3 years ago

8pen keyboard updated, is now free


8pen -- that crazy new Android keyboard -- just got a slew of bugfixes, improvements and, best of all, is now free. Here's what's new in Version 1.1:

  • Auto-space is now optional, and disabled by default
  • Voice input (Android 2.2 with voice recognition enabled)
  • Preview popup
  • Improved dictionary support (suggestions, auto-complete, quick fixes)
  • Basic themes
  • Height adjustment
  • Fine-grained shift pressure threshold
  • Optional vibration when passing through central region
  • Slightly modified numeric layout, for easier access to #, & etc.
  • HTC Tattoo fix
  • Fix of phone keyboard bug that caused force close on some phones

Snag it now in the Android Market (links are after the break). [the8pen]

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3 years ago

Samsung Captivate case review: Seidio Innocase II Surface



The Seidio Innocase II Surface for the Samsung Captivate is a solid case that will keep your phone light while protecting it from scratches. 

It comes with two pieces that fit together. At first, I was skeptical at this approach as I felt it would easily fall apart, making it nearly unusable. But I have never had it come apart thus far, and it's still easy to remove it in order to reach the battery, microSD or SIM card slot. 

One of the best aspects of the Galaxy S hardware in my opinion is how lightweight all of the devices are. This case does its best not to add much bulk to the phone and it does a good job (it's only 1mm thin). The interior of the case boasts a felt lining that will work to protect the Captivate from wear and tear of the product.

To put it on your device, separate it into two pieces. Then slide them onto the phone with the bottom part fitting just underneath the top. Pick it up to ensure that it fits snuggly and you're good to go. 

If you've been looking for a good case for the Captivate that doesn't add bulk, consider the Seidio Innocase II Surface, available from the Android Central store for $29.95. Find more pictures after the break. 

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3 years ago

Celebrity Tweets app makes it easy to stalk your favorite celebrities


Ever wish that you could easily follow all of your favorite celebrities on Twitter without having to clutter your time line and risk missing something from a friend? Celebrity Tweets by XIMAD was designed with these users in mind and is a one-stop shop for your daily dose of randomness from celebrities. Once the application is launched it will take you to a very basic screen that allows you to select between favorites, people, trends or to make a search.

First-time users will enter the people tab to browse a list of over 300 celebrities and from here they are able to select various celebrities to become their favorites, which they can later easily access from the favorites tab on the main screen. Trends will allow you to easily view the top trending topics at that time on Twitter, and search will allow you to find a user without having to scroll through the list under people. If you enjoy following the life of some of these crazy celebrities, and prefer not to clutter your Twitter time line, this free application is certainly a must have for you!

If you have any feedback, or suggestions for the developer, be sure to leave them for XIMAD in their developer forum.

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3 years ago

Samsung Contintuum video test


Warning: Image opens in a new window. And it's big.

We've gotten a pretty good look at the Samsung Continuum, first with our initial preview and video hands-on, and this week at the official launch event. But one thing we haven't see is the 5MP camera.

The bad news is that we only have the one still shot, which you can see above. And it's pretty meh. But after the break, we have the 720p video recording in action, and it's pretty good. Check it out.

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3 years ago

Are Profiles and tethering coming to the Motorola Droid 2?



Minor Android legend (or major Android celebrity) p3droid has posted some interesting screenshots from a new OS update reportedly for the Motorola Droid 2.  First, it looks like the Droid 2 is getting Profiles similar to what we see on the Droid Pro.  These will allow you to quickly and easily switch between different homescreen setups as you move through the day.

Another welcome addition is the ability to tether your phone's internet connection to your computer via USB.  HotSpot capability is nice, but choice is always a good thing, right?

P3droid also mentioned that the new update is "wicked fast," so it's more than just an eye candy update.  Any Droid 2 users excited about getting profiles on their device? [Via MyDroidWorld]

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3 years ago

Motorola Backflip keeps up with the times -- receives Android 2.1 update



If you weren't lucky enough to be one of the 1,000 users recruited by Motorola and AT&T to test Android 2.1 on your Motorola Backflip, today is the day you can join the party.

The Eclair update is live and well on Motorola's and AT&T's respective websites. We weren't crazy about the Motorola Backflip, or the fact that it launched with Android 1.5, but hopefully this update will improve the Backflip experience for current and future owners.

So what are you waiting for?  Check the links above and begin your update process.  And while it's downloading, feel free to check out the release notes so you can know what to expect once you're up and running on 2.1.

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3 years ago

General Dynamics to use Android for next-gen wearable military computer


The General Dynamics Itronix GD300 Rugged Wearable Computer may not help you navigate Vault City, but it certainly should help ground infantry troops stay alive -- and General Dynamics chose Android as the OS for this wearable combat computer. 

What it is -- a very specialized GPS device, that has connectivity to tactical communications on the US armed forces secure network.  Glad to see that the military sees the value in Android, and maybe another manufacturer will make a version for the outdoorsman.  /ME wants an Android PipBoy.  The full press release is after the break.  [DefenseReview] Thanks Cory!

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3 years ago

Motorola bringing Droid X to Mexico as the Motoroi X



Motorola has announced that the Motoroi X, which is pretty much a Droid X without Verizon's branding, will be hitting Mexican carrier Lusacell in the last quarter of 2010 -- which is anytime now. No pricing was announced, but the phone will have access to Lusacell's 3G network and will retain its WiFi hotspot capabilities. The phone will ship with the same version of Blur as the X and Droid 2 on top of Froyo. Any of you Europeans feeling just a tad jealous? [Motorola (in Spanish)]

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3 years ago

Analyst: Android grows 628 percent year-over-year for third quarter


Analyst firm Gartner has released its Q3 2010 smartphone estimates, and things are getting downright ridiculous for Android, which has seen 628 percent growth over Q3 2009 and is now the No. 2 smartphone OS worldwide. There were some 20 million units sold to end users (that's you and me) in the third quarter, compared to 1.4 million in the third quarter of 2009. Think back. What was the hot phone this time last year? (And remember that the Motorola Droid wasn't even out yet.)

Overall worldwide, smartphone sales grew 96 percent over Q3 2009 -- they effectively doubled -- and now make up 19.3 percent of all mobile phone sales. Anyone want to place a bet on how big things will be in another year? Check out the full breakdown at the source link. [Gartner]

Update: Fixed the headline and story to reflect percentage change and not percentage points. And going to get coffee now.

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3 years ago

Motorola Citrus available Nov. 11 on Verizon for $49.99


For those of you waiting patiently on the Motorola Citrus -- there must have been a few of you, right? -- your wait is nearly over. The entry-level Android smartphone will be available on Verizon starting Nov. 11 (tomorrow).

It'll cost just $49.99 after new two-year contract and $100 rebate. With that you get a 3-inch Android 2.1 smartphone with a low-res (320x240 touchscreen), a paltry 256MB of RAM (512MB ROM) and a 528MHz processor.

You can watch our hands-on video here, and we've got complete Motorola Citrus help videos available here. Full presser after the break.

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