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How To Update to RC30 But Still Have Root Access (Jailbreak)


We at Android Central have a feeling that the battle between Google and G1 Jailbreakers will continue for the foreseeable future. After reporting that the RC30 update kills root access to your G1 which effectively limits jailbreaking, the fine folks from XDA developers found a fix. If you have yet to update your T-Mobile G1 to the RC30 update and want to remain jailbroken, well they've found a way to have your cake and eat it too. Updated already? Sorry, you'll have to wait for the next round. Check out the complicated details after the break.

[via Androinica]

Read on to see how to remain jailbroken AND update to RC30!

First off, you'll need to download two files to your desktop:

Download and install the Android Telnet Client from the Android Market

Download and install the Terminal Emulator app from the Android Market

Turn on WiFi and connect to your WiFi network

Now, go back to your downloaded files on your desktop

  • Decompress the AndroidMod.zip file
  • Extract "recovery_testkeys.img" to your desktop
  • Rename "recovery_testkeys.img" to "recovery.img"
  • Rename the modified Android OS RC30 update file from "update-RC30-fullupdate-modified-testkeys-v1.1.zip" to "update.zip"

Transfer the newly named "recovery.img" file and the newly named "update.zip" to your microSD card (you can use the microSD card that came with your G1)

  • Put microSD card in your G1 (if it's not already in there)

Fire up "Terminal Emulator"

  • Type "cd system" and hit Enter
  • Type "cd bin" and hit Enter
  • Type "telnetd" and hit Enter
  • Type "netstat" and hit Enter
  • The IP address you want is listed on the same line as the word "Established"
  • Write down this IP address
  • Close Terminal Emulator (hit the "Home" button)

Fire up "Telnet"

In the IP address field (it should show "localhost") enter the IP address you wrote down

  • Hit "Connect"

Now that you have root access, you'll want to type in the following (hitting "Enter" at the end of each line):

  • mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock2 /system
  • cat /sdcard/recovery.img > /data/local/recovery.img
  • cd /system
  • cat /sdcard/recovery.img > recovery.img
  • flash_image recovery recovery.img

Now turn off your phone

Restart the handset by holding down the "Power" and "Home" buttons simultaneously

When you see the triangle logo (you'll know it when you see it), hold press "Alt" and "L" simultaneously

Ensure that you see "using test keys" along the top

Press "Alt" and "S" simultaneously

Follow the on-screen instructions

Press "Home" and "Back" buttons simultaneously when you're done and ready to reboot

The G1 will reboot as it does its thing - let it do so.

You have now fully updated your T-Mobile G1 to Android OS RC30 with the root access exploit preserved - get at the root with the Terminal app.

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The G1 is Worth $143.89 in Parts


The good guys at iSuppli have figured out the Bill of Materials cost for the T-Mobile G1 and place it at approximately $143.89. They used a virtual teardown method which is presumably easier than a physical teardown (which they've yet to do) and the overall price takes no account for software, research & development, manufacturing, and accessories costs.

With the $143.89 estimate of the G1, the $179.99 price under a new 2-year contract seems extremely reasonable. Those who paid more to get it out of contract may feel the burn but hey, who ever said carriers were there to help you.

What do you think? Anyone surprised by the estimate?

[iSuppli via Android Community]

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T-Mobile G1 Hits Wal-Mart for $180 ?


It looks like all that suspense and rumor building of Wal-Mart selling the G1 for $148.88 was all bunk. It's being reported that the price will be $179.99 nationwide, which is the exact price point it was on launch day in T-Mobile stores and the exact price it still is.

Oddly, on Wal-Mart's website for the G1 it states, "Prices varies by store." Not all stores will have the G1 yet and we're still unsure of what criteria the store will have to fill out in order to carry the G1. In the meantime, don't expect a discount at Wal-Mart but be on the lookout for them on the shelves!

[Wal-Mart via Phandroid]

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How To Load Debian Onto Your T-Mobile G1


Whoa. Though Google and T-mobile squashed root access with the RC30 update it didn't stop people from having fun with it in the few days the G1 was jailbroken. Case in point: Jay Freeman loaded Debian onto the G1. For those who don't know, Debian Linux is another OS that adheres to openness.

What's even better than simply loading Debian onto the G1 is that he managed to get Android and Debian to work together. So you can have Android for your phone purposes and Debian for everything else. A great compromise no? To be sure, the process isn't for the faint of heart so be wary of jumping into this very, very cool hack.

We at Android Central will choose to sit and admire from afar. Don't say we didn't warn ya!


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Huawei to Bring Android Device in 2009


Huawei Technologies has just announced that they'll be bringing an Android-powered device in the first half of 2009. Huawei has typically focused on cheaper, lower-end phones but have realigned their focus toward smartphones with customization capabilities.

Huawei will not sell phone directly to end users, which mean the branding on the phone won't be theirs. More and more phone makers and big shakers are announcing their Android plans. It looks like this Android thing will get preeetyy popular, eh?

[PC World]

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Android to Stream Media via Orb, FIVE


Do you have a dream of streaming your media to your G1? If you want to access the media library on your computer - watch your movies, t.v. shows, listen to your music and radio - and stream it to your G1, you may not have to wait too long. Orb is a popular multimedia streaming service that will first be available as an online service for your G1, and then later will be available as a native app for your Android phone.

FIVE, an alternative to Orb, is also under development for the Android platform. It's exciting to see that streaming multimedia is coming to Android sooner than later. Stay tuned!


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T-Mobile buying $1.5 Million Worth of Ads with AOL?


With the holiday shopping season about to kick off, T-Mobile and Google are going to push the G1 at consumers and push it hard. All Things D is reporting that AOL has earned a giant contract from T-Mobile that will advertise the G1 on AOL's Platform A Network. A billion impressions have been sold so get ready for the onslaught of ads for our favorite toy.

With more and more eyes diverging to the Blackberry Storm and the iPhone 3G, T-Mobile and Google are trying to make certain that you won't forget about the G1. Let's see how these ads work out and let us know if you run into any!

[All Things D via AndroidGuys]

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The Story Behind the Apps: Amazon and imeem



p style="text-align: center;">

A lot about Android is about the apps and a lot of times people don't know the development and story behind the developer's hard work. So it's great that Google is providing some great insight that details the origin behind some popular apps. In this series, we give focus to imeem and Amazon, two music based apps that are growing increasingly popular with Android users.

Here are the highlights:


p style="text-align: left;">

  • Completing imeem took around 6 weeks
  • imeem utilizes SQL lite databases, regular expressions, and web service API calls
  • Amazon uses Apache HTTP Client, ListView, MediaPlayer, and ViewGroups

[Android Developers Blog]

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Ballmer Says: Android Won't Make Money


Whatever Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, says always seems to be a good source for laughs for the rest of the blogosphere. This time he comes around saying that Android won't be able to make any money and that Android isn't a viable opponent..yet.

Here are the quotables:

"I don't really understand their strategy. Maybe somebody else does. If I went to my shareholder meeting, my analyst meeting, and said: 'Hey, we've just launched a new product that has no revenue model!'… I'm not sure that my investors would take that very well. But that's kind of what Google's telling their investors about Android,"


Though he is technically right and that Google doesn't make money on Android alone, he seems to be missing the point. Android serves as an extension of Google's services which all point back to search which all point back to ad revenue which all lead to money. Google's logic? If more people use Android, more people use Google, and more money for us. So we'll give Android away, heck, they'll let anyone use and tinker with it. Makes sense here.


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T-Mobile G1 Updated to RC30, No More Jailbreak, No Weird Bugs


Google sure does act pretty fast when it's concerning their baby Android huh? Only a few days after we first reported that the T-Mobile G1 has been 'jailbroken' and allowed root access to the phone, Google has come good with an update (build RC30) that prevents this from happening.

Google speaks:

We’ve been notified of this issue (Jailbreaking of Android) and have developed a fix. We’re currently working with our partners to push the fix out and updating the open source code base to reflect these changes.


Over at the Android Central Headquarters, we've already received the fix OTA and have been rocking RC30 for over a day now. The RC30 update also fixes that very weird bug that would reboot the phone every time you type r-e-b-o-o-t. Tell us if you got it!


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T-Mobile 3G Comes to Denver


Enjoying your Veteran's Day? We sure are. And we think maybe you guys in Denver, CO would even more with this piece of good news: You guys are getting T-Mobile 3G today!

Excited much? Oh we know, the speeds are great and the service is better, just don't waste the day by playing with your 3G G1 now. And don't worry for those currently without 3G, your city could be next!


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Firefox Mobile Isn't Coming to Android Because of Android Limitations


We had already told you guys that Firefox Mobile aka Fennec wasn't coming to Android but more details are coming out as to who's to blame. Fennec won't play nice with Android Market because apps in Android Market need to programmed with a custom form of Java to run on Android. Mozilla and the Fennec peeps won't have that and won't be releasing any form of Firefox until Google amends the limitation of Android Apps.


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AT&T Will Have Android (Maybe, Maybe Not)


First an Android phone (G1?) was coming to AT&T sometime in December. Not so fast. Then, an Android phone was coming to AT&T, but not in December - could still be the G1. Hold the press. Yes, Android is coming to AT&T but it definitely won't be a G1, but some other hardware. Great! Oh, but wait. AT&T is evaluating the Android platform and perhaps if their evaluation ends up being positive (translation: if buckets of money can be made, we will sell Android or even two cups connected by a string), they will for sure (maybe) have an Android phone. [Gizmodo]

I'm using my unlocked G1 on AT&T now, but it would sure be nice to have an Android that served me up some 3G speed. Are you running unlocked on 3G now, or biding your time until AT&T finishes evaluating Android and sells some hardware of their own?

Then again, AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega did just say that he doesn't have much interest in Android, so the wait could be longer than we'd like.

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Android Bug: Type "Reboot" = Reboot!


If your T-Mobile's G1 Android firmware is version 1.0 TC4-RC29 or earlier, you have an unintended extra "feature" - open the slider, press 'Enter' to pull up the application tab, then type in "reboot" and press 'Enter' again. Your G1 will follow your command and reboot your phone.

This bug causes Android to interpret words as commands and executes them as "superuser privileges." It is not yet known which other words can be interpreted as commands, but it's best to be wary of this bug and eliminate it via the latest firmware upgrade. If you are like me and have an unlocked G1, you will have to update your firmware manually when RC30 is available (Stay tuned! We'll post it when we get it!). Until then, be careful what you type!

[Gizmodo via ZDNet]

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Around SPE - 9 Nov 2008


Around SPE - Round Robin Teaser Edition!

This week's Around SPE is sponsored by the the TiPb iPhone Accessory Store, which has long been your best source for iPhone accessories. A lot of iPhone 3G upgraders were left out in the cold when their car chargers turned out to not be compatible, but they've got plenty that are, not to mention plenty of headphones that are a step up compared to the standard white buds

Last week both CrackBerry.com and WMExperts found themselves on the cusp of major releases -- the BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Bold on AT&T, the HTC Fuze on AT&T, not to mention a few others on the Windows Mobile side. So while everybody has been anticipating new devices, all of the editors at SPE are anticipating something else that will be starting on November 17th. The hint is right up there in the picture!

Read on for the full skinny on what's been happening around SPE!


WMExperts made a big splash Friday afternoon with the 'net's first and only video of the HTC Fuze for AT&T! Be sure to check back Monday morning because we're also cooking up a full review of this latest and greatest Windows Mobile smartphone. It looks like the Fuze release date has finally been pinned down, too.

WMExperts also tends to cover some more general industry news, so all the action at the FCC last week definitely caught our eye. Lastly, we're more than a little proud of our writer George Ponder, who used a Treo Pro to help manage the election in his district.


Over at CrackBerry.com, thousands of BlackBerry enthusiasts rejoiced as AT&T stayed true to their promised November 4th release date and launched the Bold. Picking election day turned out to be a smart move for AT&T and RIM, as stations like CNN played the new AT&T BlackBerry Bold commercial all day long.

The BlackBerry Storm, RIM's first touchscreen BlackBerry, continues to build on the hype leading up to its launch. Vodafone has dropped word of a November 14th release, and the Vodafone BlackBerry Storm bus has been traveling London which has turned out a bunch of Storm preview videos. While Verizon has not given official on the availability of their Storm, the educated rumor points to the week of the 23rd.

You'll want to keep it locked to CrackBerry.com this week. The What Would You Do for a BlackBerry Storm? Contest has come to an end and the top ten finalists have been selected. In order to win their new BlackBerry, the winners have to carry out their "To Dos" which will be published on CrackBerry.com as they come in. The first one hits on Monday!

The iPhone Blog

According to JD Power, the iPhone is absolutely destroying the Blackberry in *business* satisfaction due to it's drop dead ease of use and killer UI, but does Apple just not "get" the Four Pillars of PIM, something Palm nailed way back in 1997? Probably not, as the latest iPhone OS 2.2 leaks focus on over-the-air podcast downloads (admittedly super sweet!) and yet more App Store tweaks.

Speaking of the App Store, turns out Opera Mini was NOT denied (but probably would be), WeightBot's developers aren't done innovating on the iPhone just yet, and Shazam wants a piece of Midomi in our App vs. App battle royal for music mastery. (Leave a comment and you just might win an iTunes gift certificate). Of course, if you want to win a whole slew stuff -- an Ultimate iPhone Accessory Pack no less -- check out the Phone Different to find out this week's way to enter (hint: requires @theiphoneblog and rhymes with "sweet".)


Over at TreoCentral, we learned via a Barron's article that analysts at Avian Securities and Morgan Keegan downgraded PALM due to the belief that Palm's cash position will significantly erode ($248 million at the end of the latest quarter to $75 million over the next year) which leaves "little room for error." The downgrade was also due to a U.S. retailer survey resulting in the belief that smartphone sales will come in below expectations for the next several quarters.

We also found out in that same Barron's article that we might not (corrected, thanks Scott!) be seeing the Treo Pro on AT&T and the Treo 800w on Verizon in time for the holiday shopping season.

Plus we learned that Apple almost bought Palm back in the summer of 1997. Jean-Louis Gassée noted in an article over at Monday Note:

A perhaps little known fact: in the Summer of 1997, Steve Jobs called Eric Benhamou, 3Com's CEO (the company owned Palm). "Give me the Palm and come and join my Board of Directors. Only Apple can make Palm a true consumer brand." Nothing happened. Apple's foray into the product segment had to wait ten more years.

Android Central

We've settled in over at Android Central, now that the G1 seems to be out there and getting used by a surprisingly large number of people. Just check out these download statistics for the Android Market to see what we mean, or check out some the backstory behind Android Apps.

Our favorite new app: the Android Gameboy emulator! A close 2nd favorite use for the G1 might be the newly discovered tethering method, though. Meanwhile, we're keeping our eye on the just-discovered Android Jailbreak and security risks that have popped up.

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