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T-Mobile To Cover 200 Million In 3G Glory


It's no secret that T-Mobile has the weakest 3G Coverage nationwide. You can fault them for arriving late to the 3G party but you can't deny their effort since rolling out T-Mobile 3G Networks across the country. Now for the year 2009, T-Mobile has lofty goals--to cover 200 million Americans with its 3G network by the end of 2009. They made the promise to cover over 100 million in 2008, if more Android devices release (as hoped), T-Mobile is going to need every single one of those 3G towers.


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Hands On: HTC Magic!


Casey already provided you with the spec of the HTC Magic which are not dissimilar to the G1. What is new and pretty exciting is the form factor and cupcake!

My first thought handling the G2 was that I was overjoyed to find it to be a little bit thinner and more-rounded throughout. My second thought was "Hey, wait a second, this is HTC and they can made stuff like the Diamond ultra-small. Can't this be smaller?" Eventually, yes, HTC will manage to shrink down Android devices. For now we're actually still seeing stuff that's been in development for a long, long time. Still, no real complaints about the size.

Read on for more thoughts and a gallery!

The screen on the G2 seemed brighter and crisper to me than the G1s, but when held up in comparison they actually ended up looking fairly similar -- just the shine of a new gadget getting to me. What is slightly better is the feel of the screen -- it felt firmer to me. The microSD card is underneth the battery door -- but not underneath the battery, thank the lords of gadgets. That battery, by the way, is the same size as the G1s, so don't guy importing a G2 in the hopes that you'll be able to squeak out more hours from your Android smartphone.

Cupcake seemed pretty good to me, but it's not the end-all-be-all of Android OSes, there's still plenty of work to be done. I barely got a chance to really test out the soft keyboard, so I can't speak to it much beyond saying that "it's there." Gmail is also slightly updated in Cupcake. My favorite feature (see it in the gallery below) is a new feature for the home screen. Sadly, it's not more widgets. Instead, it's "Live Folders," which let you create folders of things that are updated automatically (like, say, Starred Contacts).

The unit you're seeing here is actually pre-production. The final unit has a different and more logical layout, moving the send and end keys down below and lining up the rest at top. As you can see here, the Chin stays. Though I'm (infamously?) fond of the Chin and find it very useful, others might not think it's so cute or good.

Availability: April-ish in Europe.

Enough jibber jabber, on to the photos:


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5 years ago

More Evidence of Android Netbooks


Freescale Semiconductor has developed an ARM Cortex A8-based i.MX515 system-on-chip (SoC), and they have announced that Android is one of the operating systems that ports to the chip.

What does this mean in plain English? This SoC is now available in a development board, including a netbook reference design. According to Linuxdevices.com:

"The Open Handset Alliance's Android mobile Linux/Java project already supported ARM, including the Qualcomm MSM7201A ARM processor used on the HTC G1. The new Android support for the i.MX515 is yet another of numerous recent signs that Android netbooks are on the way."

It's exciting to contemplate a low-cost, Android-based netbook. The timing on when something like this could be available is uncertain, but when it is, how many of you will be tempted to pick one up?


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The Mysterious (and iPhone-ish) Huawei Android Touchphone


Even though folks like Samsung failed to deliver anything Android-ish at MWC, an intriguing handset from Huawei was on display, albeit a non-working prototype. The Huawei Android phone looks an awful lot like the iPhone 2G I sold on eBay not long ago.

Although this prototype lacks the hardware buttons that Android requires for normal operation, Huawei has revealed that they are working with an "established design consultancy" to customize their own user interface. Huawei also reports that this mystery Android phone will be available sometime in Q3 '09, rebranded through a yet-unnamed wireless carrier.

iPhone-ish or not, it would be nice to have more Android handsets in the marketplace.


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Vodafone Announces HTC Magic AKA G2


Maybe we spoke a little too soon. Fresh off of our report regarding the Vodafone and the HTC Magic AKA the G2, Vodafone just announced the touchscreen only device in their press conference at MWC 09. The first markets to receive the HTC Magic will be the UK (April launch), Spain, Germany, France, and Italy. Also of note, the HTC Magic is going to be a timed exclusive for Vodafone meaning us US users won't be getting first dibs. Sadface.

Anyways, here are the basic specs:

  • Qualcomm MSM7201a, 528MHz.
  • 512MB ROM, 192MB RAM
  • 3.2 inch 320x480 HVGA Screen
  • 3.2 megapixel camera (no flash)
  • GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth

Size specs:

  • 4.45 x 2.17 x .54 (comparable to the G1, a wee bit smaller)
  • 4.18 ounces

And finally, the more interesting specs:

  • No physical keyboard
  • 1340 mAh battery
  • ExtUSB (argh!)
  • Compass Mode
  • Comes in White/Black

In all, this looks great! But why no US love? What do you guys think about the HTC Magic?


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We're At Mobile World Congress, But Where Is Android ?


Our Editor-in-Chief Dieter Bohn is at MWC in Barcelona, Spain gathering all the news he can about new devices, applications, and basically the state of the mobile industry. He's been doing a wonderful job for our sister site WMExperts but where's the love for Android? We had expected a HUGE Android turnout at the show but at the moment, the biggest news coming out of MWC is the complete lack of Android Devices--Android is just no where to be found.

We're quite obviously disappointed because as great as we think the T-Mobile G1 is, the appeal of Android is in its potential--not its current performance. We knew that the bigwigs like Samsung and Motorola weren't ready to showcase their devices but we expected a heck of a lot more from other companies that could definitely use some of the press. HTC announced all Windows Mobile devices. Nokia is sticking with Symbian. Huawei is just showing off a non-working prototype. And honestly, we're starting to worry.

Talking to our main man Dieter, he tells us there just isn't any Android news to report on. After a solid launch of the T-Mobile G1, Android could have gained a ton of momentum with official announcements of upcoming devices. Sadly, the opposite happened. We got nothing. When we were at CES, there was no Android Smartphones announced. And now at Mobile World Congress, one of the bigger shows of the year, it looks like we might walk down that same path again...nothing.

We're going to keep our fingers crossed and hope that some Android-related news will pop up at MWC but if not, we'll continue to dig at the absence of Android. Stay tuned!

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5 years ago

More Android Market Paid Application Details


Following up our report on Android Market's paid applications price range, we found some more tidbits regarding Android Market's paid applications (via GoogleAndBlog):

  • You can return a paid application within 24 hours of purchase
  • Re-Installs of paid applications are free
  • No Sexually Explicit Material
  • Google bears no responsibility in billing disputes

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Google Adds Real Functionality to Spreadsheets on G1


Even though the month is only half over, Google is pouring it on with giving us even more "wow" and pizazz. Now you can view, edit, filter, and sort spreadsheets via List View on your G1! According to Google's Blog:

Today, I’m happy to announce that we’ve made mobile access even better by adding new capabilities with List View for spreadsheets. You can quickly view, edit, sort, and filter your spreadsheets on a variety of mobile devices including Android-powered devices like the T-Mobile G1, the iPhone and iPod touch, and the Nokia S60.

Our sister site, The iPhone blog, lists all the other goodness that Google has bestowed on us this month, and with a couple more weeks in February to go, is there still more to come? What else would you like to be able to do with your G1?


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Samsung Says Never Planned Android Phone for MWC 2009


Just a few days ago, we posted right here that the Samsung Android phone was delayed and would not make an appearance at MWC 2009. According to Samsung, we (along with just about every other blogger in the Intertube universe) only got this one HALF right. According to Kim Titus of Samsung: "Somebody decided that we had said we were going to show Android here and then said we weren't. We never said we were going to show Android, and we were never planning to. There's no delay, and we're on track to launch later this year as expected," he said.

I'm glad that's all cleared up. Samsung never intended the delay to show an Android phone at MWC - I mean, that would be CRAZY talk to feature a new phone, new platform at the Mobile World Congress, right? So the question is, will we then see an Android OS Samsung handset sometime this year?


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The G2 is The HTC Magic is The HTC Sapphire, Coming To Vodafone?


We're not quite sure what to make of these HTC Magic images other than the fact that they look ridiculously similar to the device previously known as the Sapphire. If you didn't know, the Sapphire was reported to be the fabled G2, so if G2=Sapphire and Sapphire=Magic...that must mean the Magic is the next G2? That does match up with T-Mobile promising more Android "G" devices.

Looking back at the 2009 lineup from HTC, it looks like this could very well be the Vodafone edition of the Sapphire/G2. The button layout looks a wee bit different and in these pictures the "Android-Chin" is less severe but overall it looks like a big step forward for Android Devices. From what we can determine, there looks to be 6 buttons: call, end call, search, home, back, and another button we can't quite make out.

We don't quite know the specs of this device yet but we can surely expect the usual 3G, WiFi, GPS to be in the mix--you can't go backwards now can ya? There doesn't seem to be a physical keyboard so this Vodafone "Magic" / HTC Sapphire / G2 device must wait for Cupcake to fully roll out. Also, the pictures we received were also named HTC Pioneer, so who knows what this officially is. We'll definitely be on the lookout for more details regarding pricing and availability, so stay tuned!

Click the jump for the rest of the pictures of the HTC Magic or HTC Sapphire or G2 !

Thanks Adrian for the tip!

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Did Apple Tell Google Not To Put a 3.5mm Headphone Jack In The G1?


This is all mere speculation but following the news that Apple asked Google to not include multi-touch in Android (which Google complied with) we have some speculation that Apple also asked Google not to include a 3.5mm headphone jack. Apple's use of remote buttons on their headset to control media functions is supposedly the sticking point. What the!?

We semi, sorta get Google agreeing to not implement multi-touch (esp. considering the drama that the Palm Pre v. Apple is getting into) but certainly Apple does not have the flex to manipulate Android HARDWARE as well, right? Our good friend Rene at TiPb is equally skeptical (and of course managed to put in an Android zinger, as well):

Other smartphones have long used the 3.5mm headphone jack, and since the G1 is hardly a media powerhouse (it doesn’t even include a built-in video app), there’s little reason to believe HTC couldn’t have included a non-remote, standard 3.5mm jack.


We hate the fact that the G1 lacks a 3.5mm headphone jack, it's especially ridiculous in today's climate of media-heavy smartphones but we highly doubt that this was a Google/Android decision. Take a look at HTC's previous phones and future lineup--no 3.5mm headphone jack, just the "jack of all trades" ExtUSB (lame!). So what do you guys think? Is Apple being the master puppeteer here or is this not feasible at all?

[via The iPhone Blog]

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5 years ago

No Ridiculously Crazy, Overpriced Nonsense Apps in Android Market


We had already announced that Android Market was receiving paid applications but after digging deeper into the fine print, it looks like there's going to be a limit of how much Android applications will cost in the market.

The current range will be set anywhere from $0.99 to $200. We think that's a fair price range that should hopefully avoid stupid elitist $1000 apps like that "I am Rich" application for the iPhone. What do you guys think?

[ars technica]

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5 years ago

Adobe Announces Flash For Android At MWC


Though we had fully expected Flash to show its pretty face in Android already, it's always a good thing when there's an official announcement. Adobe just announced at MWC that Flash is coming to Android!

By the end of this year, we can expect Android to be running Flash Player 10 which will display the same videos and applications as desktop computers. This is obviously great news for people who want to experience the "full web" and another step for mobile devices to reach the heights of their desktop counterparts.

Having Flash is great for Android because it "one ups" the iPhone and Blackberry who are as of now, Flash-less. Score.

[computerworld via googleandblog]

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NVIDIA's Tegra Coming To Android


NVIDIA's Tegra is something that got kind of swept under the radar here at Android Central. We weren't too familiar with the details of this ridiculously powerful "mobile computer on a chip" because it wasn't yet tooled for Android. Well, we should all get ready for Tegra because it will be coming to Android.

Why, now? Because NVIDIA sees Android surpassing Windows Mobile sales in 2012 and they want to be ready for the Android onslaught. The NVIDIA Tegra 2600 is going to be developed for Android OEM development and should release in Q2 this year.

To tell you guys more about Tegra, take a look at these specs:

  • The Tegra line will be all-in-one, integrated systems on a chip, containing an 800MHz ARM CPU, GeForce GPU, image processor, HD video processor, and controllers for all other aspects of core operations (memory, USB ports, communication) -- in a package about the size of a dime.
  • The chipset is 1/10th the size of Intel's Atom and is ultra-low power. A single charge can allow the user to run audio for 130 hours or HD video for up to 30 hours.

Basically, Tegra is going to pack a ton of power and be a media powerhorse. Can Android catch up to the specs? We'll soon see.


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Around SPE for February 15 2009


With our editor-in-chief, Dieter Bohn off in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, the inmates site editors are left running Around SPE this week. So, while he'll be breaking news and giving us some hands-on observations on all the new software and hardware on display, we'll be keeping you covered here at home, starting with a quick recap of where we are right now:


In the world of BlackBerry, T-Mobile customers were happy to see the official roll out of the next-generation BlackBerry Curve 8900 this week. With AT&T said to be dropping support for 2G phones, there has been some worry that this new Curve wouldn't come to AT&T, but with the 8900 SKU now showing up on AT&T systems, it's likely the device will launch there in the next month.

The BIG new this week comes from the CrackBerry Podcast. Kevin was in NYC on for a RIM Business Solutions Press Preview. While there, him and Craig recorded a podcast and for the first time had an employee from Research in Motion on the show. Joined by Mike Kirkup, Manager of Developer Relations, they tackle a bunch of topics from the upcoming App Store to OS 5.0 and whether or not Flash support will appear in a BlackBerry browser and more! Listen Here.

More after the break!

Android Central

This week Android Central reported that Android Market was leaving beta and finally receiving paid applications. Hopefully we'll see even more amazing applications such as this recently announced TeleNav turn-by-turn GPS application.

We also wondered why Google would comply with Apple's request to leave multi-touch out of the G1. Hint: It has something to do with maintaining a great relationship with Apple. Read: Google still wants to play nice with Apple to get iPhone eyes on Google AdSense.

Nokia Experts

News was a bit slow this week as everyone in the mobile space waits for big announcements from Mobile World Congress next week, including some announcements about devices and services from Nokia. We are in our third week of the the launch contest so make sure to get your entry in and look for week four's entry task. Great input and information is coming in from the contest entries. Also, check out our SBSH Reminders giveaway for a chance to win a free registration code.

Some topics of interest this week on Nokia Experts includes the amazing Nokia Maps 3.0 beta update, Nokia 5800 firmware update, Nokia E63 availability in the US for just $279, and the announcement of the Nokia 5630 with 600 MHz processor.


Over at PreCentral this week, we learned that Bell Canada will be launching the Palm Pre. We heard conflicting launch dates of late Q2 or early Q3 and also the end of Q3-Q4.Â

We also had more Touchstone details to emerge when Adam Kaufman, a Product Manager at Palm started answering questions on Facebook. Plus, many people are wondering if the Palm Pre made an appearance on the TV show "Knight Rider". Â

The iPhone Blog

Is this the first glimpse of the 3rd Gen iPhone? Looks pretty much the same as the iPhone 3G, but then Apple brass re-affirmed that the iPhone market is strong, and they won't be diluting it with an iPhone nano or keyboard slider any time soon. What with 20,000 Apps in the store, and the iPhone and the iPod touch now owning 51% of the mobile browser space... and growing, who can blame them?

Maybe jailbreakers, as the EFF asking the US government to grant it an exemption from the DMCA has Apple declaring jailbreaking illegal. (Oops, we just jailbroke live for xGPS on the last podcast!). Lastly, Google gave us Spreadsheet editing, but did Apple deny the Android multi-touch and... a 3.5mm headphone jack?!


This week when Ed Colligan spoke to investors at the Thomas Weisel Partners Technology, Telecom & Internet Conference, he announced that there will be no more PalmOS devices released by Palm (excepting the Centro getting released on other carriers) as they're focused on WebOS and Windows Mobile. He also said that not only will Palm have an app store when the Pre launches, but Palm isn't locking down the device so you can only install apps from their app store.

We also learned this week that the Sprint Treo Pro is now targeted for a March 15th launch, and that some Sprint stores are now getting re-stocked with new Treo Pro's with the new ROM on board. And even though the Sprint Treo Pro is delayed, it was great to hear that Palm's stock has neared double-digits.


It's been the calm before the storm over at WMExperts while we wait for Mobile World Congress to get under way, but that doesn't mean it was a quiet week. We saw more information surface on Windows Mobile 6.5 including a new video, an updated version of Skyfire Beta released while Opera Mobile plans to go turbo. Google offered up contact and calendar sync and brought public-domain books to mobile devices. Mozilla's Fennec mobile browser hit pre-alpha, and we got a sit-down with developer Brad Lassey. On the hardware side, new Windows Mobile devices were spotted from Garmin-Asus, Gigabyte, as well as the "Hummer" of Windows Mobile Devices from I-Mate.

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