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5 years ago

Sprint EVO 4G LTE pre-sale opens up at Best Buy


In recent days we've seen the getting started and full user guides leak out for the Sprint EVO 4G LTE. And then of course, right on cue, we had pre-sale for the device starting up. Now, Best Buy are starting to take orders for the hotly anticipated device as well. 

The EVO 4G LTE is being offered up for $199.99 on a 2-year contract, with the regular price showing up at a whopping $699.99. Customers who pre-order through Best Buy will also get themselves a $50 Best Buy gift card when they activate their new phone. Interested? Hit the source link below to get your orders in. 

Source: Best Buy thanks cr33p!

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5 years ago

Acer Iconia Tab A100 ICS update now hitting the masses


Although Acer laid out their Iconia Tab ICS update list not all that long ago, it seems there has been some issues in the Acer camp with folks actually being able to you know, update their devices. The updates, more specifically for the Iconia Tab A100 have appeared for the most part on again, off again with some getting the update very early while others, very late.

No matter though, folks in the Android Central forums are now reporting the update appears to of have been potentially sorted out and an influx of those unable to previously update to ICS are now getting the update notification on their devices. Have you got it yet? If so, let us know in the Android Central forums.

More in the Android Central Forums

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5 years ago

Latest Instagram update brings the lost tilt shift function to Android


Remember when Instagram for Android was first released and we mentioned there was just some subtle features missing from the Android version versus the iOS version? No? Well, we did and now, Instagram has closed the gap on some of those functions. The latest release now available in the Google Play Store adds tilt shift and addresses some issues with the Samsung Galaxy Ace aka GT-S5830C. So there you have it, go ahead and grab the link below and revel in all the tilt shift glory.

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5 years ago

The Big 4 keynote CTIA liveblog!


It's time, ladies and germs, for the event you've all been waiting for. The CEOs of Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T, all on stage together, with none other than CNBC's Jim Cramer. This is going to be a *cough* spirited discussion, to say the least.

The whole thing gets going at 5:30 p.m. EDT, so hit the link for our complete liveblog.

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5 years ago

Ambiance brings their collection of soothing sounds to Android


For some folks sounds have a huge impact on many aspects of their life. Listening to rain while they sleep, thunderstorms while they work, crackling fire while reading a book. It adds a level of comfort to have the environment around them enhanced by sound. Ambiance has been a leader of the environment enhancement space on other platforms and now they've released their app for Android powered devices. As you'd expect, the full set of features has made the transition as well:

  • Choose from thousands of sounds... competitors only give you a handful to choose from.
  • Download only the sounds you want to save space on your device.
  • Wake up gently to any sound fading in.
  • Fill your screen with HD images that fit each sound perfectly.
  • Create custom sound mixes to further customize your Ambiance.
  • Save favorites and make custom playlists.

Ambiance has over 2500 sounds in their catalog and constantly adding more to the mix daily. Personally, I love the sound of rain and thunderstorms while I sleep and having the ability to create a mix of that is worth the buy in cost of $2.99 for the app. Sadly though, Ambiance has not made a free demo version available via either the Google Play Store or the Amazon App Store so you're on your own determining if the app is worth that much. Either way, the download link is below for you all.

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5 years ago

WordPress for Android v2.1 moves from public beta to official release


For all you mobile bloggers out there making use of WordPress, you'll want to listen up. The latest version of WordPress for Android has now been made available through the Google Play Store and is ready for mass consumption. This release while issued in public beta previously, offers a lot of updated changes that should interest many:

  • Autosave timer while editing posts. Every 60 seconds the post will be autosaved.
  • Edit comments! You can edit comments while on the go now.
  • You can now set the width for linked images.
  • All new reader. Navigating posts is much faster and you can add comments to posts that you are reading. You can also share the post to other Android apps!
  • Small improvements to the UI, most notably that the delete post button has been moved to a less prominent spot to prevent accidental taps on it.
  • Reliability improvements
  • Translation updates
  • Updated app icon

Whether you have a smartphone or a tablet, you'll want to go ahead and get yourself updated to the latest version. You can do that simply by heading down below to grab the Google Play Store download link.

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5 years ago

LG Optimus Vu hands-on


Since it was first introduced back in February, the LG Optimus Vu hasn’t made many appearances stateside. That changed today when we were able to get our hands on the 5-inch behemoth here in New Orleans at LG’s CTIA booth. The Vu is unlike anything we’ve seen before, even the Galaxy Note, due in large part to its 4:3 aspect ratio. That feature is a result of LG’s market testing, which showed that customers tend to use larger-screen devices for reading rather than for multimedia playback. We’re not here to debate that claim (though you certainly can in the comments below), but we find it fairly interesting nonetheless.

The Vu’s screen uses LG’s IPS technology and packs 1024x768 pixels, which doesn’t translate to the highest PPI on the market, but certainly looks stunning regardless. Under the hood you’ve got a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S3 processor, a full gig of RAM, and Android 2.3 Gingerbread underneath a custom LG skin. Ice Cream Sandwich is coming, LG says, and the custom skin isn’t nearly as bad as you might think. Oh, and that antenna on top? It can stream live TV, a feature that may or may not be dropped by the time the Vu expands beyond Korea to other markets.

LG has included a pretty cool note-taking feature on the Vu, which can be activated with the touch of a small button on the top of the device. It can be used on any screen on any app: simply turn it on and start drawing on the screen with your finger or your stylus. Then, save it to your “notebook”, which can be organized based on category or date. As an LG rep pointed out, it would be a perfect tool for taking my notes here at CTIA.

Surprise! LG hasn’t said anything about US availability or pricing, though thanks to its LTE radios, the Vu would certainly be able to find a home on a whole host of US carriers. We’ll bet that the Vu will eventually arrive on US shores, but until then, you can catch some shots and a hands-on video after the break below.

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5 years ago

Sprint EVO 4G LTE versus the Verizon Droid Incredible 4G LTE


Two of the spring's hottest phones -- side by side, head to head. The Verizon Droid Incredible 4G LTE and the Sprint EVO 4G LTE. Both are the latest entries in their respective iconic lines, and both should serve their carriers well.

But while they're both HTC phones, it's obvious they're from different cuts of the cloth. As we've already written, the EVO 4G LTE is a close cousin to the HTC One X, in specs if not in name. The DInc 4G, meanwhile, is a continuation of the Incredible line. (As I wrote in our forums, it is not Verizon's version of the HTC One S, or the One X, or the One V. It's a completely different phone.)

The EVO is the more svelte of the pair, longer and leaner. The DInc 4G is more stout, with a smaller display and a rubberized, textured removable battery cover. But it still feels pretty good to the touch, thanks to the smaller form factor. 

One common thread is HTC Sense 4, which is similar in look and performance across both devices. Both carry Beats audio, and both will be using the latest Qualcomm Krait S4 chip. Where things start to diverge is in the camera department. The EVO, being a derivative of the HTC One line, has the all-important ImageSense (or ImageChip) system. That means an incredibly quick shutter time (0.7 seconds), as opposed to the DInc 4G, which is still fairly fast, but it's obviously not anything you could call "zero-lag" speed. We'll need to test the DInc 4G camera in the wild, too, before passing final judgment, but we're also not expecting images to turn out quite as nice. 

We've got a bevy of pics after the break. Check 'em out.

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5 years ago

Use your Bluetooth headset as a remote camera shutter on the HTC One series


Whoa! That's pretty slick! If you can't see the video, let me describe it -- a fellow from the Chinese forum ePrice is using a paired Bluetooth headset as a remote camera button on his HTC One X. Not all headsets will work (and unfortunately my Motorola headset falls into that not-working category), and the button combination needed seems to vary a little bit, but this seems to be an undocumented feature with the One series phones. Give it a shot, and holler in the comments if your headset works -- 'cause I need a new one now.

Source: ePrice (Chinese). Thanks, anon!

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5 years ago

LG Optimus 4X HD hands-on


Greetings from CTIA 2012 here in New Orleans, where today we got our paws on the latest and greatest hardware from LG. First up is the company's latest flagship device, the Optimus 4X HD. We first got a look at this beauty back at Mobile World Congress, but like true techies, we just needed another round with it. The Optimus 4X HD has got the guts to go up against the heavy hitters on the market today: underneath the hood we've got a Tegra 3 processor clocked at 1.5 Ghz, 1 GB RAM, and Ice Cream Sandwich. LG has done a bit of tweaking to its Tegra 3, optimizing a fifth core for light, non-intensive usage that's designed to save precious battery life.

Speaking of battery life, LG is really focusing on improving it. In addition to packing 2,150 mAh battery, LG is making the most out of Android 4.0's battery optimizations, in addition to its own software tweaks. We're glad to see it, as that 4.7-inch "True HD" IPS display is certainly not a battery sipper. Hopefully, with what LG has done, we'll see some solid and respectable talk and standby time here.

LG is hush-hush on release dates and US carrier information, though after talking with representatives, I certainly got the feeling it's coming sooner rather than later. We'll keep our eyes peeled, of course, and until then, enjoy another round of hands-on after the break.

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5 years ago

TELUS sets up new site to keep customers informed about software update release dates


Sometimes getting information from the carriers on device software updates is a painful process. They either don't know, won't tell or ignore the concerns altogether. TELUS in Canada is looking to change that just a little by adding some transparency to their device update process. TELUS has now launched a new site that highlights all the most recent and known upcoming device updates for not only Android devices but also their complete lineup as a whole. Sure, some slots still just simply say "Coming Soon" but clearly, TELUS is committed to at least acknowledging when updates are coming and that folks, is better than saying nothing at all. You can check out the new site via the link below.

Source: TELUS

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5 years ago

DroidDoodle: Passin' a good time


Keeping up with the latest from CTIA in New Orleans?

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5 years ago

Kyocera Rise hands-on


Kyocera this morning announced two new devices, the Kyocera Hydro (which we took a look at earlier), and the Kyocera Rise. At first the two devices don't look extremely different, they have the same screen size, and many of the same specs, but a big difference with the Rise is the inclusion of the physical QWERTY keyboard. Just like the Hydro the Rise features a 3.2-inch IPS display, but this device is not rugged nor waterproof, which gears it towards a different crowd.

Touring the hardware you will notice the set up is nothing we haven't seen, but they have added some nice touches to the device style wise to make it appealing. At the top you have the power button and headphone jack, on the left you have a volume rocker and the micro-USB charging port. On the right there is a dedicated camera key, which is something that I enjoy greatly. The back of the device is where the style really shines, with the two tone colors, and the nice glossy back that was used.

With the same 1GHz processor, and 2GB of on board storage for the device, the device does not lack speed, but it also isn't the fastest we have seen. The custom lock screen and Eco-Mode is also found on the Rise, and while only small additions to ICS, it is nice that they went above and beyond to bring something unique. The keyboard is actually very easy to use, and the keys are well spaced so that typing on them is rather accurate.

The device is geared towards a more entry level crowd, the specs and overall product show that, but that doesn't mean that it should be shun. They have done a great job with the device, and if you are looking for something entry level, want your first Android device, or want to grab something nice for your parents, this is a great option. Hit the break for some more shots and a video tour of the device.

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5 years ago

HTC EVO 4G LTE cases at CTIA


"I'm just going to cover it with a case anyway." That's a sentence we've heard from more than a few of you in regards to the Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE. Whether you really do think it's the most hideous device since the <insert really ugly device here> or if you're going to look for a case for the sake of protection <insert surprisingly rational reaction here>, cases certainly will be part of the EVO 4G LTE experience.

HTC had a few EVO 4G LTE cases under glass at its booth at CTIA in New Orleans. While we haven't yet gotten a chance to get our slippery fingers (blame the po boys) on them, from the looks of things we're looking at some slim shells, and that's a good thing. The other important feature is that the kickstand is allowed to do its thing.

We've got another couple pics after the break if you're looking for a little extra EVO 4G LTE case love.

More: EVO 4G LTE forums

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5 years ago

Kyocera Hyrdo Hands-on


Earlier this morning at CTIA we saw Kyocera announce two new devices, the Kyocera Hydro and the Kyocera Rise. The aim of these devices was pretty evident, featuring 3.5-inch displays it was rather obvious that they weren't debuting some flagship devices, but that also doesn't mean that we should write them off without a fair look at them. First up is the Kyocera Hydro, their submersible Android device that is geared towards rugged users.

While the display may only be 3.5 inches, it's tempered by the fact that Kyocera opted to include an IPS display on this device. Some may find it to be a bit small, but aside from the personal preference there, Kyocera has done a rather nice job with the display. Right off the bat the one thing you will notice is the choice they made in regards to the buttons under the display, and unfortunately they have decided to go with four of them instead of three. This style decision is one that many may not enjoy, but it is there and we can't change that now.

Touring the hardware there isn't much different from other devices except when you flip it over you will notice the rugged design on the back. At the bottom of the battery door is the lock that helps create the waterproof seal for the device, since it is able to be submerged for up to a meter for 30 minutes without causing any damage to the device. Up at the top you have the 3.2MP camera which by no means is the greatest on the market, but it will do the trick.

Overall they have left the software of the device pretty stock, minus the lock screen, which they have customized in a way that will please some and annoy others. The lock screen has a large unlock button in the center, and right below that is the shortcut to the camera. To unlock the device, or access the camera you will need to flick the icon, which I found to be pretty easy to do, not an excessive force or repeated attempts were required.

Inside you have a 1GHz processor to help the device move along fluidly, along with 2GB of internal storage space for your favorite apps and files. The device allows for added storage as well via micro-SD which is under the sealed battery door. While far from a flagship device, the Kyocera Hydro is definitely a powerful little device that is sure to please the crowd of Android users looking for something a little more rugged. Hit the break for a quick video tour and some more hands on shots.

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