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4 years ago

TomTom coming to Android - possibly as soon as October


When it comes to voice guided satellite navigation the one company that springs to mind for most people is TomTom, but sadly we haven't had any Android love - until now. Today at IFA in Berlin TomTom are previewing their long awaited Android version. Pricing and availability is yet to be confirmed but clearly it needs to be an attractive package to tempt us away from using Google's own solution, although Tom Tom will certainly have more features.

“We aim to make TomTom content and services available to as many devices and platforms as we can,” says Corinne Vigreux, Managing Director at TomTom. “Bringing TomTom navigation to Android smartphones is, therefore, a significant milestone for us.”

TomTom for Android will include the following features:

  • World-class navigation - The latest, most accurate TomTom maps available – with no need for a mobile signal or data plan.
  • Lifetime maps – Free updates that ensure access to the latest maps and fastest routes.
  • IQ Routes - Arrival times that drivers can rely on – at all times of day.
  • Advanced lane guidance – Gives drivers extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions.
  • Spoken street names – Makes turnings even clearer.
  • 2D / 3D driving view – The clearest display for the safest driving.
  • TomTom HD Traffic – Available as an in-app purchase. It’s the quickest way through traffic. Proven.
  • TomTom Speed Cameras – Available as an in-app purchase. Save money and drive safely with real-time mobile and fixed camera alerts.

We will of course bring your further TomTom news as we get it.

Source: Business Wire

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4 years ago

New images show off possible HTC tablet


HTC has been rather quiet on the tablet front but some new images leaked on Twitter by @evleaks have given us something interesting to look at. At this point, there is pretty much nothing to go on in terms of information about the device, not even the exact OS it may be running but the images sure are pretty to look at if nothing else.

In my opinion, it looks styled after the HTC One series though, I'd be lying if I didn't also say it looks like a decapitated iMac. That's it, enjoy the images for now and by all means, feel free to speculate in the comments. You'll find some more shots below for your drooling pleasure and here's to hoping we see more when IFA 2012 kicks off fully.

Source: Twitter

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4 years ago

LG unveils the Optimus L9, differentiates it with OCR translator app


LG has been busy lately having only yesterday unveiled the Optimus G which will serve as their flagship device for the next little while. Another LG announcement has arrived though, and it brings the Optimus L9. Packing a 4.7-inch IPS display, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with 1GB DDR2 (RAM) / 4GB e-MMC and a high-density 2,150mAh battery as well as a 5MP shooter all wrapped in a 9.1mm thin body the Optimus L9 isn't a lot to write home about but LG has tossed in a few other goodies as well to help differentiate it.

A new app called Quick Translator that makes use of Optical Character Recognition is going to be included and will take not only words, but also entire sentences and phrases and translate them from nearly 44 foreign languages to 64 user languages. Other items such as Quick Memo and the My Style Keypad which can detect left or right handed use have been included as well. The only thing missing is a release date and region listing, we're guessing IFA 2012 might bring more.

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4 years ago

Astro file manager updates to v4 for Jelly Bean users


One of the more popular file managers, Astro, has been updated to v4 today -- with a complete overhaul from a new icon to redesigned UI. The update is bittersweet however, because v4 is only available to Jelly Bean users right now. Devices on lower versions of Android will be stuck on v3.1.387 for now, but will hopefully be pushed up to v4 with the Jelly Bean users soon enough.

The UI redesign is certainly different from what Astro users are used to, but that being said it seems well designed and useful. On launch you're greeted with a new three-paned start screen offering a search box, folder options, locations and a list of recent files. Swiping left offers similar options as the start screen but with more granular settings control. Swiping to the right instead gives quick access to SDcard usage statistics, a task killer and application manager.

Hit the Google Play link above to download Astro, and be sure to have a look at the full press release after the break.

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4 years ago

Motorola launches 'You. On Display.' contest ahead of Sept. 5 event, wants to have you there


Just a week before Motorola and Verizon kick things off at their September 5th event in New York City, Motorola has put up a Facebook contest to give 25 winners an opportunity to meet their product experts at an invite-only event. To get started, head to facebook and "like" the Motorola page, then click the "You. On Display." tab and follow the prompts. To enter, take a picture showing what Motorola means to you, and accompany it with a caption of less than 50 words.

The contest is open until 11:59 tomorrow (Wednesday) night, and is only open to residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut -- which makes sense considering the short notice. For everyone else, we'll see you back here in a week for our coverage of the event.

Source: Motorola on Facebook

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4 years ago

OtterBox Defender Series case review - multi-layer protection and a locking holster clip



The OtterBox Defender Series case for the HTC One X offers three solid layers of protection in a tight, compact package. Beyond the usual hard plastic/silicone skin hybrid set-up, there’s also a screen protector integrated with the inner case. This means no more futzing around with sticky screen protectors, and having to line things up perfectly or squeezing out air bubbles. The case comes with a clip-style holsters that rotates a full 360 degrees while keeping your phone securely in place - face-up or face-down, whatever works for you.

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4 years ago

Motorola preparing another Jelly Bean update for the Motorola Xoom WiFi


Look, lets be honest here. The Motorola Xoom WiFi is pretty much a device like the OG Droid that refuses to die. Aside from the Nexus 7 and the Asus Transformer Pad TF300T, it's the only tablet to have Android Jelly Bean on it and now, Motorola has sent out invites for yet another update for it:

Thanks for joining the Motorola Feedback Network. We are inviting owners of the Motorola WiFi Xoom (U.S. only) to participate in an early preview of a new software release, and provide feedback. If you are not currently using a Motorola WiFi Xoom, please excuse and ignore this email.

Click this link -- [Link redacted] -- to take the enrollment survey if you wish to take part. Note that you must be a member in good standing of the Motorola Owners' Forums to be included. The registration window could close without notice so please respond as quickly as possible.

So yeah, there you have it. Another Jelly Bean update will soon be rolling out to the U.S. Motorola Xoom WiFi. As of right now, there is no indication of what changes it will bring but we'll be sure to let you all know as soon as we know.

Thanks, Chad!

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4 years ago

Gogo inflight Wifi coming to Canada next year


We're more than a year out from when we actually need to write this post, but whatever. When it comes to Canada, our motto is better get while the gettin's good. (At least that's what our Canada motto would be, if we actually had one.)

Anyhoo. Gogo, the company that brings you that sweet, sweet Wifi in the sky here in the States, will begin work later this year to bring that same nectar over the Canadian skies. Work starts on the ground with the construction of cell sites later this year. The whole thing's expected to be up and running by the end of 2013. So, yeah. We're a little ahead of ourselves. There's no need yet to fire up the Gogo Android app anytime you cross the border.

But trust us, it's never too early to get excited about Wifi at 35,000 feet.

Source: Gogo

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4 years ago

Plume for Twitter updated with UI improvements and Facebook picture sharing


One of the top Twitter clients on Android, Plume (formerly Touiteur), has received a notable update in the Google Play Store today. The UI has been streamlined and now follows a similar metaphor to that of the latest Google+ app, which has a hidden side panel with less-used functions such as search, favorites and trending topics. This is a good addition, as a vast majority of users will be happy with just seeing their timeline, mentions and direct messages on the main screen. It gives Plume a bit more of a minimalist look that a lot of people are looking for in a Twitter client right now. The latest update also changes the UI to "better support 7-inch tablets" -- which we're going to go ahead and translate to "updated for Nexus 7". 

Plume has also added two pieces of functionality in the way of automatic draft save/restore and Facebook picture uploading. Drafts are important if you accidentally hit the back button after straining over a perfectly crafted 140 character tweet, and the ability to upload photos to Facebook can help cut the friction when putting up posts, saving you that extra step of opening a different app for each network (we all know how painful the Facebook app can be).

If you haven't tried out Plume for Twitter before, it's been worth a look for a long time now and this update just makes it even better. You can grab it for free at the Google Play Store link above, then remove the ads for $4.99 if you're so inclined to do so. A couple screenshots of the updated phone UI can be found after the break.

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4 years ago

Reality Robotics Kickstarter wants you to be the robot


4 inches high. Wirelessly controlled. Bugdroid. Need we say more?

Reality Robotics, the company behind the likes of the nerd-friendly, Android-controlled TankBot, is back with another gadget, this one a little more near and dear to our hearts. A Kickstarter campaign has been launched for BERO -- Be The Robot. 

There are a number of models of the 4-inch BugDroids from which to choose. They've got tracks for legs, LEDs for eyes, and the headphones pulse to music. Plus there's a built-in speaker that will play music from an included storage card. Very cool.

The different models will behave different. They're programmable, voice-activated -- and the whole thing is open-sourced. (Jerry is going nuts already, we imagine.)

There are a dozen Kickstarter pledge levels, starting at $35 for a paperweight (basically the shell of a BERO with no electronics), all the way up to a $7,800 pledge that will send you to Hong Kong to see how these little guys are made. (There are only two of those available.)

Hit the links below for more, and check out the gallery after the break for more color options.

The BERO robots are expected to ship in late November. iOS funcationality will be added later, as well as integration with MP3 players and (possibly) Twitter.

Source: Kickstarter, Be the Robot

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4 years ago

Official SkyDrive for Android app now available in the Google Play Store


It wasn't any secret that Microsoft was working on an official SkyDrive for Android app. In fact, it wasn't all that long ago they let us know it would soon be here and now, if you head on over to the Google Play Store you'll find it readily available for download. It has all the features you'd expect but in case you need a run down:

  • Access all of your SkyDrive content including files shared with you.
  • View recently used documents.
  • Choose multiple photos or videos to upload from your phone.
  • Share your files and photos – send a link in email or in another app.
  • Open your SkyDrive files in other Android apps.
  • Manage your files – delete, or create new folders.

I've not really used SkyDrive in the past but now that there is an app for it, I'm more likely to go ahead and give it a try. Besides, who can really say now to free storage right? In total, Microsoft gives you 7GB for free so give it a go.

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4 years ago

Android Central Live from IFA 2012 in Berlin!


Greetings from beautiful Berlin, Germany! We've made our way to eastern Europe for the annual IFA conference, and we've got our two resident Brits -- Alex Dobie and Richard Devine -- on hand to bring you every last drop of Android that IFA has to offer. 

Things slowly get started this evening, but the real show kicks off Wednesday with the Sony and Samsung press events, followed by a Samsung redux on Thursday. Times, though. You need times. Here they are:

  • Sony IFA 2012 Press Conference - Wednesday, Aug. 29 - 1500 BST, 1600 CEST, 1000 EDT, 0700 PDT
  • Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 in Berlin - Wednesday, Aug 29 - 1800 BST, 1900 CEST, 1300 EDT, 1000 PDT
  • Samsung International Press Conference - Thursday, Aug. 30 - 1000 BST, 1100 CEST, 0500 EDT, 0200 PDT

Look for loads more on the show floor, as well, and be sure to check out our IFA 2012 preview, where you can get the rundown on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the what we're expecting from Sony, and other odds and ends. And be sure to bookmark our IFA 2012 page so you don't miss a thing!

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4 years ago

Firefox for Android brings speedy and powerful update for tablets


If Chrome really isn't your browser of choice and you prefer Firefox, you'll be interested to know Mozilla has now released the latest update to the Google Play Store. This update targets tablets more so than anything else but it has plenty of all-around fixes included as well:

  • Native UI for tablets, including faster startup and a beautiful new Awesome Bar!
  • Desktop sites can now be requested from the menu
  • Even better tabs experience - now includes swipe to close
  • Find in page implemented
  • Support for SPDY networking protocol v3
  • Bookmarks and history can now be imported from the stock browser in the Settings

According to Mozilla, everything in this release is based on speed and performance so you should be able to notice pages opening faster, better panning and zooming and even improved startup times. The update is live now, so get to it.

Source: Firefox

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4 years ago

Magisto arrives on Android, aims to take the frustration out of video editing


There is a lot of devices out there with great cameras for taking video. Chances are, you've taken some videos on your device and now have a bunch just hanging around. I say hanging around because video editing sometimes isn't always easy to do nor is it all that fun really.

A new but well known app has now made its way to the Google Play Store and it aims to take some of the frustration of video editing for you. Just shoot and upload video from your device, choose a soundtrack and give your movie a title and the Magisto movie maker will automatically edit your movie for you.

  • Unprecedented AI Technology that analyzes and edits the best parts of your videos
  • Easily share to Facebook, Twitter, Email and even YouTube
  • Automatic video stabilization, filters, effects and transitions
  • Facial recognition detects the important people in your videos
  • Upload videos from your Gallery or use Magisto as a smart video camera
  • Add soundtracks from your device or from Magisto’s library of licensed music
  • Access your movies from any device

We've yet to give it a go here but if you're looking to learn more or see it in action, you can jump below to view the video as well as read the full press release from Magisto. If you're having great results with it, drop a comment and let us know.

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4 years ago

T-Mobile Galaxy S2 software update available through Kies


For those of you still making use of a T-Mobile Galaxy S 2, it's time to grab your USB cable and fire up Kies as a new update has now been made available for your device. The change log is short and sweet but it certainly is interesting:

  • Version
    • Android version 4.0.3/ Software version T989UVLH1
    • Manual Update ONLY (Size varies based on previous software version)
    • Approved 8/14/12
  • Improvements
    • ISIS/NFC update
    • Bug fixes

Bug fixes are expected but the inclusion of "ISIS/NFC" is the highlight there. As we know it, T-Mobile is a part of the NFC mobile payment group but until now they've not put out any sort of information when ISIS would become active on T-Mobile devices.

At this point, it's hard to even know what they mean when they say ISIS support is included so if you managed to get the download installed, let us know in the comments or drop by the Android Central forums and share your findings.

Source: T-Mobile; via: Android Police; Thanks, Nadine!

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