung. The joy of announcing their latest device was capped off by being invited to ring the closing bell at the NASDAQ Stock Market in New York. Samsung American CSO Omar Khan and Pat Devlin, President New York Metro Region, Verizon Wireless among other execs took the time to pose for the picture above showing off the Samsung Continuum. [SamsungTweets]

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5 years ago

Samsung Continuum Hands-On!



Sure, you may have already seen our Samsung Continuum Preview from over a month ago, checked out the video hands-on from back in the day, looked at our super Samsung Continuum page, and even scanned the Continuum specs. What else we can tell you: the Continuum consists of one single, giant piece of glass covering a Super AMOLED screen in three sections: the 3.4-inch main display, the four standard Android buttons, and the 1.8-inch, 96-pixel high "Ticker" at bottom.

Build-wise, we're looking at a slightly narrower and slightly better feeling Galaxy S device -- in a lot of ways the plastics and overall feel harkens to the T-Mobile Vibrant -- It's crazy light but still feels pretty solid. These are demo units, natch, but things seem snappy enough with that 1GHz processor.

The Ticker itself is a little gimmicky but also very cool -- you can turn on just the Ticker merely by gripping the bottom of the device. Up pops the default screen with time and weather, but you swipe once to get all your missed alerts, which you can tap on to go straight to the application. The other Ticker function is to provide you with alerts that don't get in your way. Sure, Android does that by default, but with the Ticker it's a littler easier to see more information and actually decide if you want to act on it. We're also fond of the RSS feed feature, but then we're RSS junkies. VZ Navigator (which admittedly costs extra per month) also shows you the next turn in the ticker area.

We can't say we're happy to see this thing "Bing'd" but, hey, it's such a pleasure to hold the Continuum that it's easy to look past that to what is a fairly compelling device. Samsung and Verizon will have the little guy released November 11th for $199 with a $100 mail-in rebate.

After the break: video and photos aplenty.

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5 years ago

Live from Samsung's Continuum event


Liveblog starts at 6 p.m. EDT / 3 p.m. PDT


You've seen our Samsung Continuum initial preview and video hands-on, and now it's time for the official stuff. We're in New York City for Sammy's official event, scheduled to begin around 6 p.m. or so. Join us for all the live coverage after the break.

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5 years ago

How to prepare your Nexus One for Gingerbread


We're positive Gingerbread is on the horizon.  We're pretty confident it's close if you're rocking a Nexus One.  If you're like us, and have your Nexus One hacked nine ways to Sunday, you'll need to get ready if you don't feel like waiting for someone to rip it apart and whip up a version for the rooted and ROM'd crowd.

We're here to help.

Thanks to the awesomesauce that is the XDA-Developers wiki, we have worked up a set of easy instructions that will have your Nexus One back to stock and ready for the OTA or manual method once it's available.  Head into the forums and have a look.  We've tested the method on both the T-Mobile and AT&T versions, and we're ready to go.  If you hit any snags, sing out, and we'll help you get ready for the latest tasty version of Android. [XDA-Developers wiki, AndroidCentral forums]

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