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5 years ago

Hands-on with the Intel Android reference phone


One of the more exciting pieces of mobile news for 2012 -- Intel's introduction into the Android ecosystem -- is also one of the more difficult ones to show you. Well, that's not entirely true; we got a nice look at Intel's CES booth with the new Medfield reference phone. And we got ourselves a pretty cool look at some of the early graphics capabilities.

But that's just it. We've seen great graphics before. We've seen smooth graphics before. We've seen mobile graphics that have made our heads spin. That graphics are going to become smoother and faster and more realistic every year is a given.

So when you watch our early hands-on with the Intel platform, keep in mind that we're still a little ways away from actual phones hitting actual hands. Don't worry a whole lot about the look of the device. You're not going to see the Intel Droid RAZR III XL in stores anytime soon. But the bottom line is that Intel's ready to power smartphones and tablets, apps are ready to work out of the box, and we've now got a whole new world of horsepower to explore. Will Intel be the battery life saviour we're all desperately wanting? Dunno yet. But one way or another, with Intel now in the mobile game, it's going to be an exciting year.  See the video after the break

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5 years ago

Viper announces SmartStart 3.0: the Cloud-connected Car


The automotive sector at CES is always interesting and as the years have gone on we've seen more integration happening between people's smartphones and their vehicles. One group who has been around for a while now is Viper and their SmartStart system and just in time for CES they've now let us know what to expect from the upcoming SmartStart 3.0 release:

“Viper SmartStart 3.0 is going to change the way people start their day,” says Mike Simmons, President of Directed. “The new features offer drivers unprecedented connectivity with their vehicles, and introduce the promise of the Cloud-connected car, providing a robust, real-time 2-way link between cars and smartphones.”

One of the key new features of SmartStart 3.0 is SmartSchedule which allows users to tell SmartStart their daily routine and then from there -- Directed Cloud Services (DCS) will continuously monitor temperature, location and schedule variables in the Cloud and push Smart Alerts to their phone as well as vehicle diagnostics and more. The update isn't available as of yet but if you're looking for the full details, you'll find them past the break.

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5 years ago

Seagate and Verizon introduce LTE enabled wireless storage


Seagate and Verizon will show off an LTE enabled wireless storage device today at CES.  As part of the GoFlex Satellite line, the device not only allows network streaming and storage via Wifi, but with LTE enabled users can download content directly to the device or use it as a hot-spot for up to three other devices. 

This sounds like the perfect companion for your Wifi only Android tablet on those long road trips.  We'll drop by and have a closer look to get all the details.  The press release is after the break.

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5 years ago

Samsung Mobile launches SAFE for Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 7.7


Samsung has been working on their “Samsung Approved for Enterprise” suite of applications since October 2010 and with the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 for North America Samsung has confirmed both devices have been approved for SAFE. 

“More and more employees are demanding greater choice in the mobile devices they carry for both work and personal use. Their standards for performance and design are high and their employer’s security criteria are even higher. Both the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Tab 7.7 live up to these standards and provide a ‘SAFE Landing’ for the large number of users moving away from competitive platforms.” said Tim Wagner, Vice President and General Manager of B2B Sales for Samsung Mobile.

Mobile Device Management, On-Device Encryption and Corporate Email/Calendar/Contacts are all features of SAFE approved devices. If you're looking for the full break down, you can jump on past the break.

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5 years ago

Samsung washing machine pings your phone when load is done


One of the more interesting things to come out of Samsung's CES 2012 press conference was a quick glimpse at this Android app which would connect to one of their smart washing machines and notify you when your load was done. Details were skimpy, but I got the impression that you would be able to a bunch of other tasks on the washing machine remotely with the app. 

The running theme for big electronics manufacturers like Samsung has been tying up all of their various businesses into one another, and though there are some really obvious synergies between, say, TVs and tablets, utilities like this washing machine Android app are much more unexpected and interesting. LG's thinking very much the same thing; during their press conference, LG showed a fridge which could shunt your grocery list to your phone.

My big worry is that these manufacturers will close themselves off so that unless you're an all-LG house or an all-Samsung house, you won't be able to enjoy a fully-connected home. A washing machine is a big purchase, so if you buy it for this Android utility, then you're more or less locked-in to buying Samsung phones for the indefinite future, right?

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5 years ago

Viewsonic announces $170 ViewPad E70 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet


Viewsonic has announced the ViewPad E70, a 7-inch tablet running Ice Cream Sandwich with an interesting price-point -- $169.99.  For under 200 bucks, you'll get a 1GHz CPU, 4GB internal storage, micro SD card slot, HDMI out and a front facing camera.  Viewsonic hasn't given out the full set of specifications just yet, so we're only sure of the above.

What you won't be getting is the Android Market or other Google Applications.  The ViewPad E70 ships with "Integrated apps and services" [that] "provide easy access to leading multimedia, entertainment content, and thousands of mobile apps offered."  The Amazon Appstore would probably work, as will other places like GetJar or SlideMe.  Of course, chances are someone will figure out how to drop the Market on this thing anyway eventually.  We'll be sure to hit ViewSonic on our travels and have a look at this one.  See the full press release after the break.

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5 years ago

Vizio expands Google TV lineup to include HDTVs and Blu-ray players


In addition to the Vizio VAP430 media streamer we mentioned, Vizio is also looking to bring a better Google TV experience to HDTVs and Blu-ray players by expanding their efforts there.

  • Smart Blu-ray - As part of the VIZIO Internet Apps Plus ecosystem, the VBR430 Blu-ray lets users access video, audio and photos stored on any DLNA-compatible computer, network-connected hard drive or cell phone connected to a home network. Built-in WiFi makes network connection easy, and Bluetooth capability provides yet another conduit for streaming media from cell phones and computers.
  • Smart TV Plus 3D - VIZIO's V.I.A. Plus products will also include Theater 3D technology, for crystal clear, brighter and flicker-free 3D, viewable with lightweight, comfortable, battery-free 3D glasses. The TVs feature LED backlighting with smart dimming technology to achieve dynamic contrast ratios of 1,000,000:1 or greater.

Vizio is working hard with folks and announcing new partners who are collaborating to bring their content and services to the V.I.A. Platform. The full press release can be found past the break for you all.

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5 years ago

Android Central at CES 2012: Day -1 roundup


CES "officially" starts today, but that doesn't mean that we haven't already seen a ton of new Android stuff.  Traditionally, hardware vendors and other companies showing off their gear at CES take a day to have press conferences and presentations with all the media outlets in attendance, and it's always full of good stuff.  We saw phones, tablets, televisions, heck even a refrigerator or two.  Here's a quick list in case you missed any of it

Smartphone news

Tablet news

Other news

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5 years ago

Mobile Nations + TCPJ Special: CES 2012 Kickoff


Mobile Nations teams up with The Cell Phone Junkie to talk CES 2012 -- all the pre-show news from BlackBerry, Android, iPhone and iPad, and Windows Phone including Playbook OS 2.0, 18 new Android devices -- today! -- Apple's non-presence, and the Titan 2 and Nokia Lumia 900. Listen in!



Got something to say? Agree or disagree with something we said? Have something you want us to discuss on a future show? Don't just sit there yelling at the screen, dammit, let us know!


Our music is pROgraM vs. Us3R by by morgantj. Introduction by Joseph Holder.

Thanks to the Mobile Nations network of stores for sponsoring this podcast.

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5 years ago

Vizio introduces Google TV powered media streamer


GoogleTV is alive and kicking at CES 2012 in many ways and one company leading the charge is Vizio, having announced a whole line of products making use of GoogleTV. One product they're showing off is the Vizio VAP430 media streamer.

Using WiFi and HDMI, the small little box with a big remote connects to your TV and opens up access to Vizio's Internet App Plus services. It also comes complete with Google's Chrome browser on board that provides full blown internet access. Bluetooth capability allows for content from smartphones and tablets to be connected to the TV wirelessly while USB inputs provide access to USB drives and any content they may hold.

The VAP430 also has an HDMI pass-through that lets the user connect a cable or satellite box to the player and pass the signal over to the TV, granting access to the full GoogleTV experience including the Android Market. No pricing has been announced but the VAP430 media streamer will be one of the first products on the market from Vizio using their Internet App Plus services.

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5 years ago

Ice Cream Sandwich ROM leaked for the Xperia Play


In the middle of all the CES excitement, it's sometimes hard to forget about the regular Android world for a while. Fortunately the good folks over at XDA Developers never forget, and the latest goody bag to emerge from them is a leaked Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the Xperia Play

The tweaked 4.0.3 ROM has all the look and feel of stock ICS, and takes advantage of the Trebuchet launcher. As usual with such leaks there are things that don't work, one of which seems to be the camera. But if you can live without that and fancy giving it a shot, hit the source link for the download links and instructions. A walkthrough video can be found after the break.

Source: XDA Developers

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5 years ago

Gingerbread finally available for Samsung Captivate


It's been a long wait, but Samsung Captivate users can finally upgrade their device to Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

Here are the benefits of updating your device, according to the Samsung page:

  • Download management
  • New layout for larger fonts
  • Word prediction, multi-touch for numerical input
  • One-touch word selection and copy/paste
  • Fixed Top-menu in Gmail
  • Voice Search added into the search categories
  • Vertical play mode added to YouTube
  • 3D graphic driver updates
  • Additional Khronos standard such as OpenSL ES, EGL for better multimedia performance
  • Concurrent Garbage Collector  technology embedded to reduce lags in games
  • Being able to show your face in public

Unfortunately, to get this update you'll still have to go through the dreaded Kies system, but Samsung has put step-by-step directions on their site. Hit up the source link for the instructions. For more info or to see how the update is going for others, please hit up our Samsung Captivate Forum.

Source: SamsungThanks, Bruce, and everyone else who sent this in!

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5 years ago

O2 and Three to carry Xperia S in the UK, white version to be a Phones4U exclusive


Following last night's Sony Xperia S announcement, the first information on where you'll be able to get hold of the device in the UK has started to emerge. So far Three and O2 have confirmed that they'll be carrying the phone when it arrives this March. In related news, retail chain Phones4U has announced that it's secured nationwide exclusivity of the white Xperia S in the UK.

We've got Phones4U's press release after the jump.

Source: Three UK, O2 UK on Google+

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5 years ago

Samsung Galaxy Nexus versus Nokia Lumia 900


Take the best Android smartphone and put it next to the best Windows Phone. Know what you get? A couple of big-ass phones. Hit the break for a quick look at the Samsung Galaxy Nexus against the Nokia Lumia 900.

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5 years ago

Video hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7



Words don't really describe just how nice the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 really is, and images only capture some of the beauty. Check it out in full action here, and no -- we don't know when it is released, but we want one now!

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