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3 years ago

International roundup: Galaxy S4 launch, HTC One update and Sony Honami rumors


It's been a bit week for Samsung, with the European launch of its Galaxy S4 handset getting underway in full force. Meanwhile, the HTC One got its first over-the-air update, fixing bugs and tweaking the phone's "Ultrapixel" camera. And on the subject of cameras, we heard the first news of what might be Sony's mid-year refresh, with new Cyber-shot imaging tech on-board.

Get caught up on the week's international Android news after the break.

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3 years ago

'SNL' skewers Google Glass


Probably funnier if you haven't already been subjected to this. Still, not a bad effort.

Source: NBC

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3 years ago

Testing builds of Paranoid Android with Halo now available for Nexus 4 and Nexus 7


New Halo notification system is ready for testing, Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 owners can download today

A couple of days ago we talked about the upcoming Paranoid Android ROM and its new Halo feature. Part chat heads, part awesome, and a rewrite of the Android framework make this one of the neatest tricks we've seen in a while from any third-party development team.

Starting today, those of you with a Nexus 4 or a Nexus 7 can give it a try, as the team has made some early testing builds available for download. Be warned, these are by no means finished, and will surely have a fair share of bugs. We know that's hardly going to stop a slew of people from giving this a try.

A build for the Oppo Find 5 is also in the works, and a Galaxy Nexus version is promised when there's time. If you are feeling a little adventurous, and not afraid to try something new, hit the source link for the details and download links. The video of Halo in action is after the break as a refresher.

Source: +Paranoid Android. Thanks, David!

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3 years ago

Mystery LG handset leaks out with no physical buttons


Evleaks offers first glimpse of buttonless LG phone with unique earpiece

Prolific leaker Evleaks has posted images of what could be a future LG handset. The device, pictured on Facebook, shows a spartan front face with only an LG logo down below. There's also a curved glass front and an unusual looking reflective earpiece. In today's post, the leaker offers a guess that this might be the rumored Optimus G2.

The mystery phone seems to share some design cues with the Nexus 4, but there's no suggestion at all that this is a Nexus device -- for one, LG's branding is very much front and center. But it could indicate a change of tack for LG, if it's to join the likes of Motorola and Sony with a push towards on-screen buttons. (It's a move that would undoubtedly please Android purists.)

For the moment that's about all we can surmise from an image showing a featureless phone with a blank screen. If you've got any theories of your own, be sure to shout out in the comments. The original image is linked below, as is a close-up of the bezel.

Phil weighing in here: The Optimus G Pro has nicely hidden buttons as well. I'm willing to bet there are a couple on either side of that LG Logo.

Source: Evleaks (Original, bezel close-up)

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3 years ago

T-Mobile Galaxy S4 has CyanogenMod 10.1 nightlies on the way


First nightlies to roll out tonight, but remember the edges are still a little rough on this one

The T-Mobile variant of the Galaxy S4 may have only been available for just a few short days now, but that didn't keep the folks over at CyanogenMod from whipping up their first build of CM10.1 for the device. Steve Kondik has posted on Google+ that the first builds should be rolling starting tonight, and that the software still has its rough edges but should be stable for many as a daily driver. Kondik also notes he is looking forward to seeing what other developers can come up with for the "hover" capabilities of the Galaxy S4's screen.

As with any other first public release (and nightly builds in general), you can't expect 100-percent functionality from software this new. If you're okay with a little bit of instability to be one of the first to have CM on your Galaxy S4, be on the lookout for those first nightly builds tonight.

Source: +Steve Kondik; More: Samsung Galaxy S4 Forums

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3 years ago

Weekly picks from Google Play: Metal from $5.99, The Guardian, Google Keep and more!


There are more than just apps in Google Play, and we want to let you know what we've found

For weeks upon weeks, we've been bringing you a weekly digest of the best apps each of the Android Central writers have been using. But starting this week, we're going to be mixing things up a bit. Google Play has expanded far beyond just apps -- there's a great selection of books, magazines, music and movies out there that deserve more attention.

So today we're going to kick off a new set of picks, ones that expand beyond just apps to include the best content each person at Android Central has found in the last week. Hang with us after the break and see what we've found in the Play Store for you today.

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3 years ago

Buying Punch Quest from Google Play is the best way to spend 99 cents ever


8-bit glory at it's finest, Punch Quest is fast, furious and fun

Cheesy 8-bit graphics and sound, insane fast game play and super easy controls make Punch Quest my instant new favorite game on Android. It's an old-school side-scrolling arcade fighter, where you throw overhand punches and uppercuts to work your way through the dungeon filled with some pretty evil characters. There are power-ups, mini-bosses and plenty of pottery to break, and you even get to ride a dinosaur that shoots laser beams from its mouth.

Dinosaurs and freaking lasers!

There are in-app purchases if you want to play that way, but I'm zooming through the levels without using any. If you like a little gaming on your Android device, especially if you're a fan of pixel art and old-school titles, grab this one for a buck from Google Play. The game trailer is after the break so you can see just how much fun this one is.

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3 years ago

Android Central 132: TGIF with the Galaxy S4


Audio-only stream below

We're back after a couple of weird weeks away, on a new day and at a new time, but still with all the Android amazeballs you've come to expect. Welcome back to the Android Central Podcast!

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3 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S4 commercial: Some smartphones are smarter than others


Samsung shows off the Galaxy S4's features, pokes more fun at the iPhone in their latest ad

Samsung has a new commercial for the Galaxy S4 out there, and like we saw last year with the Galaxy S3, they aren't afraid to take the fight to Apple about features. In the latest Graduation Pool Party ad, Samsung shows us hands-free features like gestures to answer a call and hovering to read a text, the admittedly awesome camera software and it's "Drama Mode" where a series of images are transmogrified into one really cool picture showing all the action, S-Beam, and the IR blaster capabilities. And at every turn, they are quick to show us that the iPhone can't do any of them.

Samsung really wants Apple's spot in the smartphone food chain. The Galaxy S4 is poised to be the device that can get them there, taking the brand to the level where it's synonymous with the smart phone. For the folks who care about features great and small, it's clearly the current best-in-class device. Advertising can help sell products, but you have to start with a great piece of equipment to begin with, and Samsung has built a phone that people will like and want to buy -- and the ads will let the people know it's available. Hit the break where we've embedded the latest video.

Samsung Galaxy S4 review | Samsung Galaxy S4 forums

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3 years ago

Galaxy Note on AT&T receiving Jelly Bean starting today


Update only available through Samsung's Kies desktop software

It's been a long time coming, but the original Galaxy Note for AT&T is finally receiving an update to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Starting today, willing users can grab the update although it will only be available via Samsung's Kies software and not OTA (Over The Air). But we're not going to look this gift horse in the mouth, as Jelly Bean will bring some serious improvements to the device. Above and beyond the improvements in terms of overall UI, you'll also be getting changes like Project Butter, a better camera interface and Google Now. AT&T also says that the update will improve both the keyboard and call quality.

Still holding onto the original AT&T Note? Head to the source link below for some detailed information on how to get Kies working on your computer and apply the update. Once you have the update loaded onto your device be sure to let other members in the forums know how the process went for you.

Source: AT&T; More: AT&T Galaxy Note Forums

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3 years ago

Action Launcher update makes customizing even easier


Action Launcher is getting an update today, making customizing the third-party launcher even easier. You can now drag apps directly from the quickdrawer onto the homescreen, speeding things things up even more. You're also able to lock the desktop, so things won't slide around so much.

I've been using the update for a couple days now. Put simply, it makes a great launcher even greater. Give it a shot, and check out the demo video after the break.

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3 years ago

Twitter extends API v1 availability to June 11


Additional API blackout tests to continue up to final shutdown

Version 1 of Twitter's API, which many legacy clients use to pull and display information from Twitter, will have its retirement extended by over a month due to additional testing. Twitter had originally laid out a date of May 7th in conjunction with the shutting down of TweetDeck apps for Android and the desktop, which put the API discussion at the top of many user's minds. When the v1 API is finally retired, older clients that have stuck with it will cease to work and need to either move to v1.1 or shut down. Luckily, most of your popular clients in the Play Store have made the move to be compliant.

The waters will be rough over the next month still, however, as Twitter will be conducting additional "blackout" tests on the v1 API to make sure everything is ready to go with v1.1. Additionally, developers and users alike with clients using v1 may experience additional problems such as errors loading or searching Tweets in the client.

Source: Twitter

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3 years ago

Photosphere images can now be embedded via the web


360-degree panoramas from supported devices can now be included on websites, thanks to new Google widget

The ability to create 'Photosphere' 360-degree panoramas is one of the coolest features of the current crop of Nexus devices (and a few others running custom software). But so far the only place to share these images has been Google+ and a handful of other Google services, including Maps.

Today that changes, with the launch of new code widgets allowing Photosphere images to be embedded in the HTML of a standard web page. The results can be seen above -- that's a shot on the Las Vegas strip during CES 2013, taken on the Nexus 4.

The process isn't anywhere near as simple as a YouTube video embed. You'll need to know the exact URL of the image you want to use, as well as a bunch of other parameters calculated from metadata on Google's servers. So we're still a ways off a simple share button for Photosphere images, which is a shame.

Right it's still a very small minority of Android devices that has the ability to create these images, but regardless, this new code is an important step in opening up 'spheres to third-party sites.

More details and sample code can be found over at the source links.

Source: Google+; More: Google Developers

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3 years ago

Samsung prepares UK Galaxy S4 marketing blitz


UK marketing efforts to include banners at 'iconic' sites and key TV and movie spots

With the Galaxy S4 now available to buy in the UK, Samsung has announced the first details of its marketing efforts for the handset. Unsurprisingly, it looks like we're in for an advertising blitz in the weeks and months ahead, with Samsung using every available outlet to get as many eyeballs as possible on the Galaxy S4.

Samsung's advertising plans include a seven-week TV campaign targeting popular shows, including Britain's Got Talent and ITV's UEFA Champions League coverage. Samsung's targeting of the Champions League in particular is interesting, as rival HTC sponsors the league itself as part of a wider deal with UEFA. By airing ads during ITV's coverage, Samsung will be hoping to dilute the impact of HTC's presence and push its product to the front. The TV spots, Samsung says, will focus on prominent Galaxy S4 features, such as Group Play and "Sound and Shot."

Movie theater spots will target Star Trek Into Darkness, The Great Gatsby and Man of Steel, while banner ads will be erected at prominent locations, including Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus, the BFI London IMAX, Cromwell Road, Westfield and Heathrow Terminal 5.

So if you're anywhere in the UK over the next couple of months, chances are you'll run into Samsung's marketing machine, as the manufacturer hopes for a repeat performance of the Galaxy S3's wildly successful launch.

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3 years ago

Reminder: The Android Central Podcast is live today at 4 p.m. EDT


A quick reminder, folks, that the Greatest Android Podcast in the World is trying out a new day and time. That'd be 4 p.m. EDT today, or 1 p.m. on the west coast. And we've got tons to talk about after a few weird and wild weeks away, so be sure to catch this one live. Or semi-live. Or have someone else tell you about it. 

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