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3 days ago

Prisma update lets you save photos directly

Prisma update

Much requested 'save' button added alongside bug fixes in first Android app update.

Just hours after it first landed on Android, popular AI-enabled photo filtering app Prisma has received its first update. The updated version of Prisma adds a "save" button — a much requested feature that lets you export directly to your gallery, as opposed to another app through Android share intents.

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3 days ago

Pokémon Go team leaders revealed, new pokémon and trading feature incoming!


At Comic-Con, CEO of Niantic John Hanke talked about the initial rollout of Pokémon Go and new features that will be making their debut in the coming years, including the addition of new pokémon and a trading feature that will allow players to trade pokémon. Niantic revealed the team leaders for Team Mystic, Team Valor, and Team Instinct, with Hanke saying that each leader will offer players advice.

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4 days ago

Beware of fake Prisma Android apps: Here's the legit Google Play link

Its a faaaaaaake

Looking for the Android version of Prisma? Make sure you don't download a fake.

Did you hear? The unique, artistic photo-filtering app Prisma is now available on Android. But in the early days of the app's availability on the Play Store, you might be having a hard time tracking down a legitimate Prisma download.

That's because, at the time of writing, the app's still relatively new on Google Play, and as such Google's servers are still surfacing an unfortunate number of fake apps in searches for "Prisma."

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4 days ago

How to remove the Prisma logo watermark from your photos


A simple settings change can remove the unsightly Prisma logo from your pics.

With the unique photo-filtering app Prisma now available on Android, it's worth underscoring one of the most important settings changes you can make. By default, Prisma adds its own logo to every image you share from the app. But it's easy to disable this watermark from within the app's settings.

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4 days ago

Prisma app now available on Android


The power of cloud-based artwork comes to Android.

A couple of weeks on from its iOS launch, photo editing app Prisma is now available on Android through Google Play. For the uninitiated, Prisma uses hefty cloud computing power to add artistic effects to your photos.

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4 days ago

Check out Facer, Hey KittyKitty and more in our Android Wear watch face roundup


Five fantastic watch faces to add some flair to your smartwatch.

Sometimes you need a little bit of personal flair with your accessories, and your smartwatch is no exception to this rule. Thankfully there are hundreds upon hundreds of different watch faces that allow you to do just that. Rather than making you slog through the good, bad, and ugly watch faces, we've collected five awesome faces that might be new to you.

So if you've been hoping to find something new to spice up your smartwatch, then look no further. We've got you covered. Keep scrolling to see what we've collected for you this week!

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4 days ago

Mobile Nations Weekly: Modular, mainstream, McLaren


Moto's modular masterpiece and Nokia's never known novelty.

Motorola's latest phones — the Moto Z and Moto Z Force have at long last arrived, but with a catch: they're Verizon "Droid"-brand exclusives for now. But give it a little while and the modular-backed smartphones will be available elsewhere. And even though the BlackBerry Security Summit was all about, well, security, we couldn't help but wander about new BlackBerry devices — word on that is coming next week.

Windows Mobile is going through something of a retrenchment period while a new path forward is plotted, but before things went south there was the Nokia McLaren. This highly impressive Windows Phone never saw the light of day until now, and we've got everything you need to know about its giant camera, all-metal body, and insane depth- and pressure-sensing display. Oh, and Microsoft made a bunch of money in the last quarter.

VR took a step into the mainstream with an impressive Mr. Robot tie-in and a new Star Wars game for HTC Vive. Speaking of the Vive, it's cropping up in the most unexpected places, like hospitals.

And, as you might expect, PokéGeddon continues, and we're all in. There's a new podcast — Go Time! — tips on throwing Pokémon Go curveballs, and a parent's guide to the insanity.

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4 days ago

Netflix to stream Mystery Science Theater 3000 reboot in U.S. and other countries


Netflix has announced it has bought the rights to stream the upcoming reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000 in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

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4 days ago

JBL Charge 3 and Clip 2 prove there's still innovation in Bluetooth speakers

JBL Charge 3 and Clip 2 speakers

You can find Bluetooth speakers anywhere — but JBL's latest stand out.

No matter your needs, there's a Bluetooth speaker out there to match — and you don't have to look hard to find one, either. For most people, their only real need is "the cheapest price possible" — but many will pay a bit for better features, quality and sound. And that's where JBL comes in, with the latest iterations of two of its Bluetooth speakers — the Charge 3 and Clip 2.

JBL isn't in the race to the bottom. It's hoping to stay on the higher end with high quality materials and of course sound, with some great features that can help turn a Bluetooth speaker experience from an "every once and a while" thing to an every-day useful accessory. Let's take a look at the JBL Charge 3 and Clip 2 speakers.

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4 days ago

Galaxy Note 7 might have a smaller battery than the GS7 edge


Latest leak points to a 3,500mAh battery for Samsung's upcoming Note.

There's been no shortage of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 leakage of late, and the latest details to sneak out of a Korean carrier gives some intriguing info on the phone's battery capacity.

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5 days ago

HTC Desire 530 now on sale at T-Mobile and


The mid-range HTC Desire 530 smartphone is officially on sale in the U.S. The phone can be purchased unlocked on the company's website for $179, or you can get it from T-Mobile for $159.99 without a contract. T-Mobile is also selling it for $0 down and $6.67 a month for 24 months.

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5 days ago

Moto Z Droid or Moto Z Force Droid — which should you get?

Moto Z and Moto Z Force

Two phones, both alike in dignity. On fair Verizon, where we lay our scene ...

The Moto Z lands on Verizon on July 28. And if even if you've made up you're mind that you're going be diving into this modular menagerie, you've got a decision to make. Verizon, as it's been prone to do with its Droid line of late, has two Moto Zs from which you'll need to choose.

In many ways, they're exactly alike. Same software. Mostly the same internals. And they both use the new Moto Mods accessories.

Let's take a look at the ways in which they're different, though, and see if we can't figure out which one is for you.

Better battery capacity

Moto Z and Moto Z Force

Should you ever turn down the opportunity to have more battery? The Moto Z has a 2,600 mAh battery. The Moto Z Force has a 3,500 mAh battery — that's about a 34 percent increase. Along with that extra battery comes some extra thickness, however. The Moto Z is a svelte 5.19mm thick (or thin, I guess). The Moto Z Force is 6.99mm. That's without the stock Style Shell back that comes in the box, however, so you'll need to add a couple millimeters for those, too.

I've used both phones. You should never pass up the opportunity for more battery out of the box.

I've used both phones. And you should never pass up the opportunity for more battery out of the box. Even with external batteries and the 2,200 mAh Moto Mod Power Packs that are available for the Moto Z and Moto Z Force, that extra 34 percent can be the difference between having to top up toward the late afternoon, or not.

The extra thickness on the Moto Z Force means a few things. One is that I don't mind using it without a Style Shell as much. That doesn't mean I won't use it without one, but the option is at least more comfortable. The other is that it's going to fit larger hands better than the Moto Z. That's subjective, but not unimportant.

Higher-resolution camera

Moto Z and Moto Z Force

The Moto Z and Moto Z Force have similar cameras. Same camera app, same f/1.8 aperture. They're both pretty darn good in sunlight, and less so when it gets dark. They're both what I'd call an above-average camera, though a few steps down from the best available.

The only real difference is that the Moto Z Force has a higher possible resolution — 21 megapixels — than the Moto Z, which is lower at 13MP. (One thing to keep in mind, however, is that both phones shoot at a wider, 16:9 aspect ratio by default, and don't use the full resolution until you change the setting to accommodate their native 4:3 aspect ratios.)

For my money, I'd opt for the Moto Z Force because of its larger battery and better chance at surviving a fall.

For the most part this discrepancy hasn't really affected me any. At least not in the way I shoot and share photos. For things like Facebook and Instagram and your basic social sharing, either one has served me just fine. It's another differentiator for Verizon, I suppose. But merely adding more megapixels doesn't necessarily improve the finished product that much.

ShatterShield display

Moto Z and Moto Z Force

If a bigger battery didn't do it for you, this one might. The Moto Z Force is the second phone to sport "ShatterShield." The short version is that means some extra protection for the display. So you'll be able to drop it without the screen breaking into a million pieces.

That doesn't mean you might not kill the phone if it takes a bad fall. Here's the important part from Moto's fine print:

The display and embedded lens are warranted against shattering and cracking for four (4) years from the original date of purchase; scratches or other damage to the protective lens is not covered by this warranty, but should always be in place to prevent scratches and other damage to the underlying components. This phone is not shockproof or designed to withstand all damage from dropping.

We dropped the Moto Z Force until it quit working. Actually, let's be more specific. The phone still works. The display, while showing signs of abuse, did not crack. It, uh, just doesn't actually show a picture anymore. So the first four times it took a bad spill ShatterShield worked as advertised. That's a pretty good insurance policy.

The bottom line

So which phone should you get? The Moto Z, or the thicker, longer-lasting, better protected, higher-resolution Moto Z Force? For my money, I'd opt for the latter. The upgraded camera sensor isn't that big a deal for me. But more battery and a better chance at surviving a fall?

That's worth my money just about every time.

Moto Z and Moto Z Force

Motorola Verizon

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5 days ago

How to verify your Twitter account on Android


Getting verified on Twitter with an Android phone is as easy as filling out a form.

Twitter recently opened up its verification procedure to anyone who wants to attempt to convince the company they are worth that coveted blue checkmark.

While it's still unclear how Twitter decides how one gets verified — those approved are "accounts of public interest," according to the company — the steps to get there are now much clearer.

How to get verified with your Android phone

  1. Head to Twitter's official verification page in your Chrome browser.
  2. Sign in to the Twitter account you want verified (if prompted).
  3. Read the information and tap Continue.
  4. Tap Next after verifying the account in question is the one you want verified.

  5. Enter between two and five websites to help Twitter identify your account.
  6. Enter up to 500 words to tell Twitter why your account should be verified.
  7. Tap Next once you are happy with your entries.
  8. Review your request and press Submit.

Once you submit your request, Twitter will then take some time to deliberate and will contact you over email to deliver the good, or bad, news.

What next?

If for some reason your request for verification is denied, you must wait 30 days to apply again — hopefully with a more convincing argument. Got questions? Leave a comment below!

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5 days ago

Nexus 5X price cut to £169 at Carphone Warehouse

Nexus 5X

Cheapest UK price yet for the LG-made Nexus.

We may be rapidly approaching new Nexus season, but there's still time to pick up a great deal on last year's models — specifically, the LG-made Nexus 5X, which has already been discounted by various U.S. retailers. And now Brits can get in on the action, with Carphone Warehouse selling the 5X for £169 SIM-free.

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5 days ago

Amazon Echo can now offer you comedy from The Daily Show


Thanks to its latest round of updates, the Amazon Echo connected speaker can now offer the unique political humor and current events topics from Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

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