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1 week ago

Android 7.0 Nougat is now making its way to the Xperia XZ


Nougat goodness is coming to the Xperia XZ.

After rolling out Nougat to the Xperia X Performance yesterday, Sony is now making the update available on the Xperia XZ. The update brings build number 39.2.A.0.327, and is rolling out initially to the unlocked variant (F8331) as well as the dual-SIM model (F8332).

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1 week ago

Samsung works with Australian carriers to block the Note 7


Note 7 will be cut off from accessing mobile networks in Australia.

At this point, I thought we were done with the Note 7 saga. Turns out that isn't the case, as Samsung is now announcing that it is working with Australian carriers to disable services for Note 7 units in the country. Samsung did the same with New Zealand carriers last month, so it isn't surprising to see the company resort to the same measures in other regions as it tries to get back the few units still out in the wild.

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1 week ago

How to download offline content from Netflix


How do I watch my favorite Netflix content offline?

Commuters rejoice! Netflix has added the option to download their content to your phone or tablet via the Netflix app. Not everything on Netflix is currently available for offline viewing, but there's a decent selection available for download right now.

Once downloaded, you'll be able to avoid using your data to play shows while using public transit, and also able to watch your favorite Netflix shows or movies when you're outside your carrier's coverage area and away from Wi-Fi.

Fortunately, Netflix has made things real easy. Here's how to get started!

How to find shows and movies to download

  1. Tap to launch Netflix from your home screen or app drawer.
  2. Tap the Menu button in the top left corner.
  3. Tap Available for Download.

  4. Browse through the content that's available to download, then tap on whatever you want to download.

  5. Tap the Download button.If it's your first time, Netflix will highlight where the new download button is.
  6. If your phone is not connected via Wi-Fi, you'll get a notification to turn it on.

Once you've started downloading a show or movie from Netflix, you will get a blue notification with the download progress at the bottom of your screen. You are able to browse and add for more shows to your download queue. You're also able to go directly to the My Downloads section by tapping the notification once your downloads are complete.

How to find and watch your Netflix downloads

  1. Tap to launch Netflix from your home screen or app drawer.
  2. Tap the Menu button in the top left corner.

  3. Tap My Downloads.

  4. Tap to watch a downloaded movie or episode.

My Downloads is the home for all the content you've downloaded. Netflix provides the storage information right under the title, so it's quick to see how much space each download is taking up You'll need to tap a show to expand to see the downloaded episodes, while movies and comedy specials will simply be organized alphabetically.

How to manage your downloaded Netflix content

  1. Tap to launch Netflix from your home screen or app drawer.
  2. Tap the Menu button in the top left corner.
  3. Tap My Downloads.

  4. Tap the Edit icon in the top right corner.

  5. Tap the movies, specials, or shows you wish to remove.
  6. Tap the Trash icon in the top right corner to delete the content.

If you select a show from the main My Downloads page, you will be deleting all episodes of that show from your phone. If you only wish to remove some episodes, you'll have to expand the show first, then tap the edit icon to select individual episodes.

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1 week ago

Get some cityscape on your home screen with these wallpapers


Not all of us get to zip around the world seeing amazing cities.

That doesn't mean we can't witness and savor the beauty of other cities and their lovely skylines around the world. Cityscapes have been popular wallpapers for a reason: they're gorgeous, and they add sophistication to a home screen. They inspire us to expand our horizons. They let us escape our own drab little corners of the world for somewhere new, fun, and exotic. Let's go around the world, shall we?

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1 week ago

Android Pay now available in New Zealand


Android Pay has arrived in New Zealand!

New Zealand is the latest country to receive support for Android Pay. New Zealanders who bank through the Bank of New Zealand can add their Flexi Debit Visa to their phone via the Android Pay app, then pay for gas, food and more at a number of popular businesses using just their phone.

There are several New Zealand businesses that support Android Pay — whether you're looking to grab a bite to eat at McDonald's, Burger Fuel, or Domino's, do some shopping at Noel Leeming or Torpedo7, or make payments at mobile carriers 2degrees or Spark.

Currently, the Bank of New Zealand is the only financial institution supported, and the BNZ Flexi Debit Visa is the only card you're able to add. Time will tell if other New Zealand banks will hop on the Android Pay bandwagon, or whether other BNZ cards will be added to the service.

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1 week ago

Take the VisionMobile State of the Developer Nation Survey and enter to win a Google Pixel!


Here's how to easily win a new Google Pixel!

We're proud to be supporting the State of the Developer Nation Survey run by our friends at VisionMobile! This is the 12th developer survey, focusing on a 360-degree view of developer tools, skills and salaries.

The survey features questions on topics like programming languages, platforms, app categories, new technologies, revenue models, IoT verticals - and of course - tools. It's a survey made by developers, so the questions will be relevant plus you will get to learn something new — and it only takes 15 minutes!

And we promise, this is a survey that's actually fun! Once you complete it, you'll get to find out what kind of character you'd be in a fantasy world, based on your responses: A mage? A fighter? A dragon slayer? Take the survey and find out!

Participants can win one of the dozens of prizes available, including a Google Pixel, MeccaNoid G15 KS, an Apple Watch Series 2, an Oculus Rift headset, Udemy courses, and more. VisionMobile will show you how your responses compare to other developers' in your country. You'll also be the first to receive the State of the Developer Nation report (coming March 2017) based on key survey findings.

Take the survey

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1 week ago

Moto Z may get a Google Tango Moto Mod in 2017


Let's Tango, Moto.

Right now, Google Tango is a great idea trapped inside mediocre hardware. As we saw in Lenovo's Phab 2 Pro, there is a lot of potential in the camera-reliant augmented reality technology, but right now there's really no reason for a consumer to invest in it.

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1 week ago

OnePlus 3 gets its first beta Android 7.0 Nougat build


Manually jump to the latest software right now.

As we tip over to December we're still waiting for an official OTA update to Android 7.0 Nougat on the OnePlus 3, but the most anxious among us can now be the first to see what OnePlus has done with Nougat by installing the latest Open Beta 8 software. Because of the big jump this latest beta will not arrive over the air for current Open Beta users — you'll have to manually apply this update.

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1 week ago

Google's latest Santa Tracker arrives with new game and visual redesign


Get in the spirit of the season.

Google Santa Tracker

Google's yearly refresh of its Santa Tracker always brings some new fun and a fresh take on the Santa story, and the 2016 iteration is now available in Google Play and on the web. As always, the Santa Tracker app and website bring tons of interactive activities and games to help kids pass the time while waiting for Santa to arrive.

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1 week ago

YouTube enables 4K live video streaming for all


Quadruple the resolution for your streaming needs.

Though you've been able to upload (and of course watch) 4K resolution video on YouTube for years now, the world's most popular video hosting service is now enabling live streaming in the new higher resolution, including 360-degree videos. From the viewer's perspective nothing will change, aside from the fact that live videos will now have the same option to bump up to 4K resolution as when you're watching a recorded video. The change here is really for content creators who are ready to make the jump up to 4K.

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1 week ago

Amex Pay launches for American Express cardholders in Canada


Amex cardmembers in Canada can try out Amex Pay on their NFC-enabled Android devices.

American Express is giving Canadian cardmembers a new way to pay, launching Amex Pay as a new feature built into the pre-existing Amex CA app for Android. Amex Pay will work for any Amex cardmember with Consumer, Small Business, or Corporate Cards issued by Amex Bank of Canada, and an NFC-enabled Android phone with the Amex app installed.

You're able to activate up to six cards on one device, but cards can only be activated for Amex Pay on one device at a time. When you add a card to the app, it creates a Device Card Number — a unique code that pairs your card to your device. If at any point you get a new phone, you must deactivate your cards on your old device before adding them to the new phone. If you happen to lose your Amex card, you can continue to use Amex Pay on your phone as you do while waiting for the replacement card to arrive. Your replacement card will automatically remain linked to your device thanks to the Device Card Number.

There are some caveats, however. Prepaid cards and products (such as the American Express Gift Card) as well as Corporate Purchasing Cards, Global Dollar Cards and Corporate Meeting Cards are not eligible for Amex Pay, and if your phone loses it's connection to the Internet, you are only permitted to make five transactions or authorizations before you are required to reconnect.

If you're an Amex cardholder in Canada and you haven't yet checked out the Amex app, now is as good a time as ever. You'll also get the benefit to manage your accounts with customizable features such as payment due and statement ready alerts, view PDF statements and pending transactions, as well as redeem your rewards points for eligible travel and everyday purchases charged to the card.

Learn more about the American Express mobile app

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1 week ago

You can grab a $94 discount on the ASUS OnHub router today!


Grab one before the great rebranding!

Google's efforts in connecting your home have been going a little slower than many had hoped. Announcements for Weave, Brillo, and OnHub made it seem like Google was ready to tie your home together in short order and have you ready to connect your home to your phone, but reality hasn't quite caught up yet. We're now seeing Google transition from OnHub to Google WiFi, with some new hardware to allow for mesh networking if you need it.

That doesn't mean your existing OnHub router isn't any good, in fact they will work great with the new Google WiFi expanders. Which also means you can get started connecting your home Google WiFi style right now with some seriously discounted OnHub equipment and be happier in the long run.

While the TP-Link OnHub router is a little more difficult to get on a great deal, the ASUS OnHub router is ready to be delivered to your home for $94 off the original price. That means you can get started with Google WiFi for less than the cost of one of the new single white pucks, and expand as necessary. Plus, when Google finally figures out how the rest of their connected home strategy is actually going to work, OnHub will be there to receive an update.

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1 week ago

Best Android racing games


Speed your way past the competition in these outstanding racers for Android!

We've rounded up the best racing games to be found in the Google Play Store. With so many options to choose from, we've compiled a list that covers a whole slew of sub-genres — from stylized arcade racing to highly realistic racing sims — so no matter your preference, you should find an outstanding game that's right for you. Let's hit the road!

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1 week ago

How to play Google Cardboard games in Daydream

How do I enjoy Cardboard apps on Daydream?

When it comes to phone based VR, Google has now delivered two awesome ways to experience things with Google Cardboard, and the new Google Daydream. If you've been enjoying Daydream, you might be wondering if there is a way to enjoy your favorite Cardboard experiences with the new Daydream View. Have no fear, it's quite easy to play your old favorites, and we've got all the details for you here!

Read more at VR Heads!

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1 week ago

'Gooligan' Android malware used to compromise Google accounts

Android security

Malware used existing root exploits to target Jelly Bean, KitKat and Lollipop devices, racking up fake installations and reviews on Google Play.

Security firm Check Point has revealed a new malware campaign involving using malicious apps to root Android devices, steal Google authentication tokens and illegitimately rack up installation numbers and review scores for other apps.

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