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2 days ago

Buy an LG G5 for your mom this Mother's Day and T-Mobile will give you another half off


To show your mother appreciation this Mother's Day why not buy her an LG G5? If you purchase one (or the G4, V10) through T-Mobile the U.S. carrier will give you a second half off when you add another line. But that's not all, you'll also receive the LG Gpad F 8.0 tablet as well. So that's two LG phones and an LG tablet for good measure. This promotion will kick off on May 4.

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2 days ago

Bell purchases MTS in $3.9 billion deal


There is more consolidation in the Canadian telecom space today.

BCE Inc., parent company to Canada's third-largest wireless carrier Bell Mobility, has announced a deal to purchase Manitoba Telecom Services, known to most Manitobans as MTS, for $3.9 billion CAD. The deal includes $3.1 billion in stock and $800 in existing MTS debt.

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2 days ago

The Galaxy Note 6 will allegedly offer USB Type-C connectivity


In what may be the most straightforward rumor regarding the Galaxy Note 6, the folks over at SamMobile are stating that the phone will offer USB Type-C connectivity.

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2 days ago

Xiaomi's $50 Mi Bunny is a GPS-enabled smartwatch for kids


Xiaomi has launched the Mi Bunny, a $50 smartwatch aimed at children. The key feature of the watch is its ability to make and receive voice calls, made possible through an embedded pre-paid SIM card. In addition to standalone cellular connectivity, the Mi Bunny offers GPS, GLONASS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

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2 days ago

Cyanogen OS no longer exclusive to Yu in India as Lenovo plans foray


Micromax's sub-brand Yu Televentures has been offering Cyanogen OS exclusively in India since November 2014, but that isn't going to be the case for much longer. Lenovo is all set to introduce the ZUK Z1 in the Indian market, with the phone also set to offer Cyanogen OS 12.1.

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2 days ago

Own a Galaxy Note 5 for just ₹1 as part of Samsung's 'Make for India' celebrations


Samsung has been voted the most trusted brand in India, and the vendor is marking the occasion by rolling out discounts on phones, home appliances, and TVs as part of its "Make for India" celebrations. Under the promotion, you can get your hands on the Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, or the Galaxy A 2016 series by paying just ₹1 upfront, with the rest of the money paid by monthly instalments.

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3 days ago

Button, begone — LG unveils next-gen fingerprint sensor under glass


You nearly can't (or at least, probably shouldn't) buy a high-end phone today that doesn't have a fingerprint sensor. And LG has just unveiled the next generation of the security feature, getting rid of the button and moving things under the phone's glass.

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3 days ago

AC editors' apps of the week: Apple Music, Blendle, Minecraft VR


It's Appday Sunday and that means we're back with more of our favorites to share. Every week we bring a handful of great apps to the table and share them with everyone. Sometimes they are new apps, sometimes old standards, but every time they are apps we love to use.

Give these a look and then take a minute to tell us all about the apps you are using and love so we can give them a try. We all find some of our favorites right in the comments on these posts!

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3 days ago

Best third-party wristbands for the LG Watch Urbane

Best third party wristbands for the LG Watch Urbane

You've already got sleek and sexy covered with your LG Watch Urbane. Now, accessorize.

We've reached a point where we can accessorize our accessories. The LG Watch Urbane is where fashion meets functionality in a big way, so why not continue to amp up the fashion with different bands?

You don't have to stick to just LG's bands. If you want to truly personalize your Watch Urbane, then you need to look at some third party options.

We've assembled a quick roundup of the best third party LG Watch Urbane straps out there. Strap in!



The days of annoying pins and cumbersome tiny tools are over! Google has released its MODE bands (currently only manufactured by Hadley Roma BND) and they might just be the most interchangeable watch bands of all time. At least for Android Wear. There's a neat video on the MODE site that shows you exactly how these bands connect to your LG Watch Urbane, and we have to say, it's pretty sweet.

Basically, all you do it remove the original pin that presently in your Urbane, then you add the MODE pin, slide your MODE band over the pin, and lock it shut, kind of like a carabiner. That's it.

So, once you have 10 different bands (when cheaper ones become available; Hadley Roma's models start around $50), you'll be able to make a change on the fly with ease. Just remember that when you go to order yours you need the 22 millimeter band.

See at Google

GadgetWraps silicone wristband


Let's get things started with the most versatile of the wristbands we'll discuss: the GadgetWraps silicone wristband. These bands are great for those who put comfort and durability above all else, but still want to maintain the dapper design of the LG Watch Urbane.

GadgetWraps are available in eight colors to match your style and with a price tag starting around $20, they won't break the bank.

There's also beauty in the GadgetWraps installation process, since they feature quick-release pins, which means no tool necessary.

Some of the bright colors might not really match the sophistication of the LG Watch Urbane, but, like I said, they're there to match your style.

See at Amazon

Ritche mesh stainless steel wristband


The problem with many "cheap" mesh wristbands is that they can be incredibly inflexible to the point of not even forming to the contour of your wrist. You just end up with a weird square around your wrist.

No problem with the Ritche mesh band, which is super flexible and surprisingly comfortable. You do need a watch band too, but that's provided and it means a little more security when you do attach it to the watch unit itself.

You'd probably want to pair this with the silver Urbane, though it may add some funky flair to the gold watch, again, depending on your style.

See at Amazon

Barton Quick Release


Add a big splash of color to your LG Watch Urbane, with Barton's line of quick-release watch bands. They're made of soft silicone, so they're comfortable and won't tarnish the way leather or metal bands will.

You can choose from nine colors, ranging from a very punchy bright orange to a more muted charcoal. Starting around $15, you can grab a few and switch them out daily, thanks to the quick-release – no need for annoying tools and tedious installation!

Barton also claims that their bands will fit 95 percent of wearers and that, if you happen to be in the 5 percent their bands does not fit, they'll gladly refund your purchase.

See at Amazon

Yesoo stainless steel wristband


Getting back to a more traditional steel band, Yesoo offers a flashy band with a quick-release butterfly buckle, making this easy to put on and take off, with none of the painful pinching that can come with some other types of buckles.

The Yesoo band comes with the necessary installation tools and shouldn't present too much of a hassle in that department, since it's just like any other metal wristband. You can remove links if it's initially too big and you're on your way to shiny urbanity.

See at Amazon

RaySun genuine leather brown wristband


Let's look at some brown leather, the way leather was meant to be (or so I've heard). This offer from RaySun is has an anti-slip texture and it's waterproof, so it won't dry and crack like leather generally does.

With the many buckle holes, this strap is designed to fit even the slimmest wrists, which makes it an ideal option for slighter folks. Like all the other bands we've discussed that are traditionally installed, RaySun provides all the necessary tools to get this breathable band on your LG Watch Urbane and out where everyone can ogle it.

See at Amazon

The Urbane Professional

Do you have a watch strap that you absolutely love that's not on our list? Make sure to leave a comment and tell us which band you have and why you think your strap is the best one ever made!

See LG Watch Urbane at Amazon

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3 days ago

Amazon Fire tablet's price cut by $10 to just $39.99 for limited time


Amazon is currently selling its 7-inch Fire tablet for just $39.99, a $10 discount from its normal $49.99 price tag. Most of Amazon's other tablets have discounts as well.

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3 days ago

Best car mounts for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge

Best car mounts for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge

Holding your phone while driving is a horrible idea. Get a car mount for your S7!

In many cases, it's illegal for you to hold your cell phone to your ear while you're driving, so a car mount is a great alternative. This way, you can throw up a Google Map before you embark and you'll be able to following your path like you would on any GPS device.

Get yourself a Bluetooth headset (or, better yet, a car with built-in Bluetooth) and you'll be able to answer calls, since pushing a button on your phone will be no different than pushing the buttons on your console.

If you've got the Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, then we've got the car mount roundup you've been looking for.

Spigen Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount

Spigen Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount

Gone are the days of gooey adhesives that muck up the inside of your pristine automobile. Magnets are where it's at. No, the magnets won't mess up your phone; you'll just have easy on and off mounting, which is what we all want, isn't it?

This Spigen mount has two sizes of slits to fit almost any car air vent and you can pop your S7 or S7 edge on in any orientation. All you do is stick the metal plate to the back of your phone's case and boom, your phone's magnetic and good to go any time. You can even take the mount with you and use it as a kickstand for when you're watching videos on your phone.

Note: you should stick the metal plates to a case and not the back of the phone itself. If you need some help finding cheap cases, we've got another round-up with your name on it.

It should also be noted that having the metal plate on the back of your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge's case will hinder wireless charging, so you'll have to take it out of the case for that.

See at Amazon

EnergyPal HC84K Car Mount

EnergyPal HC84K Car Mount

This particular mount serves a dual purpose: it holds your phone and doubles as a car charger. The end of the mount plugs into your cigarette lighter and looks like most USB car chargers, but an articulating arm extends upward from the unit into a three-sided phone holder. It softly cradles your phone, leaving the bottom open so you can run your charging cable down to the USB ports.

This unit comes equipped with over-charge protection, so you won't fry your phone if your car decides to short circuit on you. The gooseneck-style end can be rotated to any orientation, so you can view maps in landscape format if you fancy.

The only downside of this particular mount will be where your lighter plug is placed. If it's kind of hard to get to, then this particular mount may not work out for you, since the neck is only about 5 inches long.

See at Amazon

Omaker 3-in-1 Universal Car Mount

Omaker 3-in-1 Universal Car Mount

This is perhaps the most versatile mount in our roundup, since it can be clipped to your air vents, mounted on your dashboard, or mounted on your windshield (if that's legal where you are), with three different attachments.

It's got a longer arm for your windshield, the classic suction cup base for the dash, and clips for your vents and you can rotate it 360 degrees. It cradles your phone on three sides with a soft grip that won't damage your Galaxy S7 if you're a sans-case type of person. A great feature is the one-touch press to release your S7 or S7 edge, so you're not fiddling with it when you're jumping out of your car in a rush.

See at Amazon

iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount

iOttie Easy One Touch Car Mount

This is one of those mounts with a sticky gel pad that you stick to your dashboard, so if you're worried about damage, you may want to sit this one out. However, the nice part about it being a gel pad is its ability to stick to uneven and textured surfaces, making this mount ideal for even the most oddly designed vehicle interior.

You've got a telescopic arm that extends two inches and bends 180 degrees, to give you versatility in terms of where you stick your mount. It comes with a one-year replacement warranty, so if anything goes wrong, you just contact iOttie and they send you a new one.

If the gel pad on the back gets all dusty and gross and won't stick anymore, you can just rinse it under warm water, let it dry, and it'll be good as new.

See at Amazon

Zilu CM001 Universal Car Mount

Zilu CM001 Universal Car Mount

The Zilu CM001 is a reinforced rubber and harder plastic mount that has a ball that lets you mount your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge in truly any orientation. This is probably the most inconspicuous mount in our round-up, with an arm that cradles each side of your phone, leaving the top and bottom open. So long as you've got it snugged up, there's no worry of your GS7 or S7 edge slipping or sliding out while you're driving.

This is a suction cup mount, so you'll want to have it on a flat surface. One flip of the little switch and it comes right off, not greasy residue. Those of you with textured dashboards may want to reconsider.

See at Amazon

Spigen Style Ring

Spigen Style Ring

If you want to go as minimal as possible, then the Spigen Style Ring is the only way to go. It's an adhesive piece, no bigger than an inch, that stick to the back of your phone, with an articulating ring that doubles as a kickstand (bonus!).

Then, there's another piece, about the same size, that adheres to your dashboard or your console and you just hang the ring on it. That's it. It takes up about as much space as the volume knob on your radio. If you're taking some wild turns, it may jostle your phone out of place, but it's otherwise quite secure, despite how it looks.

Make sure you stick it to your dash during warmer months, since the adhesive won't really take in the dead of winter.

See at Amazon

Important to consider

Double-check the ol' law where you are and make sure that it's not illegal to mount anything on your windshield.

You'll also want to consider the absorbency of your dashboard, since some adhesives may leave stains.

What's your favorite?

Which car mount are you presently using for your Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge? Sound off in the comments below!

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3 days ago

LG G5 vs. LG V10 — Which LG phone is the best?


Bigger isn't necessarily better.

It's time for a quick comparison between the LG G5 and the LG V10. Two LG smartphones that are fairly different in terms of what features matter most, and armed with great cameras. We're gonna take a look at them head to head, and see if this year's G5 can beat out last year's V10.


While both of these are LG phones, they are dramatically different in terms of design. From the onset the sheer difference in size between the G5 and the V10 is apparent.

Category LG V10 LG G5 Processor Snapdragon 808 Snapdragon 820 Main display 5.7-inch QHD 5.3-inch QHD Secondary display 2.1-inch None Storage 64GB + microSD 32GB + microSD RAM 4GB 4GB Rear camera 16MP 16MP main, 8MP wide-angle Front camera 5MP Dual Lens 8MP Battery 3,000mAh (removable) 2,800mAh (removable) Operating system Android 5.1.1 Lollipop Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Size 159.6 x 79.3 x 8.6mm 149.4 x 73.9 x 7.7mm Weight 192 grams 159 grams

The LG G5 is the smaller of the two phones by a pretty significant margin in every dimension. It's 149.4mm tall and 73.9mm across. The V10 is huge comparatively at 159.6mm tall and 79.3mm wide. Likewise the G5 is 7.7mm thick, versus the 8.6mm the V10 is rocking. The V10 is quite a bit heftier as well, weighing in 33 grams heavier than it's opponent.

When it comes to the feel in your hand the G5 has a comfortable feel, that isn't slippery in your hand. The V10 doesn't have nearly as comfortable a fit in your hand, simply because it's so large. Thankfully the textured back of the V10 makes it easier to keep the phone from slipping out of your grip at in inopportune time.


When it comes to software, you'll notice a pretty sizable difference between the G5 and the V10. That's because while the G5 is running Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box, V10 launched with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and is just now starting to see updates. There is a big similarity though, both of them are saddled with a significant amount of carrier added bloatware.

That isn't their only similarity either. Both the G5 and the V10 have a fingerprint sensor in the back of the phone.It's placed well, and intuitive to find. There's been a fairly big disparity between the two, though. The V10 seems to work slightly better in this regard — particularly with the Marshmallow update. But I've had issues with the G5 — it still doesn't recognize the fingerprint about half of the time.

Looking at the G5 you can see the changes that LG has made in the software as well. Most prominently is the lack of an app drawer, which people seem to either be pretty okay with, or hate with a passion. They've also added the LG friends manager, which allows you to easily communicate with your LG accessories.


LG is known for the fantastic camera's on their smartphones, which of course means that we need to do a camera comparison. The V10 rocks a dual lens 5MP front facing camera, and a 16MP rear camera. Meanwhile the G5 has a 8MP front camera, with a 16MP rear camera and an 8MP wide-angle rear camera. Each of them has their own strengths, and produces great results.

LG G5 left / LG V10 right

In shade in seems like the colors from the V10 seem to wash out just a little bit, but it does produce great pictures in good light. The big difference in photos here is whether you're a bigger fan of the wide angle lens available on the G5, or the second front facing camera that the V10 has access to. Both of these cameras give you great results, and have access to a full manual mode. The G5 does have the better overall camera set in pure terms of specs though.


Our last big comparison between these two LG smartphones is the audio quality. That's because the V10 gives you access to hi-fi audio when you are listening on your headphones. To some people that might not really be a big deal, but if you spend a lot of time listening to music on headphones this can make a serious difference.

The problem being that the experience with hi-fi really depends on a dozen different factors. The type of headphones or earbuds, what you're listening to, the quality of the music when it was recorded ... the list keeps going. While even casual music lovers may be able to discern the clearer sound that the V10 produces over headphones, they're might not notice it at all. The G5 doesn't have access to hi-fi audio, but still gives you a good sound that isn't tinny or muffled.

Which should I buy?

So when it comes down to it, which phone is the better one? Overall it seems like the G5 wins out over the V10. With a better camera, more convenient size, and better overall specs. However, if you're a real audiophile, or you don't mind the larger phablet size, the V10 might be in your best interest. As always it comes down to preference, and deciding which features are the ones you want to focus on.

Get the LG G5 at Amazon Get the LG V10 at Amazon

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3 days ago

Android N Developer Preview 2 — let's talk bugs and issues


We've had a few weeks with the second Android N Developer Preview under our belt — I've been running it on my Nexus 5X using either Project Fi or T-Mobile — and that's plenty of time to talk about how it's working out so far. So let's talk about our bug lists!

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3 days ago

From the Editor's Desk: Hot for hardware

Phil in a Tesla. Sort of.

Bringing the former Motorola CEO back to run hardware might well be the jump-start Google needs to finally have a proper hardare division.

We're now just two weeks out from Google I/O 2016. And this one bit of news has me pretty excited. Not for the developer conference itself, I guess, but for Google's future as a hardware company.

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4 days ago

TELUS will roll out the Marshmallow update for BlackBerry Priv on May 3


The Canadian carrier TELUS has announced that it will begin rolling out the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update for the BlackBerry Priv on May 3.

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