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Why you should use Gmail


Gmail is an effective tool that helps us keep in touch with the world

Oh, Gmail, I still remember when I first heard of you. I was still a young lad at the time, but I remember hoping for an invitation to join the service. It seemed like it was an invitation-only beta, or not open to the public, for such a long time. As I waited for my invitation to get an account, I watched numbers scroll upwards on a little ticker as Google made a point that it offered much more storage than Yahoo! and Hotmail, its biggest email competitors at the time.

The happy day finally did arrive. I got an invitation and opened up my Gmail account. Since then, I haven't really used any other email services. Gmail gets the job done for me, plus some. But what is it that makes Google's email service so great, and why should you use it? The following are just some of the reasons I use Gmail. I think you'll think a lot of the following things are pretty cool, too.

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Here's your winner of the HTC One M8 Phunk Edition

Archan Nair's winning entry

Congrats, Archan Nair, you just won the HTC One M8 Phunk Edition (number one) in our contest!

Last week, we asked you fine readers of AC to get to work on your own custom design for the HTC One M8, and after a slew of entries, we put our top ten up for the community vote. We closed the voting down and live on episode 200 of the Android Central podcast we picked the winner.

But you won't believe what happened.

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Deal of the Day: BodyGuardz Anti-Glare ScreenGuardz for Samsung Galaxy S5

This Galaxy S5 screen protector is custom designed to fit perfectly on your display and is easy to apply, even for a newbie. The ultra-slim PET film reduces glare and fingerprints while providing a smooth touchscreen experience.

The BodyGuardz Anti-Glare ScreenGuardz are available for just $8.95; that's 44% off today only! Include 2 per package.


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Another Galaxy Note 4 teaser video focuses on the S Pen


Samsung continues to release teaser videos for the Galaxy Note 4 reveal event that's scheduled for September 3. This new clip focuses on the S Pen, which apparently will get a lot of attention at the Samsung Unpacked event in Berlin.

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Everything is not awesome to everybody


It's OK not to love everything

We're about to see what Samsung and Motorola have to show us for their annual release of two really nice Android phones — the Galaxy Note 4 and the next version of the Moto X — as well as assorted other products like watches, and maybe even some super-duper secret things that will make us all want to spend money. This means the hype machines will be turned up to 11, and the Internet will be filled with things about them until Apple does the same thing later in the week.

After that, of course comes the obligatory comparisons of all the phones and devices from all the companies and all the tech press, complete with loads of gushing and hyperbole. We'll be part of this, and we want to be part of it all. You'll also be reading all of it, both here at Android Central and across the Internet as a whole. Nothing interests a smartphone fan quite like a device launch, and when they come on the heels of each other we all get some sort of bloodlust-like fervor to both consume all the information available and to jump in and add to the fray ourselves.

It's fun as hell, more interesting than it should be, and makes for good business all around.

Just remember to take it all with a big grain of salt, because opinions aren't universally true and not everything can be awesome.

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Latest WhatsApp update adds full support for Android Wear


After adding Android Wear support to a beta version of WhatsApp earlier this month, the non-beta version of the messaging app has now been updated to include full support for Google's wearable operating system.

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ZTE offers a Vine teaser for September 16 New York City press event


ZTE posted a quick animated clip on Vine on Friday that offers a teaser for a press event to be held in New York City on September 16.

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The best new Android games of August 2014

Swing Copters for Android

Summer is winding down, but the Android games sure aren't. August saw a ton of really great Android games come to the Google Play Store, including the latest from the creator of Flappy Bird. We've got a few extremely twitchy Android games, and a few for the more casual gamers.

Good to go? Dig in for our top five Android games to hit the Google Play Store in August.

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8 hours ago

Tronsmart's new media box will support your shiny new 4K television


Tronsmart has announced the Orion R28, a sweet new media hub running Android 4.4 KitKat and powered by a Cortex-A17 processor. As the product name suggests, the R28 is based on and around the Rockchip RK3288, a quad-core processor, accompanied by the ARM Mali-T764 GPU. This combination enables the device to handle 4K H.264 and 10bit H.265 video for some stunning images on today's TV sets. Overall, it's a handy little product for enthusiasts.

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Super Meat Boy Forever to make a mark on mobile devices in 2015


Super Meat Boy Forever, an all new game in the critically acclaimed indie platformer series, was announced this week for smartphones, tablets, and Windows for a release sometime in 2015.

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