5 years ago

Video - Verizon HTC Droid Incredible in action


Some great stuff rolls in during the wee hours, and this is a doozy.  An actual demonstration video of the one and only Droid Incredible by the fellas at nerdstalkertv, shot during the 99% conference in New York.  It's an awful nice walk through of the software, and it really shows just how fast this phone is.  There's not much we haven't figured out already, but who cares?  It's a great video of a monster of a phone and a must see.

Hit the break for the video, keep the tissues to wipe your chin handy. Thanks, Patrick!

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5 years ago

Verizon taking online Droid Incredible pre-orders starting Sunday


Verizon Droid Incredible pre-order

Not to be outdone by Best Buy, Verizon's in the middle of sending out e-mails announcing that it'll start taking online pre-orders for the HTC Droid Incredible starting Sunday which is just a matter of hours away. You're still not going to get it any sooner, but you can rest easy in the knowledge that you pre-ordered as early as you could, for what that's worth.

Also, the e-mail clears up the matter of the internal memory, noting that the listed 8 gigabytes of storage is less, confirming other reports. Thanks, Will!

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5 years ago

Pre-order the Verizon Droid Incredible on Sunday at Best Buy


 Verizon HTC Droid Incredible

If you just can't wait until Monday to pre-order the Droid Incredible, you're in luck. Best Buy Mobile is doing pre-orders on Sunday -- as in tomorrow. This will reserve you an Incredible for when they're available in Best Buy stores, so you'll be going through BB, not Verizon. You'll also get the $199 price without the hassle of a rebate, which is very cool.

Here's how it's gonna work: You fill out a form, pay $50 on Sunday and get a $50 gift card, which also serves as your ticket to pick up your phone once it's available. Then you can spend the card on anything else you want. Just a few more hours to go, folks. [Best Buy]

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5 years ago

Motorola Devour slated for maintenance update next week


Verizon Motorola Devour update

Word on the street is that Verizon's Motorola Devour is in line for a maintenance upgrade on Monday. No, it's not Android 2.1 or anything as sexy as that (the 2.1 update is still "under evaluation"). But here's what you are getting:

  • Improved response time when menu, home and back keys are pressed.
  • Adjustments to improve the accuracy of signal strength indicators on the display.
  • Stability improvements made to browser, contacts and VCAST Music apps.
  • Improved incoming call performance.
  • Volume keys now work when you're in the mobile IM app.
  • Fix for picture orientation on upload.
  • Fix to make it easier to delete POP3 e-mail accounts.
  • Changed display on the e-mail account setup.
  • Change to Exchange calendar agenda view to show meeting titles
  • Verizon.net e-mail accounts now auto-configure.
  • Improvements to ringer, voice dialing and multimedia audio when using a headset.
  • Update Google apps.

So, look for the update -- version CALAND_X_01.15.08P, if you're keeping track -- next week. And be sure to let us know if it makes your life any easier. Thanks, anon!

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5 years ago

Getting started with Google Voice


Inside Android

Hey everybody. Jerry back this week with with some tips for Google Voice.  If you're not using Google Voice, you've surely heard people talking it up, with good reason.  Google Voice runs great on most smartphones, and like most things Google, it runs incredibly well on Android phones.

Hit the break for some hints about getting an invite and setting it all up so you can enjoy the convenience of visual voice mail and a central number across multiple phones.

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5 years ago

Xperia X10 now said to get Android 2.1 -- and multitouch -- in September


Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

We're taking this one with a pretty big grain of salt, but word around the water cooler is that the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 -- currently languishing with Android 1.6 -- will get its upgrade to Android 2.1 in September. And on top of that, it'll miraculously get multitouch, too, never mind the report that it's supposed to be physically impossible due to a hardware limitation. We're not getting too worked up over this as the X10 isn't actually available in the United States. But for everyone else's sake, let's hope September brings some good news. [Cell Phone Reviews.co.uk via Electronista]

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5 years ago

WePad shows off with another video demo


WePad video demo

I'll be up front - WeLove the WePad. I'm all itchy in the pocket just waiting for it to hit the US shores. Today we get a glimpse of the Neofonie UI and I for one am loving it.  Big icons, widgets, and a sidebar look to be a great mix for an Android tablet.  The video shows something else to get excited over, the first half shows the WePad with a USB mouse attached.  Yes, a computer mouse on a tablet.  Maybe ports and connectors on a tablet isn't a bad idea after all, Mr. Jobs.  Later in the video we see another prototype using the touchscreen as well.  If you're holding out for an Android tablet, you gotta have a look.  At 450 Euros ($609.00 US) the WePad won't be the cheapest Android tablet, but after seeing the latest video, it looks like a bargain to me.  Hit the break for the video.
[via TechCrunch and SlashGear]

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5 years ago

Android Central Podcast Episode 7


Audio-only stream below

Mickey and Phil recap the announcement of the Verizon HTC Droid Incredible, whether it renders the Nexus One obsolete, what it means for the Sprint Evo 4G and everything else Android. Listen in!

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5 years ago

T-Mobile getting the Samsung Galaxy S, too?


Samsung Galaxy S

Not to be left out of the fun, T-Mobile appears to possibly be getting a phone that looks suspiciously like the Samsung Galaxy S. The Bluetooth SIG has approved a Samsung SCH-T959 following the Samsung T-Mobile naming convention with specs that point to the Galaxy S. Features listed for the device are a 4-inch AMOLED touch screen, Android OS, and TouchWIZ 3.0. Confusingly, the SIG report also calls the phone the T939, which is the Samsung Behold 2, but could just be a typo. [UnwiredView]

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5 years ago

HTC wants you to name its next phone


In a nod to the power of social networks, HTC wants Facebook users to vote on the name of its next device. The options? Jovi, Zeal, Wildfire, and Festi.  No details about the device are given so we don't know if it's going to be an Android-powered, Windows Mobile-powered, or dumbphone-powered device or even what form factor it'll take. But even if with all that mystery, to be able to have a little say in what the name of the next HTC device is going to be is kind of cool.

On the poll, HTC cryptically says that they're looking for a name "that is playful and full of youth". And given that they're hosting the survey on Facebook, we can assume it'll deeply tie into social networking. Basically, there's a good chance that this phone isn't for the grown up in us. Hopefully, HTC continues this trend of customer input cause it's pretty darn fun.

Psst, our vote is currently in last place. Which name are you voting for? [facebook]

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5 years ago

Sprint Android 2.1 update scheduled for early May


 The much-awaited Sprint Android 2.1 update is now scheduled for early May. 

Sprint users, rejoice! The much-anticipated Android 2.1 update is coming to the HTC Hero and Samsung Moment in early May. Maybe now everyone will stop jumping at every rumor out there... A closer look after the break [Androidforums]

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5 years ago

Hey, Verizon fans: Do you still care about the Nexus One?


Droid Incredible vs. Nexus One

Now the the Verizon Droid Incredible is out of the bag, it reasons that waiting for the Verizon-capable Nexus One became a bit moot. But we wanna hear your reasons why. Does anybody still care? Vote your hearts out, and let us know in the comments why.

Do you even care about the Verizon Nexus One?survey software

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5 years ago

Huawei Joy (aka Vodaphone 845) caught on camera



Well isn't that cute? Pictures of the world's second smallest Android handset, the Huawei Joy (aka Vodaphone 845), have turned up on the Internets. (What's the smallest, you ask?) With a 2.8-inch screen and a 3.2 MP camera, the specs aren't anything to write home about, but it does cover all the bases and it is an adorable little gadget, isn't it? Three more pictures after the break. [Unwired View]

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5 years ago

HTC planning to make an Android Tablet


HTC, maker of amazing Android phones, is reportedly working on an Android Tablet, which we're going to assume is going to be just as amazing. The details on the tablet device are unclear; HTC rep Quinton Leigh simply revealed that an Android "tablet" -- it might not be the traditional tablet shape -- is in the works. This is definitely exciting because even though Android Tablets have been announced before, none of them came from a company that puts making great devices first, everything else second.

Leigh also stated that Android mobile phones will soon pack 1080p video and 5.1 surround sound. We're not sure how soon (or realistically) that'll come to be, but given that HTC delivers top notch hardware (see: Evo), it's certainly within the realm of possibility. The argument of whether we need 1080p video and 5.1 surround sound on a mobile device is a completely different matter.

So yes, HTC is once again pushing the envelope of innovation. What's new? [phonereport.info]

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5 years ago

Nexus One 'is a profitable business,' Google says


Google Nexus One

The success of the Google Nexus One has been up for debate since the phone first launched in January. Google adopted a non-traditional way of selling the phone, opting to solely sell it online at Google.com/phone and not making it available in any brick and mortar store, even as a dummy device for consumers to try. And so stories arose from analysts who said the Nexus One wasn't selling as many units as anticipated. While we still have no official numbers, Google did give the following statement during this afternoon's Q1 earnings call:

"It is a profitable business for us. ... We are driving the business to be a profitable business from the get-go."

Added VP of engineering Jeff Huber during the Q&A session:

"We're not disclosing the specific number ... We are very happy with the device uptake and the kind of impact that it's had across the industry."

Huber refused to answer if Google had any plans to change its sales model for the Nexus One.

Take all that however you want. And we may never know just how profitable the Nexus One is, or what Google's own expectations were.

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