3 years ago

Sprint's Samsung Replenish details leaked -- a 'green' Android phone


You might remember seeing the picture above -- it's the full view of the training promotion for Sprint's upcoming phones we showed everyone at the beginning of April.  At the time we were focused on the Nexus S 4G, as rumor had it that the Samsung Replenish was a feature phone.  We received some information tonight that tells us the Replenish will actually be a "green" Android smartphone.  We're to see the official press release on April 15, with the device available for sale (online at least) by Sprint on May 5.  If we had to make a guess, it would be that the Replenish is that portrait QWERTY Samsung with Sprint's logo we saw last month.

We're pretty confident of the information, because it comes directly from some Sprint internal pages that have been uncovered.  I'm not going to reveal how to see them, but you can see the full pages (minus some personal information) after the break.  Thanks paulmike3!

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3 years ago

Confidential Sprint EVO 3D page spotted; under wraps until April 11


We're not quite sure just what to make of it, but an astute reader has spotted a page on Sprint's website with a message about the EVO 3D (see our hands-on with one right here).  There's not much to go on, here's what it says:

The vanity request identified as "www.sprint.com/evo3d" is confidential until after the requested launch date of: 04/11/2011

Nothing more, nothing less.  Does this mean Sprint is releasing the EVO 3D on April 11?  Doubtful.  Does it mean they will be announcing the EVO 3D launch date and putting up a pre-order page on April 11?  Possibly.  Is it just a random date thrown in as a page placeholder?  Could be.

Whatever it means, I'm sure Sprint is aware of the consumer interest this one will garner, so expect a big media push once they feel ready to talk about it.  In the meantime, hit the source link to see for yourselves, then hit the Evo 3D forums and speculate! [Sprint] Thanks, milad6923!

Update: Looks like there's one for the EVO View tablet as well. Thanks, Francis!

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3 years ago

Verizon nixing one-year contract option beginning April 17


First it was lengthening the early upgrade benefit, and now Verizon's apparently doing away with 1-year contracts altogether starting April 17. We'll let that sink in for a minute.

Here's the deal: Most of the time normal consumers (that's not likely to be many of you out there, right?) purchase a smartphone, they do it on contract. That's 24 months in which you're legally obligated to pay Verizon the monthly penance, and in exchange Verizon subsidizes the cost of the phone, getting it down to $300, $200, or maybe even less -- all the way down to free.

But what's not often talked about is the one-year contract. You pay a little more up front for the hardware, but you're only indebted to the carrier for 12 months. And, really, it's the way to go.

But Verizon apparently is about to do away with that. So you'll either have to pay $500 or $600 for a top-end smartphone, or get ready to sign away two years of your contract life. Up to you. Thanks, W!

How do you normally purchase a smartphone?survey software

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3 years ago

Poll: $250 Nook Color, or $350 WiFi-only Galaxy Tab?


Samsung has finally announced that the Wifi only Galaxy Tab is coming, and that brings up a very interesting question we want to ask you guys.  Which would you buy, the Wifi Tab, or the Nook Color?  On the outside, they are pretty similar.  Both are seven inchers, neither runs Honeycomb, and with the current state of AOSP, maybe neither one ever will.

The innards have a good many differences, starting with the Tab having a 1 GHz Hummingbird CPU and the Nook Color using a TI OMAP 3621 at 800 MHz.  The Tab's GPU is a step up from the Nook's, but both are capable PowerVR chips, and both check in at 512 MB of RAM.  Storage space on the Wifi Tab is 16GB, and the Nook comes with 8GB on board -- both can handle up to a 32 GB SD card.  The biggest hardware difference is the cameras (front and rear) on the Tab.

On the software side, the Tab ships with Froyo, and according to rumors the Nook is scheduled to get Froyo with "tablet features" and Adobe Flash sometime this month.  As it stands now, you'll need to root and hack the Nook Color to get the same feature set as the Tab, but that's a really simple affair, with none of that locked and encrypted mumbo jumbo you've heard about with other Android devices. 

I guess it all really comes down to personal preference, so we've set up a poll.  Let us know what you think, and discuss in the Nook Color and Galaxy Tab forums!

Which would you buy -- the Wifi only Galaxy Tab, or the Nook Color?survey software

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3 years ago

Motorola seeking Bravo owners to test pre-release software update


Although we recently had to unleash some bad news for Motorola Bravo owners addressing the delay of Froyo, that doesn't mean Motorola has stopped working on the update altogether. In fact, Motorola has now announced that they are seeking out some beta testers for a pre-release round of testing for the eventual OTA update.

Motorola and AT&T are happy to announce a pre-release of the first software upgrade* for BRAVO™ with  MOTOBLUR™, before it is officially released to all customers. We are recruiting 1,000 BRAVO™ owners to test and provide feedback on the upgrade to FroYo (Android 2.2).

This  registration period will be open until we receive our limit of  qualified applicants. Note that you must be a member of the Motorola Owners' Forums to register. If you're interested in testing and want to take part, just join Motorola's community now and then fill out the short registration form.

Although registration doesn't guarantee you a slot for when the testing begins, adding your name to the list is certainly worth it. Hit the source link for the full details and registration link [Motorola Owners' Forum]

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3 years ago

After ice cream, SBF back to stock [from the forums]


It's Thursday and as we get set to rock yet another awesome podcast for you all some folks in the forum are having some fun at guessing the next OS name for Android after ice cream. If you think you've got the next version pegged then join us in the forums and post what you think it will be. If you're not really into guessing games hit up some of the threads below:

If you're not already a member of the Android Central forums, you can register your account today.

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3 years ago

Just Spotted launches app after battle with Twitter


After getting into a battle with Twitter over its use of Twitter's real-time search access, the folks from Scoopler have moved on and have now released their Just Spotted celebrity tracking application to the Android Market.  As described in their press release, the Alpha version release allows you to:

Receive push notifications whenever a celebrity is spotted in your area. Check out the list of nearby spottings to see other spottings near you or click ‘everywhere’ to see the latest spottings world-wide. Click any spotting for more details.

Stalkerish? Certainly, but that's pretty much what they are going for here -- if all you Justin Bieber fans out there are ever going to have a chance at meeting him, you'll first need to know where he is. Jump on past the break for the full press release.

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3 years ago

HTC Inspire 4G case review: Case-Mate Barely There


Some of us don't need a big, bulky case that protects our phones from rough treatment, and prefer a slim case that keeps things from getting scratched and slips easily into a pocket or purse.  The Case-Mate Barely There case for the Inspire 4G is that case. 

It's a one-piece, very thin (hey, it's barely there!) hard, yet flexible and impact resistant shell that neatly covers the rear of your Inspire 4G or Desire HD.  It's designed to leave all the ports and buttons on the top and bottom of the phone open, and the volume switch on the side is cut-out for easy use.  It's simple to put on and take off, and is going to do a great job keeping the back of your phone from getting dings or scratches.  While the case covers the back and corners, the included Case-Mate screen protector covers the big 4.3-inch piece of glass up front.

If you're looking for a case that's slim and attractive, you should have a look at the Case-Mate Barely there case.  You can find it in the Android Central store, in black, pink, white, and mirrored silver for $17.95. 

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3 years ago

Hey, look, more Incredible 2 pics


We'd be a little more excited about these rather official-looking renders of the Verizon HTC Incredible 2 if we hadn't just dropped a mess of pictures of the actual smartphone on ya. And also if we hadn't crawled all over its precursor, the Incredible S, at Mobile World Congress. But if you're the type who gets giddy at these, then by all means, go for it. [Pocketnow]

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3 years ago

TELUS and Koodo Mobile Samsung Nexus S now available


If you live in Canada and have managed to hold off importing a Samsung Nexus S from the U.S. then your patience has paid off. TELUS has now posted the device up on their site for ordering and as was rumored, pricing is as follows:

  • No contract - $549.99
  • 1 year contract - $499.99
  • 2 year contract - $449.99
  • 3 year contract - $179.99

The no contract price is a little higher then what was given at launch for the U.S version but -- I guess that's the cost Canadians pay for also having AT&T compatible 3G on their versions. Now, question is who in the U.S is going to be importing one from Canada to use on AT&T? In other TELUS related news, Best Buy also has TELUS owned Koodo Mobiles version showing on their site as well. [Best Buy, Koodo, TELUS]

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